Starve the Doubts

Personal Brand Clarity with Suzanne Tulien

August 13, 2021 Jared Easley and Ms. Christine
Starve the Doubts
Personal Brand Clarity with Suzanne Tulien
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Suzanne Tulien is a Branding expert she is passionate about ensuring solopreneurs grow their businesses effectively. She is the author of Personal Brand Clarity, a step-by-step guide that teaches small business owners to use the most compelling, unique, and powerful marketing strategy they have: themselves.

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Personal Brand Clarity with Suzanne Tulien

Suzanne Tulien: [00:00:00] I want them to think about how their marketing efforts might get customers in the door, but it's really their personal brand that keeps people coming back.

Jared Easley: Welcome back to starve the bounce. I'm your host, Jared, or one of your. Then of course my other CO's does Ms. Pristine, Mr. Stain, how are you? Hey, 

Suzanne Tulien: I'm doing well. How are you 

Jared Easley: done? I'm behaving. And today is all about, well, our guest is Suzanne Tulane. She is a branding expert. She's passionate about ensuring solopreneurs, grow their business effectively.

She's the author of personal brand clarity, which is a step by step guide that teaches small business owners to use the most compelling, unique and powerful marketing strategies that they have, which is. Suzanne. Thank you for lowering your standards to hang out with us. We appreciate this. Thank you.

Suzanne Tulien: Thanks Jared. And Ms. Christine, it's so good to be here. 

Jared Easley: Well, we're going to start out with a little bit of an icebreaker. We like to ask people this question. What is the [00:01:00] best concert that you've ever been? 

Suzanne Tulien: You know, gosh, I'm going to date myself by saying this, but I would say it was the scorpions and Aerosmith together.

The scorpions actually opened for arrows. 

Jared Easley: Nice now I think Christine's actually heard of Aerosmith. Is that true? 

Music: Yeah, exactly. I don't know the score I can get down. 

Jared Easley: All right. Fair 

Music: enough. 

Suzanne Tulien: All right, so now Austrian, I believe they're from Austria, you know, classic rock. Have you had 

Jared Easley: scorpions? 

Suzanne Tulien: Hurricane like a hurricane yes.

Jared Easley: Secrecy. And you've got, this really represents,

Music: okay. We got to fill them blank. Finish the sentence. I mean, okay. When ordering a vintage sugar-free cinnamon Dolce latte with almond milk over 

Suzanne Tulien: ice [00:02:00] Blake. I'm sorry. I, I didn't understand the question. That's oh, finish the sentence. 

Music: Yeah. Finish the sentence. When ordering a venti sugar-free cinnamon Dolce latte with almond milk over ice blank.

Finish the 

Suzanne Tulien: sentence. Decaf 

Jared Easley: decaf. You seem, you seem pretty caffeinated. 

Suzanne Tulien: You know, it's just been recently where I needed to start ordering decaf. If I drink anything after like 10:00 AM, I'm really careful. Okay. I got another finish this sentence. 

Music: If you ever visit Denver, 

Suzanne Tulien: finish this sentence. I ever visited Denver.

I'm not sure. 

Jared Easley: If you would ever visit Denver, nothing comes to mind. 

Music: All right, she's going to go snowboard and I could see

Jared Easley: no, I'm not 

Suzanne Tulien: a [00:03:00] snowboarder. I'm a skier, but you don't ski in Denver or you don't snowboard in 

Jared Easley: Denver. Unfortunately, not that far away. Okay. So in my homework, for some reason, I thought you were living in Denver. 

Suzanne Tulien: I'm in Colorado 

Jared Easley: Springs, Colorado Springs. Oh, we do. If you ever visit Colorado 

Music: Springs, we got to fix it.

Suzanne Tulien: Oh my goodness. There's so much to do here, especially in the summertime. Gosh, from going into the caves, you can go caving and you can go tons of places to hike. There's a lot of free outdoor concerts. Um, we're building some state soccer stadiums. There's Pike's peak to go all the way up to our fourteener.

They just built a brand new building up there. That's all green with Pikes. Yeah, it's so beautiful. Cog rail train goes up there so you can get a reservation on the cog rail train. And there's [00:04:00] just, this place is so beautiful, but we're trying to not, not be too promotional about it because we want to keep it for ourselves.

Jared Easley: No, I've been to Colorado Springs. That is amazing. So, all right, well, we'll, uh, get into some of the good stuff here. So. You've written a couple of books and one of them that you wrote previously was brand DNA. So what were some of the lessons that you learned from writing brand DNA that were helpful as you wrote personal brand clarity, which is your new book?


Suzanne Tulien: yeah. So it took us three years to actually write it. I wrote it with my partner, my business partner at the time, and it took us three years to birth that baby. We launched that one on 2010. The lessons I learned was God. You got to start practicing what you're preaching, number one, right. And go through your own processes, which we did.

It was very enlightening for us to put our processes in a narrative [00:05:00] form that would be entertaining for people to read and, you know, beneficial for businesses to, to walk their teams through. So that was very enlightening and, and made me want to write another book because it was so powerful for us. How can someone be 

Music: internally driven when heavily impacted by their external 

Suzanne Tulien: surroundings?

That's right. You guys are students. My new book, personal brain clarity. That is really all about the process of going inward to identify and define who you really are and aligned to that so that you can step into your power and not sway. Based on what your external environment is doing to you or around you, so that you can be stronger and more confident and more discerning on those decisions that you make every single day about what you want to manifest and become known for.

So it's really about getting crystal clarity in your life about who you are and what you want to be doing. So again, those [00:06:00] external pieces. I know that are, that are, could be crumbling around you or impacting you in serious, dramatic ways that you don't necessarily succumb to that, that you can stand in that power in a really quick

Jared Easley: shared in the past that you were bullied when you were younger, what impact did that have as you now have developed your own personal brand today? 

Suzanne Tulien: Wow. You know, I always say that I was bullied into becoming a personal brand clarity expert because I think, you know, bullying when you, first of all, when you allow yourself to be bullied and that's a choice that you make because you, you, then you are feeling.

Inferior right at the moment, because of what's happening externally to you, then you lose that strength, right? You don't have the strength [00:07:00] because you're not clear on who you are. You are allowing or enabling other people to tell you who you are. And I have this wonderful phrase that says how we believe we are perceived shapes, who we become.

So when we believe that others are perceiving us a certain way, then we're going to change and shift to either become that because we're seeing it around us or we're going to resist that and become something different. Right. And really get clear on who we are. So I think the bullying made helped me really shift.

And realized that I wasn't who they were actually bullying. I was someone that was worthy and I was able to really get clear on what those attributes were for myself. So then it gets stronger and step into that stance and become who I am today. Now, 

Music: how do you know when the, your gut is telling [00:08:00] me something versus it was just a bad batch of movie popcorn 

Suzanne Tulien: that you.

That's a good question, Christine. I would say that it's the goosebump factor. And then I write about this in my book that when you go through the process, that's in the book, then as you're flushing this information out through the exercises, Then you start realizing that this is you get these goosebumps and this high vibrational feeling that rises in you and you feel really good about, about these concepts or these attributes that you've created for yourself.

They resonate in a way that you can easily step into them because they're super authentic to who you are. I mean, it's a feeling for sure. And, you know, that achy feeling like the popcorn, just to me means you're inauthentic. You're not going in the direction. That is really in alignment with who you say you are, but rather, maybe you're succumbing to an [00:09:00] environmental impact, like a networking group that, you know, you feel like you have to be a part of, but it doesn't feel right, but you keep going and it's just not clicking for you.

And that's the itchiness that I think that that bad pump can provide. 

Jared Easley: How could someone go from having a brand to actually being consciously in control? Good 

Suzanne Tulien: question, Jared. I would say, first of all, I want to let everybody know that you already have a brand, whether you're conscious of it or not, because all the brand is, is really just a set of perceptions.

And ideally they're a set of perceptions that you are in control of, but most of us haven't done the deep dive work. So mostly. Are more like chameleons where we fit in. We love to fit in. We love to have other people like us, so we incrementally try to fit into what's going on around us versus us standing in clarity, in our own authentic alignment and to become clear on that.

Right. And more conscious. [00:10:00] On that is to really appeal back that onion and do the work, do that internal exercises. And in that work that helps you flesh out those adjectives and attributes, which you also have to define in the process. And when you define them, you begin to shape your own belief system and experiences that you have that match that so that you can continue to perpetuate what you are aligned.

Does that make sense? Now you're known 

Music: for being transparent and being efficient. How have those actions and behaviors help you to stand out from the crowd? 

Suzanne Tulien: Well, you know, I think it's, it's helped me actually identify and define my market because I am not the touchy feely coach. Um, I'm not, I mean, I am like, let's take action.

Let's get her done. Let's be efficient at it. And, you know, get you to where you want to be. So I'm a task master [00:11:00] and the efficiency and the transparency really helps my clients understand what's real laying it on the line, you know, standing up for what I stand for. And I stand for them as my client to become their potential.

So those attributes have really helped me shape who I go after. And who all actually accept as a client. So that's why branding is so powerful because I'm discerning differently now that I know who I am and it's shaping everything that I do. Does that make sense, Christine? Yeah. 

Jared Easley: About the standards of living buckets.

So I wondering if you have a story about the standards of living buckets, and then maybe we can go into why these are so essential. 

Suzanne Tulien: Hmm. Well, I have a lot of clients who have gone through the program and who have really clarified their standards of living. And these buckets are really all about the main areas of your life.[00:12:00]

And that includes your wellbeing, your spirituality and wellbeing, your professional world. So your work life, your family, life, your community, life, and your, your outside relationships. And when you get the, on your financial and when you get clear on these areas and what they mean to you, Then you're able to really begin to get more conscious, strategic and deliberate in how you go about creating those standards in those areas and those bucket areas for you to then begin to live up to.

So again, it's clarity, it's that focus and it helps you create goals around each one of those areas and really begin to manifest the life you've been dreaming about. And. So there's no real story around that. Other than the, what happens when you actually do the work and get crystal clear and become that, then you realize one day that wow.

Everything is happening [00:13:00] that I want to have happen. It's kind of like people, you know, tell stories about vision boards when they actually cut things out and keep these images and these words in front of them on a regular basis, they're starting to get more conscious of them. And then the law of attraction takes effect and things start happening in that sense.

So it's, it's really cool. Do you guys talk about that sort of thing on the show we've 

Music: got about everything 

Suzanne Tulien: I've listened to a couple of your episodes. And I was wondering if this conversation was, was kind of in your portfolio of, of discussion, you know, concepts were open to everything. 

Jared Easley: I think there's some embarrassment cause our, our, uh, our standards of living are pretty.

No, I'm joking. 

Music: Could you tell us your mantra? And could you 

Suzanne Tulien: share how you develop your mantra? Yeah. So my mantra is consciousness, inspiration and growth. It's a really quick tool that is part of the [00:14:00] process and it gets flushed out after you walk through. Yeah, identifying and defining of your own core values and your brand start your personal brand style attributes.

Then you flush out all the differentiators that make you different. And this is, this goes way back, right? This is how you become, who you've become. And it's so much more than just your work credentials, it's skill sets. It's like languages that you speak or countries you've visited or, or passions that you have.

It includes all of those in the personal brand. And then of course, we just talked about the standards of living. So when all of those pieces of your DNA like call your, your DNA process is developed, then you're able to really kind of hone in on that and bring it down into a tool. I call it your mantra in mind, ended up being consciousness, inspiration, and growth, because those three words were a combination of kind of all of those other pieces that flushed out through the process.

And then after that, there is a, what I call your, your why [00:15:00] statement. It's why you exist. And then you can flush that out in using pieces of your mantra and everything else that's in your DNA to create that statement. You're why you exist statement. And again, use it as a tool to bring you back into the present, bring you back into the consciousness of you and who you are.

So that you can begin to remember how powerful you really are. And again, raise your vibration and start attracting those things as you want. I mean, we all, as human beings get into funk, right. We just like, eh, what is happening? And then this was again, yeah, it's just a tool to bring you right back into that power.

Again. And so that, you're almost, you know, again, as we talked about in the very beginning of this is that we're trying to be more internally driven instead of externally impacted. So it helps you be more internally driven and getting yeah.

Jared Easley: can you share maybe a client or a [00:16:00] personal brand that comes to mind when you think of world-class and why that is. 

Suzanne Tulien: Oh, there's many of them. And I, I guess I would have to go celebrity, just be, so the audience really knows who they are and talking about, but those brands like Tony Robbins, those brands like, um, Oprah Winfrey, really finding who they are and really delivering on the promise of who they are and showing up that way and being consistent.

Right. There's three key attributes. That they're success attributes that are, are used in my process to help once you're done with the DNA and you've got all those attributes that make up your DNA, then you have to be number one consistent in that, in your, to your DNA. So you would say, you know, people are consistent.

Some people are consistently late. But I'm not talking about that kind of consistency.[00:17:00]

Jared Easley: Christine, listen up. 

Music: I was three 

Suzanne Tulien: minutes early. So just because you're consistent doesn't mean that you're going to have a successful brand. It has to be consistently you consistently, your brand's DNA. How can you be consistent at that? If you don't know what that is. Okay. So that's the first one, right?

The second one is being authentic. That's the second, most powerful attribute that you can have or characteristic you can have and authentic to what, again, you know, we've heard so many people tell us at one point in another, in our lives. Oh, just be authentic or just be yourself and you'll be fine. Yeah.

Right. But when you think about, you know, what, who actually it'd be authentic. I mean, I've never really done the work, right? So when you sit back and realize if you haven't done the work, then how can you actually be authentic in showing up as who you are? So then the third one is an unusual term. We don't use it very often every day, but it's called being generative [00:18:00] in being generative just means that I am consciously and continuously up leveling.

To become more and more of myself in my everyday life and that's generating right. I'm being generative. So I'm seeking ways to be more and more authentic, more and more consistent, more and more of all those attributes. I say I am. Does that make sense? All right. 

Music: No, I was just going to actually Suzanne who doing something 

Suzanne Tulien: that, uh, interesting.

Who's doing something that's interesting to you. I certainly think Richard Branson. Elon Musk are doing some fabulous things in the space arena. I think space is a really cool area that we do need to understand better. And I love that what they're doing, even though I know they get a lot of hard hits and spending a lot of money on something that's outside of our, basically our control, so to speak and they should be spending them.

You know, helping people [00:19:00] here on earth, but someone's gotta do it right. In order for us to innovate and evolve and maybe even utilize some assets out there that we don't even know we can, or even protect.

Jared Easley: Yeah. I have a 10 year old daughter she's super into space. Yeah. So it's, it's living in Florida. That was probably for you, Christine. Cause you're in Daytona, but like when they do space X launches here, see like, wants to know about it. So you want to see if we can go see it. She wants to see it. Like, it's pretty fun 

Suzanne Tulien: going up tomorrow.

Jared Easley: Uh, I am not, I I'm not paying attention. I need to. So yeah, if he is, then I need to be beyond that. 

Suzanne Tulien: For sure. For sure. And I think six of his, um, employees at Virgin galactic are going up, right. Oh, that's cool. 

Jared Easley: Yeah. It's a tough life.

Suzanne Tulien: You know, you have to get off his island to literally yeah. 

Music: But [00:20:00] yeah, 

Jared Easley: they can't launch from the island. So I don't like to close, start to wrap this up. We want people to be able to check out the complimentary tool kits and learn more about what you're up to and the book and all that stuff. So where can people connect with you?

Suzanne Tulien: Thanks for that JIRA brand is my website and they can connect with me there as well as Facebook brand Ascension I'm on LinkedIn, come and join me on LinkedIn. And that Kickstarter toolkit is a tab that's on the website and it's really geared toward. Solo professionals and emerging leaders in corporations to want to really take, get the clarity they need to take their personal brand to the next level.

Excellent. Do you have any final thoughts for our listeners? I would say that overall, I want them to think about, you know, how their marketing efforts might get customers in the door, but it's really their personal brand that [00:21:00] keeps people coming back. So that's how powerful branding is. And branding and marketing are two separate functions.

Understanding the difference is key to really building and scaling your business. Well, Suzanne, 

Jared Easley: we appreciate your wisdom and we hope that you will come back and share with us how things are going with personal brand clarity here in the next few months. And we'd love to have you back and talk some more about what you're up to.

So again, thank you and appreciate your time. Thank you 

Suzanne Tulien: so much, Jared. I miss Christine and great to meet you guys. Thank you. Yeah, likewise. .