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All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
Art Chat Challenge--Start Writing!!
January 19, 2015 Linda Riesenberg Fisler
Arts Chats with Linda Fisler is issuing a challenge for 2015 and Linda will be interviewing UK’s author and writing business adviser Joanna Penn (the Creative Penn) to help you get started writing! The Challenge? Write a book (art book, coffee table book of your art,etc) or at least start a journal! Now is the time! Start a journal if you have not started one. Turn that journal into a book. All those lessons learned and discoveries you have made along your artful journey can be shared and enjoyed by other artists, family and friends. Joanna and Linda will help you get started! Joanna Penn and Linda will be discussing their journey which includes leaving very successful careers in the corporate world to becoming the artists they are today. Joanna will provide inspiration and advice on starting a journal, how to journal each day, and how to build networks of individuals to help you along the way. Become the creative entrepreneur you always wanted to be! Joanna Penn is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thrillers on the edge, as well as non-fiction for authors. She is also a professional speaker and entrepreneur, voted as one of The Guardian UK Top 100 creative professionals 2013.
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