Puu Muay Thai Podcast

Ep. 95 - Giveaway Winners & More!

August 15, 2022 Puu Muay Thai
Puu Muay Thai Podcast
Ep. 95 - Giveaway Winners & More!
Show Notes

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In this episode, we do our drawing for the 5k giveaway winners on Instagram! THANK YOU for everyone who has been supporting us online and in-person! We also discuss the WBC Muay Thai Youth World Championships up in Canada as well as Rumble in The Jungle 3 in Tulum!

Also, we are running for BEST OF VENTURA COUNTY for the 1st time ever! You can vote for us here, we are in category # 56 - VOTE HERE: https://bit.ly/pmt-bestof

It's absolutely FREE to vote, and takes just 2 minutes - it would mean the WORLD to our team if we won this... we'd celebrate big time.

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