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All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
Live from Weekend With the Masters Sept 7th
September 16, 2012 lfisler
Join AMO Art Chat as we interview Juliette Aristides, Michael Harding, and Rosemary Thompson (of Rosemary's Brushes). We discuss a wide range of topics relating to art, Rosemary talks about her brushes and Michael talks about his paints. Juliette leads a discussion on our continued learning. We talk about WWM and the experience everyone was having in San Diego, where this episode was recorded live! George Gallo stops by to talk about how his demo with Michael paints went and his insights on using those paints! (Like this show? Want to know about upcoming shows? Go to and sign up for our free newsletter (upper right hand corner of the website). The newsletter contains information on upcoming shows! Thank you!)
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