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Facebook Audio Ads, Gen Z, and YouTube's Huge Numbers
July 28, 2017 Darrel Girardier and Katie Allred
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The 7 Sneakiest Facebook Tricks That Can Double Your Church's Facebook Engagement

Our Big Top Five News Stories

Move Over Millennials Here Comes Gen Z

Facebook Turns on Audio on Ads by Default

Facebook is Starting to Crack Down on Copyrights

1/3 of the World is on Social Media

YouTube would huge if it was a separate company


Facebook Power Group We're excited to share with all of you that Facebook considers our group to be a "power" group.

And the really cool part: "Power groups are what Facebook considers to be the most active, engaging, and influential groups on the Facebook platform."

They are referring to YOU, our members!! So if you feel like strutting a little today..!

Because of this, we've been invited by Facebook to join a group that gives admins of these power groups a platform to connect directly with the Facebook team to share feedback, test new features, as well as access to new admin-specific tech support they are piloting. This is a dream come true to be able to offer suggestions directly to Facebook knowing that they are actually listening.

It's all because of each of you and we're so pumped and thankful for each of you who engage each other with such kindness and generosity each day.


Mods - You killed it this week

Elevation Church is going live on Monday night “Why is this working?”

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