The Sustainability Podcast

Decoding Emissions Management: A Deeper Dive into Honeywell's Sustainable Vision

June 01, 2023
The Sustainability Podcast
Decoding Emissions Management: A Deeper Dive into Honeywell's Sustainable Vision
Show Notes

Join us in this transformative episode of "The Sustainability Podcast," featuring Ravikrishnan Srinivasan, Vice President and General Manager of Emissions Management at Honeywell Connected Enterprise. Hosted by Jim Frazer Vice President of Smart Cities & Infrastructure at ARC Advisory Group, the podcast explores the challenges and breakthroughs of sustainability in a variety of industries.

 Gain unique insights into Honeywell's mission, customer-facing products, and the integral role of sustainability in the company's culture. Understand the ins and outs of emissions management, its application areas, and Honeywell's innovative solutions in this domain. Listen as Srinivasan dives into the hurdles of technology deployment and how sustainability plays a pivotal role in the company's evolution.

 Discover the three foundational pillars of digital transformation and the essential role of training competency. Srinivasan discusses how to tackle emissions challenges in process industries and highlights four core vertical markets where dramatics effects are being realized.

 Delve into operational efficiency and performance, focusing on energy intensity and emissions. Learn about Honeywell's advancements in green hydrogen, carbon capture, and battery energy storage technologies, contributing to a broader energy transition.

 Further explore Honeywell's focus on building automation and energy optimization and the benefits it provides to both internal and external clients. Get a sense of Srinivasan's sustainability recommendations for other companies and individuals, painting a roadmap for future sustainability.

 Finally, be inspired by Honeywell's commitment to carbon neutrality by 2035 and their vision of making the planet more sustainable. Srinivasan emphasizes the importance of urgency and dedication on this journey, underscoring the opportunity we have to make a difference.

 Step into this informative and captivating discussion to learn more about the path to a more sustainable future. Tune in now!



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