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Melissa Paid Off Over 40k in Debt So She Could Attend Elton John Concerts
May 08, 2016 Jared Easley
Melissa Thomas ( and her husband paid off over $43,000 in debt. It took them almost 4 years to accomplish this goal. Melissa's reason for paying off the debt was simple. She wanted to pursue her dream. She wants to meet Elton John. She has been to many Elton John concerts. She has sat in the front rows, she has received autographs from Elton and she has gone backstage to meet the band. She has even had her picture taken sitting at Elton's piano. Unfortunately, she has not met him in person yet. She will. Melissa talks about her passion for Elton John concerts and his music. She also talks about the discipline required to pay off the debt so she could afford to travel and attend Elton John concerts.
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