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All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
AMO Art Chat Breaking Creative Blocks with Peggi Kroll Roberts
October 17, 2013 lfisler
Join Linda Riesenberg Fisler, Blanche McAlister Harris and Barbara Coleman as we interview Master Signature Artist Peggi Kroll Roberts. We'll talk to Peggi about her passion for teaching. Have you ever been in a rut or had a creative block? We'll talk with Peggi about breaking creative blocks too. Should artist's take to to map out a career path? We'll ask Peggi this question too. As always, we're sure Peggi's answers will lead to many interesting topics. Don't miss this show! (Like this show? Want to know about upcoming shows? Go to and sign up for our free newsletter (upper right hand corner of the website). The newsletter contains information on upcoming shows! Thank you!)
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