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All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
AMO Art Chat/TRAC-The Vision of Representational Art
September 11, 2013 lfisler
AMO Art Chat and The Representational Art Conference are partnering to bring you a series of discussions concerning the aesthetic values of Representational Art in the 21st Century. These discussions are an avenue to start the conversation that will continue at the conference March 2nd-5th, 2014 in Ventura, California. For more information on the conference, go to Join Michael Pearce and Linda Fisler as they interview one of the keynote speakers of the conference, Juliette Aristides, about the vision of representational art in the 21st Century. Juliette talks with us about the history of representational art which provided the foundation of our exploration today, the effect of the "want it now" and "meme" culture on art and what the world needs today. Join us for this very insightful conversation! (Like this show? Want to know about upcoming shows? Go to and sign up for our free newsletter (upper right hand corner of the website). The newsletter contains information on upcoming shows! Thank you!)
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