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AMO Art Chat Why Beauty Matters with Michael Pearce and Michael Lynn Adams
October 17, 2013 lfisler
Join Linda Riesenberg Fisler and Michael Pearce as they interview artist, CLU Art Department Chair, TRAC2014 Director and expert on Roger Scruton, Michael Lynn Adams. During this show we ask Michael Why Beauty Matters and discuss some of the assertions made by Roger Scruton in his movie "Why Beauty Matters". Michael adds his opinions and also some perspective of Roger's in these discussions. Topics discussed on this episode revolve around transcendence ,originality of idea and the work of art itself and discuss what makes a work of art beautiful. This is a thought provoking interview. Don't miss it! (Like this show? Want to know about upcoming shows? Go to and sign up for our free newsletter (upper right hand corner of the website). The newsletter contains information on upcoming shows! Thank you!)
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