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All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
AMO Art Chat-East Coast Meets West Coast Art Renaissance
August 15, 2013 lfisler
Join us as we talk with Joseph McGurl and Michael Pearce. These artists are highly engaged in creating and forwarding the progress of the 21st Century Art Renaissance. Joseph McGurl has given lectures to numerous groups. colleges and associations concerning the current trends in art today and how we need to influence those trends positively. Joseph lives on the East Coast Michael Pearce is organizer of The Representational Art Conference, which is an academic conference for exploring representational art in the 21st Century. Michael lives on the West Coast. Having met and listened to each of these artists individually, AMO Art Chat wanted to bring these two together to discuss art in the 21st Century. East Coast meets West Coast--is the renaissance that different on each coast? What is similar in each movement? What can we, as artists, do to further the progress of the renaissance? These are just a few questions we'll explore. Join Us! (Like this show? Want to know about upcoming shows? Go to and sign up for our free newsletter (upper right hand corner of the website). The newsletter contains information on upcoming shows! Thank you!)
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