J2cast: Prepping

J2cast: Living through the quarantine Vol 2 Ep2

March 31, 2020 Jeff Allender Season 2 Episode 2
J2cast: Prepping
J2cast: Living through the quarantine Vol 2 Ep2
J2cast: Prepping
J2cast: Living through the quarantine Vol 2 Ep2
Mar 31, 2020 Season 2 Episode 2
Jeff Allender

Jesse and Jeff talk about how their preps have held up and the parts of the quarantine they were unprepared for. 

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Jesse and Jeff talk about how their preps have held up and the parts of the quarantine they were unprepared for. 

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Welcome back to J to cast. This is Episode two Volume to I don't know if I mentioned that last week. I decided Tow start. It's on a new volume. Thio promote that we're back from extended break as usual. I am joined by Jessie. Jessie, how are you doing

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today? Corona free.

spk_1:   0:20
That's where you know,

spk_0:   0:21
Far as I know, I saw

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uh and I hate to say this because it sounds mean, but that Cuomo not the governor, but the governor's brother on CNN, He's now now t has it has locked in his basement, which I'm fine with. I can't stand that guy.

spk_0:   0:40
I, you know, literally, you know, Lord, help those that they do actually have it. But I'm starting to get a little suspicious that thanks to Kathy Griffin that, um maybe saying that you're positive of Kobe 19 is just the cool thing that the people in the public eye you're trying to do.

spk_1:   1:01
You know, I hate to say this because it flies in the fact of my own conspiracy theory, which I'll get into later.

spk_0:   1:07
All right, over here for,

spk_1:   1:09
uh, that I don't believe he has it. And I know it's just because I don't like the dude. Yeah, I watched him. I watched an interview between him and his brother, and it was the most acid. Nine. They were trying to do an interview while these two brothers tried to act like Buddy brothers together at the same night. Really? And it just irritated me like no one or the other. You know, I'm here to find out. Yeah, I'm watching you because I want information. I don't watch CNN. If I want to laugh, I'm gonna watch, you know, other shows.

spk_0:   1:43
Comedy Central's there for a reason.

spk_1:   1:44
Right? So they were buddy up, and I know it's in. Plus, he's always so him when every interviews, anybody and I just miss reporters who are reporters and not reporters who are pundits, right? Eye popping my piece of an awful Let me turn the side with her. Uh, so anyways, and I didn't mean to start off with that. I just your Kuroda free fired wrong synapse. I guess I Well, so But here we

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are. Please forgive his listeners.

spk_1:   2:15
Today is March 31st 2020. How long has the quarantine Bennett effects? That are we on two weeks yet.

spk_0:   2:26
Uh, somewhere between two weeks. Two years? Not sure this point time. It's kind of a blur,

spk_1:   2:31
but I want to go over some things here that hopefully those you're home can get hold of us and tell us what you've learned as well. Because I wanted it. It's wrong to call it an after action report because it's a more of a during action it We're still in the building of some things that I figured out. That's where I think I did. Right? And some things of where I have done wrong. Okay. In my perhaps, and, ah,

spk_0:   2:58
15,000 rolls of tp

spk_1:   3:00
No, I had enough. I didn't have that many. I didn't have to go to the store. Yeah. Yeah. So I was good that way. First of all, I don't know if anyone else's has decided this, but I planned for the wrong arm again. And by saying that, I mean, if you'd have asked me a month ago, two months ago. Yeah, what are your needs going to be? Should your life changed drastically in the upcoming months and I would have had a totally different idea. I would never never in all my planning. Never in all my perhaps never anything else did. I think my biggest concern was going to be weight gain. That's that. That's the thing. I mean, honestly, I I'm Well, I'm not locked in the house, but I'm in a house with all my preps. Your wife's a fantastic cook. She is. And I've been doing a lot of cooking because I'm bored. I have really been working on my, uh and this is to address the weight gain. I've been working on my, uh, almond flour pancake recipe. Right, because I've made them before and l really likes him. And I like him and Tony, you lead him and Carter walk near.

spk_0:   4:33
Well, I will say that the video of your cats on social media was definitely on an indicator that the boredom is having an effect.

spk_1:   4:42
So there you go. And that's that will go back to another thing. I never would have guessed about eight situation where preps. Where we would be using our perhaps, uh, human. But I, uh, I've been experiment with these omen because normal pancakes would just accelerate my problem, right, because my biggest problem is cards or yummy. Well, they are. And my gym's closed. Yeah, my gym is closed. You know, it's sad. It is sad. The amount of time I spent going what am I gonna D'oh? I can't go to the gym. What would I be doing right now? Normally, I'd be going to the gym. I've actually sat there in a chair going. I'd really like to be doing some bench presses right now. I'd really enjoy that. I you know, and I can't. You know, I just got to sit there

spk_0:   5:41
and your followers, all social media noticed that, I wonder, do the weights miss me? Yes, I

spk_1:   5:49
do. I like sitting around. You know, I'm like the one that I keep seeing other people go As soon as this is done, you know, I'm gonna send in a Mexican restaurant and just eat everything in sight. I'm goingto a scene. Those I'm gonna do this. I'm the one going. I'm just I'm going back to the gym. I just It's I've built it up. Is such a habit in my mind that and I've been trying to replace it with bodyweight exercises, no push ups, sit ups, things like that. And, ah, it's just not the same.

spk_0:   6:21
It Willett's not your Your bill does require more resistance.

spk_1:   6:25
So I, uh I'm like sitting here going. So I did something yesterday. I I honestly swore I would never ever, ever do, because to me, it's the one of the worst purchase things in the world.

spk_0:   6:41
You gotta shake weight.

spk_1:   6:42
No, that was even worse. No, my body. A small weight machine. Okay, uh, they had it on sale. And, uh, and my excuse waas The gym is not billing me for my family membership while they're closed, and they're probably gonna be clothed. They didn't build me for March, right? And they're not gonna build me for April because the president is extended it to the 30th. So I'm like, Well, that's normally $80 for the family. It's 100 and $60. The weight machines on sale for 102 150 right? So if I use it now and I sell it, what I'm done for $100 right? I'll be okay, right? So of that's what I did. And I and I used it this morning, and it was okay, but it wasn't the same. I assume it's I've never done this kind of thing. But I'm assume it's the kind of thing that if you're away from your wife for a while and you go by a blow up doll, I

spk_0:   7:42
got it wasn't taking a drink

spk_1:   7:45
like that. I don't know for sure, but so but what I'm saying is it's hard.

spk_0:   7:57
That needs to be a soundbite 100 Facebook page, please, Jeff, make that a sound bite my Facebook page.

spk_1:   8:04
Well, if you go to the GM, they get really nice equipment. They've spent a lot of meaning

spk_0:   8:08
that it's five seconds and

spk_1:   8:10
they got a lot of equipment. They got it all, and they spent nice money on it. And so when you're trying to replace every piece of equipment with $250 the quality just isn't for sale. So there's that, uh, I that's that's my biggest thing is I never considered a situation like this that weight gain would be a concern, right? You know, all my preps, you got have enough calories. You gotta have enough food stress you got have any this year,

spk_0:   8:43
as as as people who prepare for worst case scenarios were we as I've always said one of my four. You know, most important prep is to make sure that you're in a decent quality health. And because you're gonna find yourself exerting yourself, Maur, you know, to provide and protect your your family yet, uh, here we are with the full Internet and the Tiger King thing. Oh, my God. Haven't haven't watched any any of it. But tell you what social media has definitely taking a taking a turn.

spk_1:   9:17
If there is any one thing in my life in my perception of the world, that proves what a stupid apocalypse this is because people keep calling in apocalypse. So if it is, it's a stupid one. Is the fact that we have a virus that were scared to death of, huh? We've got according to the news,

spk_0:   9:42
because we're being told to

spk_1:   9:43
According to the news, we've got shortages on masks, shortages on gowns, shortages on ventilators. Dyson, uh, has stepped forward with a new design of a ventilator.

spk_0:   9:56
Designed it in 10 days.

spk_1:   9:57
One of those awful horrible billionaires. Oh, yeah. Ah designed it. Now I've got one of his vacuum cleaners, and that thing's amazing. Yeah, All right, so uh, I

spk_0:   10:11
might have one or two. You kicking around my house as well?

spk_1:   10:14
Ah, and I love that hand dryers. The Dyson blade lice and blade handrails. Those things. If they weren't like $5000 I'd have one home. Um, I have nothing but admiration for this guy. I do. And then he says, I'm gonna give out 5000 of them. We're gonna make 10,000 more, I think, Or 10,000 total. One of the other.

spk_0:   10:36
Yeah, I think I think I think I think it was 10,000.

spk_1:   10:38
Get him out fast. All right? We're not hearing about him. No. Ford just announced they're going to convert one of their component plants toe work on, uh, these machines and their machines. Now, I know this is one thing I found out. I've got to I've got to educate myself on his respirators and things like that. Now, they hope we never use one. But just because I was fascinated, find out the ones that Ford's making don't require electricity. They work on pressure, air pressure. Right. So that fascinated me. And the fact that Ford says we're gonna do this, We make it out. This many of them in all this. And the other thing is GM. The president ordered GM to do it. And so GM is doing it. Which proves one thing in the competition between Ford and Chevy or Ford and GM. Apparently, Ford is better marketing people because GM unit or nothing about it. But if you type in ventilator into Google right now, the top 20 results are new stories about Ford making ventilators Good P R. So Ford mark, any wise is kicking the crap out of out of GM right now? So, uh, nothing about that. You the guy? Fiocchi, Doctor Fiocchi. He's got some name recognition now that you have before putting out good advice. Believable guy. Very no nonsense. Very science based, good guy guy ought to be on TV a lot. All these things run around. The most popular person that I can tell is a polygamist gay redneck who's in prison for owning tigers and trying to have another Tiger owner killed. That's how screwed up the time is right now.

spk_0:   12:39
Hey, let's let's not forget that he boiled like seven of Michael Jackson's alligators life.

spk_1:   12:44
Yeah, well, they Michael Jackson's idea. I watched the whole

spk_0:   12:47
thing. I didn't. Um uh I saw something I haven't haven't confirmed that confirmed all of this, but, hey, we're doing opinions here. Um, but apparently what I saw was that when Michael Jackson had lost ah, like, seven alligators that we're being watched by this eccentric in Oklahoma, Uh, that they died in a fire, Basically boiled to death and and stuff like that. And I will tell you this from personal experience. You're not supposed to boil, alligator. It's It's it's much better. Deep fried. Yeah, well, you know, I've had a grilled once. It wasn't great group of girls girls,

spk_1:   13:24
if you get if you get the Boyne.

spk_0:   13:26
Yeah, yeah, but you made mince up the tougher parts of the tails and make sliders out of them.

spk_1:   13:32
But they, uh just the fact that we have all these people doing so much good. And the only the only thing your average person wants to talk about is this Joe Joe exotic. Yeah, which I have even seen his name. Yeah,

spk_0:   13:48
well, I can't pronounce his real last name.

spk_1:   13:51
And I made opposed to my personal facebook the other day of you. He is trending on my iTunes every time I open it up. And because he makes awful country music, too. Oh, you know, like I have friends in the music business, I have friends who can't tour. I have friends who are work on road roadie crews, They can't work and people telling you what if people are spending money on this crap tastic country and I'm gonna lose my dang mine, it's

spk_0:   14:22
and way lose a legend during the same thing Joe Diffie passes. No Kenny Rogers as passed away and you can't rush past way. Joe Davies, Uh, the kid wasn't covert. Jo Jo was covert. Apparently, I I'm curious about that, cause I mean, you know, you look at pictures in the last couple of years, no personal judgment against him, But there was some high blood pressure going. Oh,

spk_1:   14:45
that's the thing is, Joe was not a healthy, overly healthy guy. No, and I don't know him personally, but I have a friend who does. And the friend, you know, was very, you know, very upset by his death and all that. And I don't want to make light of Joe. We got all that and I listen to music went to bars and dance to it back in the back in the day. But, uh, he was not a healthy man. No, Uh, this wasn't the same as, uh, Tom Hanks getting it right. You is a pretty healthy guy. So, uh, yeah,

spk_0:   15:18
we lose, we lose the pickup man and the gambler in the in, like a week apart. And Joe Exotics is like you said, Trend trending on on iTunes. And has anybody opened up a social media platform and not seeing this this weird baked it out of his mind. Two tone mullet having psycho.

spk_1:   15:41
Now there was Tony. I watched the whole thing. We wash it all that

spk_0:   15:45
I have. I haven't seen it. I'm I'm wanting to keep an unbiased perspective. As I watched what the zeitgeist does with it.

spk_1:   15:53
There's a big deal being made, and this from this is the part I watched from a prepping aspect. Okay, uh, he would feed the tigers some of the feed. He would get what he would do if he had a deal with Wal Mart and expired meat. And he claimed that if you took anything out of the freezer and you went up front. You couldn't before you decided you didn't want it. Wal Mart could not put it back in the freezer so they would sell it with the expired meat. Okay, Now, I don't know if that's true or not.

spk_0:   16:21
I'm not not familiar with it.

spk_1:   16:23
I need somebody if you know, out there if you know this is true or isn't true. Because be honestly, I watched the thing. And if this man told me it was sunny outside, I'd taken umbrella. Yeah, I mean, that's how much I believe this.

spk_0:   16:36
Well, if he told me he and tigers and met, that would make me want to marry. So I'm gonna I'm gonna consider that I have a certain intellectual fortitude that some some other people who may not have had.

spk_1:   16:45
So he was saying that he was like, This isn't rancid meat. It's just meat they can't

spk_0:   16:50
sell. It's a less smelly turd. Got you

spk_1:   16:53
well, But see, I'm prone on that toe. Believe because they're saying Well, he fed this to people because he opened a pizza shop in the place and make pizza using the Walmart meet. Okay, Now, if this was Wal Mart meat fresh from Walmart? Uh huh. There probably was nothing wrong with it, right? You know, they're going to get rid of it before there's a chance. Now, I don't know how he was storing it. I don't know, right? Anything else, But if it's straight from Wal Mart, I would have eaten it if you cooked it. If Wal Mart said this is rejected because it's a day passed sale date, I would eat. But but yeah,

spk_0:   17:39
but I have a different standard. For what? I would feed myself What I would feed customers,

spk_1:   17:42
right? Yeah, but you're saying from a prepping point of view, people are looking at this like he was pulling out meat. That was months past the date, right? Rancid. Nice green steak. Right? And it wasn't. It was fresh, freshly left. Wal Mart. Now, that's when they got rid of it. I don't know what he did with it in the meantime. Okay, so I don't know that, but in Walmart would send the truck to him the way they called it the meat truck. Probably like they would send a truck to him. So that was all popular problem. Perfectly good. Plus, if you're going to feed it. If you are feeding it to animals, those animals are gonna have a whole lot more ability to digest this. I mean, they eat stuff that's been laying around,

spk_0:   18:25
right, that they have digestive tract that's designed for eating carrion and something that they have the gut flora for. And they have specifically designed the digestive tract for it much better than we do.

spk_1:   18:36
But the final thing I want to say is people keep talking about the Carol involved with one who he was at odds with and that everyone thinks fed her her first husband to the Tigers. I nation

spk_0:   18:50
hates carols what Facebook has told me,

spk_1:   18:52
and the problem is I see that and I go, Yeah, he was a crazy, you crazy

spk_0:   19:00
woman. Haven't Washington the show? But from some of the skills I've seen again on social media that Yeah, yeah, yeah, she ain't playing withholding.

spk_1:   19:08
Here's the problem, folks. Ho, Joe and Doc. Now, Doc, you don't see it, Doc is the is another tiger owner. Okay? Out in South Carolina, I think who basically has a cult where he gets these young women to come helping raise the tigers and then they become one of his wife's. So he's got, like, 78 wives, that all helping fungus tiger thing, which is sad, because if if I put my weight back on group ponytail or khaki, I'd look like him. That's what's sad. Life goals, Jeff. Life goals here. So, um, here's my Here's my thing I have about everybody being so fascinated with this guy. None of these people are good people. None of them. You've got a guy recruiting husbands with meth and $100 weak jobs because they get to play with tigers. You got another one running basically a cult. Okay. Once again, no days off and doesn't pay these women because they're his wives. Okay, you got a woman down in, uh, Florida, backed by Pita taking East tigers. Put them in cages while telling she's still saying she's saving the tigers from people who put them in cages. Okay, None of these people are good people. They all should be eradicated.

spk_0:   20:42
I I don't disagree with you. Want one bit? I just do wish to make a side note onto that. I I agree with you about they're they're quality and contribution to the world in which we live. But if you look at the level wish they were able to effect people around them and the way they're able to influence people the way they were able to finance these operations and such, I mean, they're making a very large impact. So there's a certain point of which you have to wonder. G. What am I doing with my life? I mean, I'm

spk_1:   21:25
not up for running, Nicole, okay? I'm tired. And what I say there when I say they're not good people, let me let me let me focus this down further then I don't have a problem with the sex cult. I don't have a problem with the gay guys. I don't have problem with the woman being crazy. I have a problem with taking an animal that has hundreds of miles of coverage in natural world and confining them to a cage 100 feet by 50 feet. Absolutely. That's the way I say. They're not good people.

spk_0:   21:52
No, no, no. If you're willing to abuse an animal for your own entertainment than you, my personal opinion, then you don't need to. You ever have the opportunity to reproduce either your genetic code or your ideals. So

spk_1:   22:05
I just that's that's what I'm saying is the people involved now? I guess you could argue a little bit against the husbands of the guise of Joe exotic because he basically in tights them with charisma and drugs. So you could say they had an issue. There's something not wired right there. Yeah,

spk_0:   22:24
yeah, there's definitely something not nowhere, but it's on the different. That's on the level

spk_1:   22:28
I can't approach. You know, that's not as cut and dry to me as taking AnAnd Animal. And there's one scene in this thing where he they're throwing because we're running out of food. They're going broke. They're running out of food. They're throwing meat into this cage. You cannot count the number of tigers in this cage. You can't. They're all there. It's like a feeding frenzy when you throw water into a pond. When you throw feed into a feed pot, right? It's just we're all over the place

spk_0:   22:57
that it's not that that's not natural, for for their their types of Hey,

spk_1:   23:02
so it's that to me in and of itself says these aren't good people, right? I don't I don't I can't say the women who live with the guy. There's probably some brainwashing going on there and things like that I can't get into because I'm not a psychologist or psychiatrist. Anything else. And at some point you have to let people make their own decisions, all right. But when they're breeding these tigers breeding, inbreeding, breeding, breeding, breeding so that people come and cuddle with him, take pictures and then stick him in a cage when they're too big to take pictures with. And that's just all their existence is I don't keep my dog like that. No, my neighbors may not like it. Well, Nick, Nick likes to run the perimeter of my yard. Yeah, because he's a He's a border collie and he likes Did you work? So at night, when everyone else's but their dogs in, I let him out and he runs the perimeter of the house right and make sure that he comes back to back door. He's ready to come inside.

spk_0:   24:01
I've got a blue heeler that keeps everybody in line

spk_1:   24:02
so I don't even do my dog like that in my dogs, only £60. It's not a £400 tiger who by instinct wants to be able to roam and hunt hundreds of square miles. Right? So none of these people are good. They're all they're all awful. I wouldn't I would not sit down and have even even if I picked up the food myself. I don't have to worry about being off Wal Mart. I still would not sit down to eat with any of these people, right? So and that's why this is such a weird time. We got people, and maybe that's it. Because we have people losing their jobs. We got people that I have with a lot of economic uncertainty. Yes, we've got people that, uh, are just really just now coming into the fact of Wow, I need to have a base under me,

spk_0:   25:00
right? Need has a sort of a foundation

spk_1:   25:03
for preparedness and they're all preoccupied with these yahoos.

spk_0:   25:10
It's it's it's quite the quite the distraction is no mean. It's ah, it's a heck of a puppet show where the world burns

spk_1:   25:16
and never, ever, ever did. I think now I thought I have thought there may be a time we have to bug it at home. We may be your time. We have to bug out somewhere else there. Maybe these times never did I figure way would still have fully function Internet, electricity phones thing else

spk_0:   25:39
while having a bug in.

spk_1:   25:40
Right? Well, having to bug in and sit around And, uh, you know, just I really tried. I mean, one thing is I've noticed it with my family because I've had to point out a time or two. Somebody will go. What? We just run. Get this. No, that's not what corny team in place means. It doesn't mean you stay here until you have thank you Have a reason to run somewhere. And so I'm not saying we're good at it, saying I at least give this mouth service because to be honest with yet Carter for Carter and I were talking the other day and he said, Dad, he said, I saw something the other day and he was it really say really rang true with me. Hey, so I saw somebody say, I can't help but feel like I'm under reacting and overreacted at the same time. That's ah, inside full. And I said, Yeah. I mean, I hear you. I have no idea what the appropriate reaction is right now. Because every prep, my maid, every idea. I thought I would be struggling to make things right. Right now. I would be figuring out Where is the generator running? Okay, right. Is the water flowing, or do I need to excess more water? Absolutely. Is you are Are the solar panels up to the task I need them to be? Are the you are all the weapons in the right place. The right time with the proper amount of ammunition is I mean, that's always a concern with, unfortunately, but even more so I would be I I imagined a situation that I would be focused and driven. And it would be from the time I got up to the time I finally fell asleep would be focused on survival, right? Not focused on how do I keep from losing my damn mind?

spk_0:   27:48
My wife was It was totally prepared for, you know, filtering water and making so been in, You know, canning and preserving and drying and everything. She was not prepared for home schooling.

spk_1:   27:58
No. Which by this morning, Tony had a follow up doctor's appointment this morning. So we made a rule, and I think it's pretty, uh, understanding of her. Tony made this rule. She's like, all right, Nobody sleeps until noon anymore. You've got to be up ready to start your homework at nine. Okay. That was very understanding. That was quite lax, actually.

spk_0:   28:26
But definitely either. Either side Well, within the rebel reason.

spk_1:   28:31
Now, I'm part of the reason that she chose nine. Okay, because I enjoy this is selfish. Uh, when Tony gets up because she started back at work now. So when she gets up, she has to be to work by 8 30 So and the kids will have to be in school by eight. Or 8 30 So from eight, usually until nine. If I don't have anything planned, that's my time to get up. Make some coffee. I usually I usually empty the dishwasher, reload it with anything need clean down the cabinets and listen to, um my news blast on the C I. A spying device called Lexa in my Yes, Well, I wish I was paranoid. And enough of my values to go. I'm not gonna have one of those. I I do, and I walk in the kitchen and I say, Alexa, flash briefing. And I've got, like, three different news sources than she plays. And I do all this, and it's just my time in the morning to get get kind of my brain straight. And I get to start off the day accomplishing something right and usually make myself breakfast at the same time. Uh, and Tony knew that. So Hee, I think she made it nine. So I would still have that bless her heart. And then at nine o'clock this morning, I realized I had not seen a child yet, so I called up. Hey, guys, nine o'clock, 9 10 came. I still hadn't heard anything. So at 9 15 I had to channel my art. Might our Lee Ermey and inform them that they had five minutes where I was coming up to start waking people up. Yeah. So, um, apparently, Carter came down and I didn't see Elsa went to the bottom eyes. All right, you're gonna minute left and from the down the whole way here, I'm already here. Groups. Uh, my

spk_0:   30:44
my comment was not to discredit my my my wife's ability. No, no, no. I mean, she I don't think she was, you know, because we have considered homeschooling anyway, for different reasons in the past. And, you know, that always came with the mental picture of it just being our two boys, but with, you know, helping out family. That was the process of moving. And so therefore, they didn't have their Internet set up and, you know, lots of different things. We had four extra boys and at the house last week for her too functional on the studies and focus on studies. And, uh, yeah, yeah,

spk_1:   31:32
we just recently started because we we're in spring break when this whole thing went down, right? And the so the school came out said we're extending spring break. So we had nothing to work on last week.

spk_0:   31:45
Well, my kids did you know that their school didn't have a spring, right?

spk_1:   31:49
So ours I got an extra. They had a two week spring break. Now, you know. So

spk_0:   31:54
my kids got it, got an extra couple of days, and then Wednesday last week, they had toe. They had to start on their studies and, ah, you know, and we're talking from, uh what is it? Third or fourth grade up to ninth grade and, you know, quite spread on that and vary personalities. Very nees. Lots of questions. My wife's patients ran thinner than Japanese rice paper. And, um, boy, she was. It's been a while since my, with his moment has had no cause to be excited about a Saturday. And But last Saturday was one that she was definitely grateful

spk_1:   32:36
for credit for. Yes, well, that's, you know, when we have, we have Carter, who Carter is built for this Carter's. You could not make life better for Carter.

spk_0:   32:47
They say home with his computer, right? I

spk_1:   32:49
mean, you know, I mean, now he has consumed enormous quantities of bacon.

spk_0:   32:55
Yes, yes, but salted meats, Yes, that is the boy's weakness there.

spk_1:   33:01
Well, I in one morning, I was

spk_0:   33:03
You're gonna have to write a route. That boy's arteries. Some point

spk_1:   33:06
we'll talk about that here to say, Ah, one of the mornings I was cooking and I had this think big and I like we get the thick sliced bacon. Tony likes to really think I like either one. I like the thin when I wanted a certain way, and I like to think when I wanted a certain Tony just all thick.

spk_0:   33:23
I'm with you on that. You know, it just depends on what it's being used for. But if I'm prying up to eat it and I do like the right brand breaking

spk_1:   33:30
so I'm cooking and I start put it on the thing Goto dream. Carter walks by and takes peace Norwest by and takes peace car with Ryan takes and put them visually. I'm like how much I like cook. I've cooked half this package and I've got about 1/4 of the package left on the thing. I'm not

spk_0:   33:53
promoting child abuse, but my house that would end up with a fork in the hand.

spk_1:   33:57
Well, normally, under normal circumstances, because of this whole thing, I'm tryingto go in it at with a certain degree of observation. Right? So I started to say something I actually got out of my mouth. I don't know. I want to see where this goes. So I just keep cooking bacon and keep putting out keeping them. And because what I do is I cook a lot. And then when I and then I put some enough in a freezer bag, I put in the refrigerator right, Because it's what I call meat can be, you know, if I need a snacker scrap piece of bacon. Absolutely. So, um, he keeps keeps calling, it keeps going, keeps going. And I just was amazed, and he never stopped and got a plate. This is just walking by and grab it. And he's talking about stuff and all that. And then, you know, I get done cooking. He goes back downstairs and does his thing. And, uh, that's what occurred to being like This kid is this is his zone. This is where he's meant to do now. In contrast, we have l so l does not sit, does not stay home. You know, she's she if there's an extra que activity she she at one point was doing choir, archery and a play all the same time.

spk_0:   35:23
If there is a human being that could actually convert their body from physical matter into pure energy, it is your

spk_1:   35:31
daughter. So that's when Dani posted that thing. We talked about where it says being quarantined with a talking of child, like having an insane parents superglued to your shoulder

spk_0:   35:39
and that, you know, picture that a picture that in your mind. They're not making this up. I am backing the AL under household on this one. They're not making this up. This is not a stretch of the imagination. This is I want you to picture that in your head. Insane parrot superglued to your shoulder, sweet kid. Super smart. But in ST Paris superglued to your shoulder

spk_1:   36:07
Yeah, she is constantly just constantly thio a like honey, I love you but you got to go somewhere else. You gotta go. And it got to the point last week where we We finally said, Fine, you go lows with us because our kitchen faucet quit working perfect time ago. And I don't want to do this crap. I got a positive place at that. And so I kind of got this person state. No, you can't go stay the night with somebody That's you know against what we're talking about Here I fight you goto lows with me. Oh, yeah, She was so happy. Undersea A kid so happy go lows before But she was just able to get out and stretcher or legs and all that. Oh my gosh! Just just boy. Now if it was now she was elsewhere. We'd never know Carter was there except when he came to steal Bacon.

spk_0:   37:04
Right? That was That's Yeah, He's just that whole thing steps out of the shadows, periodically. Got you.

spk_1:   37:11
I will say he and I have been taking advantage of this, um, catching up on he has told me for years. I need to watch the Clone Wars cartoon, and I've kind of Oh, yeah, Not a bad idea, but I've just never sat down to do it. So he's really leaned on me to spend some time once a day watching a couple of and I'm actually pretty good. Yeah, I

spk_0:   37:33
think you did give me a heads up that last week. A couple weeks ago, he was gonna That was happened. That was going to happen. Anyway. He did

spk_1:   37:39
give me a heads up. I just came to me and said, Come on, let's do this now. So him and I have actually kind of had a growth moment through that and all that. So we're sharing that. Um, Now on that, I will say real quick. I dropped a quarantine package off to a friend today because I brought up my conspiracy theory. Uh huh. Of what is behind the curtain. And they had never heard of

spk_0:   38:12
this. I'm sorry. I just check just checking the studio for pretend boiler.

spk_1:   38:16
Well, it don't matter, because a large part of this conspiracy is the Internet. Okay. And the Internet conspiracy. Is this okay? It's based on. Well, let me tell you how it came about it. I was ah, total flashback in the kitchen doing my morning thing that I just described a lot by the Alexa show. And on the screen, it says today would have been the first day of opening. It would be the opening day of the baseball season, right? They phrased it better, and I did. But that's what. And I went, Oh, a world without sports. Which, by the way, I understand there's a lot of people there apparently having issues with that. It's hard for me to be empathetic.

spk_0:   39:04
One of my best friends in the whole wide world, I think, has gone into convulsions over it. Yes.

spk_1:   39:08
No, I mean, I guess if you told me, I guess if you compared it to my desire to go the gym, maybe that'd be the only way I could be empathetic.

spk_0:   39:16
Their obsession with professional sports, I've noticed, has a certain religious aspect to it.

spk_1:   39:23
Uh, that is weird, because I've been streaming our churches. Service is over YouTube. There's only there's only the pastor and I There were, which is kind of sad, because the pastor, she was like, I don't know who to talk to, because I'm look at the computer screen and stuff. And so we're at We've actually talked about putting cardboard people in the church. She could look at somebody talking and ah, so anyways, um, and another thing is, I brought up to her the other day that our stream we had over ah, 150 viewers, right? And that's more than we have in the church most Sunday. So apparently, is reaching out to more people. Wow. Um, well, including me. I don't usually go to church. It's sad to admit that it took this to get me back in, and that's only because I was the only person they knew who could make this happen. Right. So anyways, uh, it looks That sounds really good, by the way. I'm I'm really happy with the way it looks and

spk_0:   40:21
sounds. It is what you do.

spk_1:   40:24
No. So anyways, so I see that, Mike. Wow. World without sports. Which reminded me for all those out there. Who? I haven't seen it. I'm going to spoil a movie. Okay, now, this movie came out over 10 years ago, so if you haven't seen it, you can still watch it. But I'm going to spoil it for you. It's fantastic. Movie Idiocracy. No serenity, huh? The sea. The movie. It came off the firefly. See? Yes. Fire Fire TV show in serenity. The government releases a virus onto it under a planet to mellow everybody out. And it backfires because most of the people that medals out until they don't work, they don't. They don't have relationships. They just die.

spk_0:   41:14
Um, okay, this also sounds sounds like the beginning of Wally, too.

spk_1:   41:18
So So, But a percentage of the people have an opposite effect, and they turn into savages called rivers. The thin takeover spacecraft Go out and feed on other people. Okay, That's so he was. The rivers have no part of this conspiracy theory. Did

spk_0:   41:39
the count of zombies. I mean, for intents and purposes, you

spk_1:   41:42
know, these guys are not undead, just basic. They're they're just all fierce aggression because the disease was supposed to turn off aggression, right? And in these people, it maxed it out.

spk_0:   41:59
Okay, well, anyone that considers me, you know, ah, food source. You know, I'm very content with my place on the top of the food chain. Anything that tries to consider me a food source at that point in time, if I'm gonna go ahead and check the zombie box.

spk_1:   42:15
So I guess that work because you feel the same about shooting him. Yeah. Uh, So anyways, they they do all this and the there's an operative character who's trying to stop the good guys from getting the word out about this disease because he says he says the entire point of the virus was a world without sin. Which is where I got reminded about me when I said the world without sports. All right, here's where the conspiracy comes in. Okay. Geeks love. Serenity. Yes. The movie geeks love the TV show Firefly. This speaking is one of them and one of them who? When I started donating blood, I told them I want it put on my blood. This is not to be used for anybody at the Fox Corporation who is responsible for the cancellation of Firefly. That was a caveat I had on my donation. So that is dedication. That's how that's how some of us fire five flans fans are that that's fandom. Plus. So geeks love serenity, geeks love firefly geeks love the Internet. What do a lot of geeks not like

spk_0:   43:39
bathing regularly sports? Okay, okay. It's art

spk_1:   43:42
requires right directly. Really? When you after you play the sport, got you okay? They don't like sports. They don't want sports. They don't care about sports. Sports Get in the way of the things that they really want to do, right? You know, a real geek may hate gym class and everything about it they don't want to do with it. They love being online. So okay, you construct a virus that ends sports, drives everybody home and requires a bunch of people toe work on the Internet from home, causing the need for an expansion of the Internet, increasing the bandwidth and people getting addicted to even more than they are all the things that can be streamed in or delivered because of the Internet Inter Tiger game? Yep, as a symptom. Well enough because plus, it's it's feeding to the it's feeding to the floor and common denominator. Intellectual Randy. Instead of watching Neil DeGrasse Tyson instead of watching, you know Bill Gates, talk about philanthropy. Instead, you're watching a polygamist redneck gay guy who murders country meth addict. Yeah, humors County in country music as a hobby. Which, by the way, the fact that this guy got popular and Kenny Rogers and Joe Diffie checked out at the same time. I don't think the coincidence.

spk_0:   45:11
No, I wouldn't I wouldn't want to see the future of country music after after the introduction of Joe Exotic. Now

spk_1:   45:16
I think that I think he got famous playing his music on that thing. People started searching iTunes and Kenny Rogers went done.

spk_0:   45:25
I'm done. I'm done. I was there for the golden era, and I contributed and

spk_1:   45:30
know when to holdem. I know when to fold them. Now

spk_0:   45:34
fold it. I'm gonna check out. So

spk_1:   45:36
that's my conspiracy. Is the court the

spk_0:   45:39
Joe Exotic killed Kenny Rogers?

spk_1:   45:41
Well, that's some part of it, but the big one is geeks created the virus, or at least the virus scare to accelerate people to shut down sports and use the Internet more so they could control him with crap programming.

spk_0:   46:00
I'm so thankful I have not been curious. Wash the show again. I I found myself being entertained by wanting to have this unbiased perspective of seeing what the flow of information and the zeitgeist. I mean, now you've got you got Sheriff Department's reopening the cold case, reopening the case about Carol ones. What's her face and possibly feeding her for?

spk_1:   46:26
She doesn't yourself in it because she's talking about, uh, Joe exotic claims that somebody tried to killing by putting cologne on his shoes. And one of the tigers kept smelling issue and trying to bite it. OK, And she says, No, if you're gonna do that, you rub sardine oil all over the body, not cologne. And so that that promoted a lot of this. Oh, now, anyways, I did watch the whole thing. I I watched it in a partial state of discuss toothy animal conditions, partially because the human condition of my human condition is you put anything in a documentary, I'll probably watch it. Yeah, I also want to make millions Now, that was a lot better documentary. Okay, but, uh um I miss some of it while it was on because they would do things from it from a video production point of view that would just be sitting there going, Why? Why did they just use to do that? And then I'd miss a chunk like they've got this guy who was asked to kill the Carol. Okay. And he have interviewed him to the whole thing standing around suddenly, they're interviewing me in a bathtub with shorts on. I can't tell you anything that was talked about during that interview, because, Tony, I was too busy going. Why is he in the bathtub? That's a fair question. Um, so, anyways, um, that's Ah. Hey, I would scare Wait, wait. We gotta keep on it for one, quick, because I gotta tell you, uh, we've got friends. That list of this and I won't name names, but, uh, you and I know a guy, okay? Who attempted to have an auction barn, Uh, here in tail and a little bit of a drug problem a little bit The entire time I watch Joe exotic. I thought of him. Joe exotic and him had a loss similar on

spk_0:   48:33
this. When this, When the hype of this starts to wind down, I will go back and watch the show and because, uh, yes, I would, I would. I would like to see the parallels.

spk_1:   48:44
Well, the guy just dumb is the day is long, okay? But totally convinced that he is destined to be rich and famous by nothing more than the powers of his

spk_0:   48:55
mind. Okay, We were drawing parallels already.

spk_1:   48:58
So? So I won't name names, but I had to tell you that that the entire time I wash, I kept to Antonio like that. So and so

spk_0:   49:06
is he. Over 54 Is George exotic over 54?

spk_1:   49:10
Barely. If he is, he's on a tall guy. Okay. Well, again, it was real thin. Bad tattoos, including some bullet holes. Uh, things like that again. More parallels. Yeah. So, anyways, I just That's the last one to talk about because I just hate created, but I had to tell you that. Hold on. What if that's who I thought about it. Okay. All right. Uh, we talked about my conspiracy theory. Um, we talked about that. Uh, so How about you? What? Is there anything that you looked at now and win? Okay, there was something I wasn't ready for.

spk_0:   49:49
As far as a prep.

spk_1:   49:50
Yeah, a mentally physically, uh, just, you know, it's mental for me. It's the mental physical part of it for me. So I was I was prepared to work my tail off.

spk_0:   50:02
Well, I I haven't had an opportunity to to really be able to size this up because I have been working my tail off a taste for a little little over a week.

spk_1:   50:13
Okay, I have to, but not its surviving, right, cause I've been I've been coming apart at the seams as everybody tries to work from home and nobody knows how. Yeah, I know. I've even taken on its second law firm now that I'm helping out. So, you know, I s o I guess. Let me rephrase that. Uh, have you had time to look at it and go? I thought I'd be working at surviving more.

spk_0:   50:35
Yes, I I I really thought that for anything that would involve me to have to put up a sign that says I'm closing down my storefront business for an undefined period of time would ultimately result in me immediately going home and cleaning every weapon that I I have that no one can prove. And you know that I'd be in there counting ammo and

spk_1:   51:00
that I did that. I inventoried ambo. Yeah, well, an inventory food.

spk_0:   51:05
Yeah, well, I have a ledger that I can do my my ammo inventory. And then I was like, What the hell now? Yeah, well, I went to inventory food and found out that I I'm good to go. And

spk_1:   51:19
I found a few expired things that surprised me. There were a few things that I had not rotated a CZ. Well, as I thought. I

spk_0:   51:25
see. And this is where it comes in handy to have the compound is whenever you rotate through thing when you find out that you haven't been rotating as well. And you find out that the mixed vegetables, um, if you you know, if you try to heat them up like you normally would, throwing them into a soup first do. And they kind of gets a little brownish mush, and you still taste fine, but it looks kind of gross. I did find out that there are, since everybody knows somebody that has made no actual preparations or doesn't have the means to do any preparations, um, they make great apocalypse gifts that, uh, you know, I've been able to rotate fresh doc through without, you know, doing any crazy purchasing, nothing outside of my norm. And, you know, I've been ableto rotate some stock through and be able to give people with the ability to provide nutrients in any way.

spk_1:   52:19
Well, and I did that a little bit. My daughter up in Kansas City, she got ahold of me. She's like, I have I cannot get meat anywhere. I can't find meat. And so we fixed her up with and this before they locked everything down, right? We fix her up with some, uh, because I I love the canned hams at the store. All of you have the shell five of starting off a five years. Yeah, and so I have a lot of those. I have things like that. And so I fixed her up that way and also through some dehydrated meals and told her these air last resort, right? You know, these air 25 year shelf life eat the other stuff first, just and now I did. I was so proud when she was, like, one going Dad, I I think I need to start paying attention to this. You know, I just I was proud of if you walked across you with the honors from college.

spk_0:   53:07
I like it. There is an equivalency there. Yeah, mine was. I've got a one of my many surrogate nephews that, uh, struck out on his own. He's got his own apartment and, you know, anyone that's, you know, tried to first make it on their own. Your first apartment never has any food. And you've got the most pathetic looking fridge. And so, Yeah, he, uh, he came by and he's Uncle Jesse. I just We just haven't been able to afford any food and everything, and I don't really want to ask anything of you And you. You know, I've been tryingto make the best meals that I can with X and X canned goods. And I was like, All right, let's go down to the basement and an all stock you up, and, um, I I'd be lying if I didn't say Wow, this is an opportunity for me. so because I don't like the, uh the mixed vegetables that you don't have that perfect consistency to them.

spk_1:   54:11
Well, yeah. I mean, and that's you. That's the reason. Another reason to prepare and sarees. I have a lot of extra stuff that I could probably get rid of, but I'm like, No, you know, I've got a lot of instant potatoes and things like that. Then we'll say we'll sit forever.

spk_0:   54:26
Don't vacuum bag. And

spk_1:   54:28
so they're good for, you know, they're good if somebody comes in and says, Hey, I gotta have something, but Yeah, I really thought I'd be working sunup to sundown. Just train to survive. Yeah,

spk_0:   54:39
Yeah, I I really figured that that I'd have 1/4 nice strapped to me and, you know, be be, you know, packing 24 7 And you know, even whenever I'm outside given sideways glances at any vehicle coming up the road, And right now, you know, I'm trying to keep my dogs from being hit. And you know what? While the kids were outside playing basketball in the driveway

spk_1:   54:59
Well, and I, uh, I said I've been crazy busy 6 to 7 days a week because everyone trying to work from home. And when I'm not actively setting them up to work or something like that, then I'm explaining the hand holding on why things don't work quite the way they think they're gonna be. I had to send out an email basically describing, saying, Hey, you know, the Internet is not usually used to this degree. Yeah, it's it's staying up. It's working.

spk_0:   55:29
That that has been a concern of mine is, is, since everyone's turning to do attorneys doing everything via the Internet and virtual communications working from home. You know, kids being bored, spending even more time streaming and gaming than they normally did. People suffering from separation anxieties, you know, doing Maur communications via the Internet. Um, is there is there a legitimate concern in that area?

spk_1:   55:56
Backbone wise? Right now, we're doing really well, Okay? The issues have arisen on the individual provider levels,

spk_0:   56:05
all right, that weight weakest link in a chain

spk_1:   56:08
like Netflix has volunteer dick flicks, and YouTube voluntarily lowered the resolution that they're sending video out because that's just leaving the room open for other other things. Right? Uh, last week I sent in when I sent out this e mail. I was showing people that you're gonna have issues once in a while. I don't know if anyone else out there has noticed this, but over the past two weeks, I've noticed, Oh, once every other day or so sometimes multiple times a day, I'll try to make a phone call and it will say, You can't do that this time

spk_0:   56:39
I haven't had the issue with with phone calls, but I have noticed that some of my connectivity, even though my signal was strong, my connectivity, who was having an issue?

spk_1:   56:46
And, um, last Thursday I ran a downtime report and major like Google. Microsoft? Well, one of the one of the systems that went down last week for a period of time was the Pokemon servers. Oh, no, now the pokey Well, and I understand that reaction. But from a tech point of view, that's amazing, because when the Pokemon game, when that Pokemon go go game rolled out, they were taxing their service, so they grew it immensely. Server power of that game,

spk_0:   57:26
it hit it, hit it, hit bigger than what they thought

spk_1:   57:29
was immense. So the fact they could bring it down with usage was a clue of what's going on, and you have been. A lot of kids now sit at home trying to find something to do, and they've released a pack on Pokemon that lets you capture and capture your stuff at home where you say after you go to different locations to do it. I can't do that. So they're they're expanding the ability of the game at home

spk_0:   57:56
well, and that's that's That's a great television for for people. I mean, this is a good idea, as as a provider. And as you know, someone still

spk_1:   58:03
wants honey. Yeah, and it worked. And I'm sure there's a lot of parents. They're thankful that they did. Oh, absolutely, But people were in, well, some parents. There's a lot of adults play that game. I don't understand that my kids don't have none

spk_0:   58:16
of that. None of the kids that I am responsible for, uh, with a full time or part time do that. But I will say that there are a couple of adults that chases little imaginary creatures.

spk_1:   58:29
Well, there's a location here in town at fourth and ah, Indiana. Okay for the Murphy Boulevard, right? And I guess it's what they call a gym where you go in there and you couldn't do something. I've never played the game. You do something with your character and it builds them up in levels,

spk_0:   58:46
right? The different people can go and go and take their what they catch

spk_1:   58:50
and you're you're there. The people have to go there to do this. My way about it. There's no there. There is a sidewalk, but there's no close houses to this. So whenever I go by, they'll be. There will be certain days. There'll be 678 cars there and 16 to 20 people. Adults, yes, working there, poking on at this place. So I've I've seen more adults playing at the kids. That's off topic. Uh, now I went down the list

spk_0:   59:19
of the other laws against working your Pokemon in public.

spk_1:   59:22
This should be on should be a get laws against working to poking on if you're over the age of 14 um, 30 year old people. So, uh, but at the same time, Google and Microsoft were all having issues. YouTube was having issues Google and Microsoft. You might think I don't You know, my search was slow or something like that, or Microsoft. I don't use Microsoft. You do more than you think you do, because these are the Internet is made up of servers that past things off to each other. So when you go out and you say, I want to go to, um, let's say I want to go see look, Chris Weather, it's Paige. Okay, Chris Weatherman's page has an address associate with It's You have to go out. You find you have to ask for that address, get it back, and then go to that address. Well, those servers the server is telling you that may be owned by Microsoft. It may be owned by Google. May be owned by AT and T. It may be owned by anybody who's part of the backbone of the Internet, and you don't subscribe to it. These they just put these up to make traffic handle easier. So if Google or them are having problems, it's going to slow your response. It's gonna slow your it's gonna make it harder for you to to find out what that addresses so that you could go to it, right? So, uh, it could slow you down That way you can slow you down on the fat of speed at which the page loads. If if everybody's trying to hit the same page at the same time, it'll slow you down. And, you know, poking one was a sign of the times for that. It's also a sign of the times that I have yet to see listed in the top 20 sites down one of the top five sites accessed in the world. And that's pornhub. You never see them down. Apparently, there built out to a point where you took. They don't they don't have to worry about it.

spk_0:   1:1:26
Oh, wow. Uh, you know, they I guess that they have the forethought, the planning, the revenue to be to be able to fortify themselves in that aspect. Uh, say, maybe there's a certain model that, well, maybe models, not the right time. Maybe there's a business and infrastructure model that's worth looking

spk_1:   1:1:46
now. Saying what? Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna say real quick. I do not want to think anyone think I'm promoting this site or I'm advance. I advise this sight of things, and here's why is my friend Matt works in the cyber Crimes task force. He was telling me. He said there's a lot of illegal activity on that site and that he says, because it's illegal here, Not in the country. The servers located on. Okay, but once you watch it here, you've just broke the law. So if it's legal to make pornography in Denmark with a 14 year old girl Oh, and you watch it in the United States, you're now guilty of watching child port. You all right? Enough of that. We're gonna get off of that. I don't. That was a money trail.

spk_0:   1:2:41
Bad, bad bunny trail. Not not subject matters we want to bring in. But any attention to

spk_1:   1:2:46
it. That's the main thing, that no one somebody like him, you know, he'll come and start telling you stuff you like. I don't need to know this. I like naivety in something. Ignorance is bliss. So we've got some plans for next week. Um, we're gonna we've got a possible guest and Ah, that's Ah, long time, listener. We're gonna We're gonna be talking about looking into this mask thing where they say, don't wear it, do where it don't wear unless you have it We're looking to kind of things like that.

spk_0:   1:3:15
Yeah, Well, uh, and just get your buddy. We we had had a little chat about this. So, uh, while we're experiencing this, we're gonna try to go ahead and do a podcast every week so that we can at least keep it, You know, the rest of the world up to date with our opinions of things

spk_1:   1:3:28
trying for every week, Definitely over two weeks. Got you. Just because we're times it was strange times and, uh, s so we'll do that. And if you want to get a hold of this Jeff J to cast a calm Jessie J to cast dot com or G to cast prepping on Facebook. Let's Noah what experiences you had. What do you think of? And, uh, we will definitely get back with you. I guarantee you I try to get back. If I don't. Jessie does just better at it than I am. Um, and we will definitely, uh, keep at this. And, well, I know we don't have any real answers. Were trying at least make some entertaining commentary to get us through this.

spk_0:   1:4:09
We are people with opinions in the world must

spk_1:   1:4:11
know well in, You know, if we got a look at it in a way that, uh, I had two inch monitor on there, I just realized that's okay. Uh, we're just trying to look in a way that you've got to keep some humor about it. You gotta keep it up. Because if you let the news keep on, you'll just drive yourself crazy with all those people plus a post on Facebook. The sky's falling in the world's ending and yeah, and we're all gonna die.

spk_0:   1:4:34
Please don't be a chicken a little

spk_1:   1:4:36
right. In the meantime, stay safe. Don't the virus get you? Be safe.