J2cast: Prepping

J2cast: Prepping for the 2nd wave Vol 2 Ep6

May 01, 2020 Jeff Allender Season 2 Episode 6
J2cast: Prepping
J2cast: Prepping for the 2nd wave Vol 2 Ep6
J2cast: Prepping
J2cast: Prepping for the 2nd wave Vol 2 Ep6
May 01, 2020 Season 2 Episode 6
Jeff Allender

Jeff and Jesse talk follow ups to last weeks show and preparing for the next wave.  Who should you listen to?

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Jeff and Jesse talk follow ups to last weeks show and preparing for the next wave.  Who should you listen to?

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Welcome back.

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Once again, this is Ah, Volume two Episode six of the J to cast Prepping podcast. As always, I'm Jeff and accompanied with me, as always is Jesse. Jesse, how are you doing today?

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Not too bad. Had better days, But you know I don't have the election year plague, so I'm doing all right. Yeah. Yeah, that's ah,

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that's know as long as you keep from a catching what everyone thinks they're catching. Yes. I've been hearing Maura Maura about that of people who get hold their doctor and say, I've got these symptoms and they don't get tested. The doctor just says I assume you've got it, huh? So I don't know what those air doing number wise, but I've heard more than one person say that I have a my aunt. Great. My aunt is in. Ah, she's in an Alzheimer's unit in Wichita, and they have what they've called a so hot spot there. Um, she's in quarantine. My father called me to tell me about it, and I think this is part of the weather is getting right into it here. Uh, this is part of what's fueling this ongoing, uh, issues. I don't know if my father misunderstood what he heard or if somebody told him this and they were wrong. Uh, but when he called me, he said She's running. Have been running a fever. They have her in quarantine. Uh, they've lost 32 people in her rest home already to it. And my response was I've been there to see her. I didn't see 32 people when I was there, Out a big place. Uh, so I said she must be, like, one of three left, if that's true. And he goes, I thought that, too. He goes, There's just not many people there. So I got the which are legal online, had a story about it, and I looked that up and there was two that passed away. I don't know how that moved from 2 to 32. By the time it got to my father, it did.

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It went to CNN filter.

spk_1:   2:13
It had been inflated by what, 16 times, Uh, so, uh, yeah, uh, I'm hoping she does well. Well, I take that back. My dad's My dad has a different outlook on it because he's kind of of the point that if something's gonna take her. I hope it doesn't fast, because this Alzheimer's is awful.

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Yes. So, uh, I've got a I've got a cousin in New Orleans that wasn't feeling good with having a hard time breathing. And, uh, so he goes into the hospital and is without a blood test, immediately diagnosed, as you know, having the corona virus. So they loaded him up on steroids and antibiotics and sent home and, you know, they know good luck with Rhona. And so he got where he was. Feeling worse, was having an even harder time breathing, So he went back in for them. Toe treat his cove in 19. And it was a blood clot in his lung. Oh, coronary thrombosis. Yes. Have some. What is a blood clot in his lung and not said Corona virus, but the hospital immediately jumped on it. You've got the Rhona, you know. Here's our standard treatment package. Uh, put a mask on. Go home.

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I will speak. You hold my clients the other day and we hope I'm wrong, but I'm predicting a sizable of about a 50% uptick in work for me in a year. Oh, I bet. I bet I'm, ah, the number of doctors I've I've been looking up articles on this that when you take doctors, you put him in a oh, busy situation which were not busy here in job now. But you put him in a busy situation, more like Springfield, Kansas City, somewhere like that. Uh, it's it's, you know, you've got in a virus on the brain, and you kind of this isn't the way the article termed it. This is the way I will term it. It becomes a situation where when all you have is a hammer, everything is a male. Yeah. So, um, they're going There's gonna be a lot of misdiagnosis or overlooked diagnoses, because there, this is at the forefront of their mind and their human doctors are human, right? And, you know, uh, it's the same way that if you're out in public right now, and you know God help you if you have an allergy. Uh, yeah. You know, if you sneeze, you cough. You you You were literally I never thought I'd see a time when it's considered less rude. The fort

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that it is to call his dick off. I mean, this hadn't this insanity had not even been in full swing yet. I'm walking. I'm walking in tow in the lows and pick something up. And I do quickly stop cough into my elbow like I always do. And there was 1/2 a dozen people within eyeshot of me that just froze like deer in the headlights and stared at me with eyes wide And so, yeah, so here I am in the middle of blows parking lot getting stared at by half a dozen different different people, like I had just murdered somebody. And so here I am, in the middle of parking lot yelling, I'm a smoker.

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The last time I went to Lowe's a few weeks ago, I had to get a new, um, faucet for the kitchen sink. I cross the barrier. You know, when you go in, you got the first center doors, second set of doors, That airlock area.

spk_0:   6:12
Yeah, the vestibule.

spk_1:   6:14
As soon as I cross that, it was like I don't know what they're using in there, but it was like all the moisture right at the back of my throat was gone. I felt the need to cough. And, of course, like I can't cough. Everybody in here is

spk_0:   6:31
gonna especially not right in that door.

spk_1:   6:33
Right. So But it was as soon as I walked in the lows, it was just, like, instant tickle in the back of my throat. Uh, so I don't know, uh, it's the air handling system. I don't know if it's something else in there, but, boy, it was just immediate. Just right on. Ah, quick. Follow up to last week's, um I have heard from anybody. And when? I mean, I haven't heard from anybody. I mean, not just listeners. I've put last episode. I said, if you happen to have any information on how the Spanish flu affected the legal system, please let me know. Heard nothing from listeners. That's fine. I've submitted the questions. A few other, the same question. If you're the places I've submitted on Cora, I've submitted a few other places, not a method. Uh, now, what I did find in my research was a guideline paper published in tourney in 2005. Okay? By the Bush administration when they were worried about the avian flu, right, and it had guidelines for, you know, basically everything we're going through now. it's they, you know, they it outlines all this, and one of the things they set up for the legal system was eventually the legal system has to go again, right? You can't leave it shut down for expanded periods of time and especially suspension of jurisprudence is habeas corpus. You know, you gotta have You got to go in front of judge and get have reasons for charges. You have to go on, get reasons for for warrants. You have to, you know, do all this. So, uh, it recommended

spk_0:   8:21
or fortifies the court. Did you make it up to

spk_1:   8:23
you? It recommended. Well, a big part. Most of the subjects online deal with the Supreme Court during that time, and the Supreme Court has the ability just to shut down, right? You know, local courts don't have that ability, right? But they actually suggested in this and I got to read more of it because that's its overall. It's not just the courts, its overall. They actually suggested moving court proceedings to theaters, warehouses, things like that

spk_0:   8:57
open area where

spk_1:   8:58
you can keep everybody separate

spk_0:   9:00
right and still within eyeshot, but not as compact as 100 year old courthouse,

spk_1:   9:04
right? So I was discussing that with one my clients, because I said, Well, you know what that means. I said we're going to have to break out my p a system. Because if you've got you've got us a place that big, you can't you're not gonna make it through two weeks of yelling.

spk_0:   9:20
No radio, the judge. So some walkie talkies,

spk_1:   9:26
eso there might be a new set up. There's I may actually go from my current job to adding sound. Men do the whole thing.

spk_0:   9:37
Well, I I think I think you work are correct that this time next year you're going to be your start seeing that that uptick and pretty sure I'll have toe put my camera rig together, help me out. Doing some depositions on that one

spk_1:   9:52
could be a busy, busy time. Um and I think that's gonna happen whether I want it to or not. I mean, whether whether it's good or bad, I think it's going to cause people we're going to. We're going to get through this. It's going to pass, and a lot of people are going to try to Well, it's just like people on unemployment right now, they're You know, there's reports of people making $900 a week right now on unemployment with the $600 bump right, that's gonna run out eventually. And ah, you know, the states can't keep it up. Well, I don't know. I say that I've been reading on financial stuff for the last two days. During any amount of free time. I have to the point where my brain has threatened to exit through one year. So, uh, you it's reading on the fed and how they make money and how they print money and how they create money and how that can create inflation unless it doesn't create in inflation.

spk_0:   10:55
Oh, yeah. So you have to stay six feet away from other people and less. You don't have to.

spk_1:   11:01
Yeah. Okay. Yeah, it's it's one of those things. They're like, Well, right now. What is it? The, uh, gross domestic GDP product of the United States. Around $12 trillion. $2 trillion stimulus could be absorbed as long as we don't have 15% inflation. Right now we have. You know, if we get into deflation, that's a different thing. You know, I'm just read about it. You know, there is a There used to be a Dilbert TV show. Uh, didn't I think it's three seasons long? I've got it on DVD. I love that thing. There's an episode where, um, they've got this bus and on it or all these Nobel Price, we need scientists, okay? And one scientist as to the other, he says, You know, if any they were happy this bus would wipe out, uh, physics, medicine, the all the advances in physics, medicine of the sciences and physics medicine and something else that somebody says in economics. And the ultra economics is not a science. I'm really citing with that are cartoon, right?

spk_0:   12:20
Yeah. Yeah, it's more fluid. It's It's kind of what we feel at this point in time, depending on, you know, on. Well,

spk_1:   12:29
there's an Orson Scott card book where the characters figure out that they could go out into a different dimension and come back OK, and they could bring what they need back with them. They could makes it go out there, create what they need, because it's a bunch of randomized stuff, and basically they determined by the end of this one chapter that that they can make things happen by wishing them that they've achieved the ability to wish things into existence. Okay. All right. I think that's our new monetary policy.

spk_0:   13:02
Yeah, yeah. Yes, that's yeah. Just will it into existence. That's, uh, gold standard.

spk_1:   13:09
You so, um so, Yeah, I But it comes down to all that. I've got no idea what? I'll tell you what it has done to me, though. It's made me very questioning of all my beliefs through the presidential race. So far, not all of them, but all my economic beliefs. Right? When, uh, was it Yo, you go, Michael. The one that wanted to do the $1000 a month. Oh, that I don't. Okay, anyways, the 11 2000 order month. Uh, basic income.

spk_0:   13:50
Yeah, that that guy was flash in the pan.

spk_1:   13:54
Very intelligent guy, though. I've been reading up on him and, you know, he's the one, you know. Where's the math button and all that, But good for him. Um, you know, people. We can't afford it, you know, Bernie says pay off student loans, Medicare for all. We can't afford it. Apparently, we can Generally, we can just make stuff up. Yeah, you

spk_0:   14:18
just just do whatever you want want with with with with with money until the paper. It's written on this valueless and eggs cost $200 a dozen and wait, That's Venezuela,

spk_1:   14:29
etc. That's all the people behind all this air saying that's because the Fed can control it. The Fed can do it in ratios and things like this, and that's where it started to lose. Me was they said, Okay, this is okay unless this happens, but it's perfectly fine. As long as this happens, it's and its and they lost me. I just said, What you're basically telling me is, let's do it and hope for the best.

spk_0:   14:56
So let's tax all. Let's put a stress on all the small businesses where they they basically you have to have to fold during this locked down or the one that's coming.

spk_1:   15:09
What it does is it reinforces my libertarian leanings against taxation because if you can just conjure money up, why do you have to take mine,

spk_0:   15:19
right? Yeah, if you if you can just wish it into existence and wish your own damn money.

spk_1:   15:25
Why? Why are you taking my money that I earn if you could just kick the printing presses up, huh? So it has cemented my my feelings of taxation.

spk_0:   15:38
Well, it's a fantastic way to be able to, uh, you know, convince people that, you know, unconstitutional acts are necessary for the operation of state, local and federal government. And, uh, you know, it's ah, well, you know, one more little tiny little infringement on individual liberties constitutionally protected that. You know, eventually, people will just consider to be a new norm.

spk_1:   16:04
Well, it were from what I can understand. And if you arm or experience in economics and you can explain this to us, please get a hold of me at Jeff Ajay to cast dot com. I'd love to hear from you because what it currently sounds like to me is the equivalent of me taking my credit card going to the store. They run it and they say You just you just hit your limit and I say, No, I didn't. Well, it says you did. I see. But you need to trust me. It's me and they go. Oh, you're right. Your limit just got raised.

spk_0:   16:49
I think Jeff Foxworthy actually covered this. Did he? Will it? One of his, uh, in the nineties. I think it was one of Hiss. Used to have it on a on a tape. Ah, that, uh, said the guy for the bank showed up. He said he was here to repossess his Camaro. Rex? Yeah. And uses.

spk_1:   17:09
I thought you wanted money.

spk_0:   17:10
Yeah. Check. AEG AG gradient checking. I thought you needed money.

spk_1:   17:14
Yeah, well, that's what it is. I just The government just goes because that's really all the power money has right now is the United States Governments. Reputation

spk_0:   17:25
right? Which, by the way, was downgraded for the first time in history in the last presidential administration. Just site down.

spk_1:   17:31
So it's ah, you know, I've looked into that. I have I cannot tell you what to do in that. I can't even think of what you All I can tell you is this is my, uh, the silver I invested in years ago. I haven't bought any silver in a long time. Which is sad, because when I did buy it, I paid too much for according to current levels, I can tell you that ain't going anywhere, right? Um and, uh, I don't have much in gold. I stick with silver because it's smaller amounts and I don't want toe end up with in an issue where I'm trying to buy something. And the only thing I have is one or 2 $2000 gold piece is right. You know, I want to be able to bargain. I want to be able to go.

spk_0:   18:29
Yeah, yeah, it's easier for immune aeration. As far as that goes, I don't expect people to give you change.

spk_1:   18:36
Now, that's assuming it makes it to $2000. I don't think Gold's at 2000. Last I checked, it was just above 1600. Um, that would be news worthy of May 2000. But I'm just saying, if times got really bad and gold was valued over money, it's going to be the equivalent of $4500. You know, I'm just wanting, you know, passage. I don't have to give up a $2000 gold piece. I want to be Oh, here's a $200 silver piece. How about that? Yeah, uh, so, um, I don't about the rest of you, but it's gonna be a long And of course, there's no if, unless you're just destitute, there's no reason Gary, your gold or silver right now, it's pitifully low, especially considering where we are in the stock market and the economy as a whole. I was actually talking to my dad about this. Like it ought to be higher. It should be. So I got to look into it and basically people are liquidating their golden silver and because they want the cash, Huh? Which to me is the opposite of what you should be doing right now, Right? Because there's, um

spk_0:   19:47
because I mean that they have already wished money into into virtually everyone's bank accounts. So,

spk_1:   19:52
you know, But what are we gonna do with the money that's falling out of the sky right now? To some people, uh,

spk_0:   19:59
by large screen TVs, according to a Facebook shows me

spk_1:   20:04
you know what I hope they do. I hope the they do that because that is doing exactly what the government wants them to do. They're playing their This is stimulus. This is not anything. This if they would call it Food aid or, you know don't die money, right would be different. But they're not. They're calling it stimulus. They It's just it's they want that infusion into the economy as a whole. They want that money moving around,

spk_0:   20:37
you know, they want more money into the economy. They can have more realistic restrictions for businesses. We will open back.

spk_1:   20:42
Oh, um, but I, uh I was thinking about it cause they're now they're saying the second waves coming. I I don't know. Once again, along with the economy, economy stuff I've been looking into the medical staff. Been doing a lot of research on the hydro core. Quinn. Um, once again, you know, if if the economy made my brain want to crawl up my right ear Hi. Your core Quinn made me made it. Want to crawl out my left here? Uh uh. So because you're once again bombarded with both sides of the debate, one side tells you people got better. Other side said it killed people. Now, the ones who died usually had pre existing heart conditions and things like that and the heart basically the hydra cork, when there's they said, can mess up the electrical impulses heart, causing people to pass away. Due to that, the thing is it's usually, uh, it's usually combined with a Z pack not usually issued a lot of times combined Z back and Z packs could do the same thing. Z pass or not are not really good for bad hearts from what I'm reading, so they don't know what it was that or whether we're just that, uh, study in Brazil. They said the high dose group also was also had a higher number of people with very bad cold gorm go abilities. Right, Here's what I do know Nobody has for sure came out and said This is the silver bullet, huh? But I do know a lot of doctors have prescribed it for their own families. So they ran out there. Here's the issue I have with that. A friend of mine. He was very. Her office is very close to the studio here. Her husband has Lupus. He needs the hydro cork one for his Lupus. It's getting hard for him to fill his prescription because people were stocking up on it, thinking that's going to fight the cove. It uh So he is where you spiel by three months of the time they're limiting the one month of the time. Now they're certain to ration out the hydro cork one because it's going off the shelves quickly.

spk_0:   23:08
And my curiosity is who is where is the majority of hydrochloric one made?

spk_1:   23:15
I think a rings made in China now, uh, So, uh, if I would have a reason to hold back on stocking up on high decor Quinn for the second wave, it would be that in that we don't have definitive proof the right now, basically, from what I could understand. What hydro cork when does is it because it's It's an immuno suppressive? Is it certain stages? And this is where the cove, it gets dangerous. All right, we're back. Here were somewhat where the Kobe got dangerous and we had a system overload air come up on the computer because I was trying to open too many windows at the same time. So, so

spk_0:   24:07
sad. Ever seen that on an actual computer? Everything. I've seen it on the enterprise

spk_1:   24:11
haven't seen it on this particular one before, That's for sure. So anyways, they release the side tokens that are telling the body you're being invaded. Inflame and flame and flame to protect yourself and the cytokine Storm Rex. Things like your lungs and all that, because it's doing too much all at the same time. And ah, so it's very, very bad that way. All right, so it was That's really what it seems to do. So as long as you're, you know, not looking a cytokine storm, Just your normally sick doesn't sound like it really does much for you. And besides, I don't understand. This is where I'm not a doctor. I don't understand where you would want to degrade your immune system early on in the process, right? So But on the other hand, it also surprised me that Z packs were being used because this is a virus, not a bacteria. But then again, the Z packs were probably stopping any kind of secondary pneumonia.

spk_0:   25:13
My mom's like that. All I can speak to about CPAC's is my personal experience. And I got to say anything that is in you that's not supposed to be there. It will get out on that third day.

spk_1:   25:23
Posey packs. Yeah, they're great. I mean, I like, uh I hate to say it sound like I'm a junkie, but ah z packs and ah Cipro seemed to be the two for me that seemed to knock things out the quickest.

spk_0:   25:35
Yeah, Z back is a sure fire way. I mean, I don't remember eating roofing tour, but that is what came out of me.

spk_1:   25:42
I've never had never done that to me.

spk_0:   25:43
Oh, at third. That third day is something special,

spk_1:   25:46
huh? Well, that's unique. Okay,

spk_0:   25:49
maybe it maybe it's not unique. All

spk_1:   25:51
right, mate. Unique in my experience about that. Well, Jeffrey

spk_0:   25:56
t to cast a Gagne, Jesse g together. You know, that's ah

spk_1:   26:00
Whatta Yuh. Yeah. I can't say any. I can't say anything's done that. Besides, ah, uh, who

spk_0:   26:08
hot I have been issued harder Corcoran for, uh, on several occasions while it's on malaria. Yeah, anti malaria as an anti malaria drug. And after going through one round of it, um, I really couldn't tell the difference between its effect on me. And, uh what what symptoms of malaria would be?

spk_1:   26:33
Well, there was a whole mash episode about that where they get they don't have one they need. So they do want similar and, uh, cleaner as a reaction to it. That is very flu like Yeah, and all that Because, of course, Major, who hands using the gold bricking and all this stuff. So really, and they were talking about how people of what we would call African descent. They call them Negroes in the show because it's 1950 uh, have ah reaction to it that that other ethnicities are not prone to. So I don't even know that's nothing. I don't know if this is part of that same one or not. I have to watch that episode. But because there's high decor Quinn and then Chlor Queen if they were very similar drugs, or I said Prime a queen Prime inquisitors, Hydra, Hydra, Quarter Queen and Prime a Queen. Okay, I have to watch the episode again. That was

spk_0:   27:31
not ringing a bell. For some reason, I thought I'd seen

spk_1:   27:33
him all it got. There's only and it's faded out for a while. There, on Dish Network TV, there was about four stations that showed MASH, and they would show him in blocks, big old blocks. And if I was working at home, I just put on in the background, right? Or if I was sick, I'd been on the background because I don't like when I'm not feeling well and I fall asleep and I wake up and I'm kind of discombobulated as to what time it is, right? And if with mash on I know so many of the episodes, they just all make sense. When I wake up,

spk_0:   28:08
right, And about every every every 6 to 8 hours, they start, they'd start over again.

spk_1:   28:13
Yeah, So I, uh I always just It's it's a nice thing to wake up to, because I don't feel discombobulated. Um, So anyways, on preparing for that second wave, uh, now we went over the fact that I have just spent the last four days confusing myself on economic theory and medicine And, like, uh uh, you know, I'm getting the fact that I'm getting the feeling that economics and medicine to appoint no medicine. At least that's enough of a science. You've got some central things, you know

spk_0:   28:50
that there are consistencies of it to be able to based upon it.

spk_1:   28:54
But when it comes down to the new stuff like the cove, it and all that, and then it comes out, it seems to be any economics. Uh, I find it's kin to asking someone what religion they are. And they say, Well, I'm let's say I'm Christian. Uh, well, that doesn't narrow it down because you can go all the way from Baptist to Catholic to Mormon. Teoh, you know, on, you know, onto the little church just made stuff up down the street. So it's your version of Christian, your version of economics, your in your version of what works well but working in

spk_0:   29:34
right now. But you would, you would figure the economics would would offer enough, you know, hard data, in retrospect, for be able to make a predictable calculation at some point. But economics is not is not just reliant upon the hard data of dollars and cents. As as you know, this experience has told us that it's the zeitgeist. The court of public opinion manipulate economy so drastically

spk_1:   30:10
now do appoint. Now that's the economics. You're right now, macro economics. I work with some macro economists in trial. Sometimes now these guys use historical data and current data combined for averages to predict. If I take $100,000 and I invested in T bills, then I'm going to have this much money available to me on this date this much on this date this much on this date, and that's all based on historical predictions based on T bills and other investments through the U. S. Government, that air seem to be exceptionally, uh, stable. While not exceptionally profitable. The table were stable and predictable, and then they factor in. Now this is where the now. But even then, you get into, we'll watch your discount rate going to be what you gonna do discount the today's money or that money to equal today's money. So if you're gonna have $3 million then how much do you need today to go to three million? Will my discount rates 30.7 or my discount rate 2.3 year my discount reporting? And then you get into the inferences and you get Everybody has their own projections of what money today is going to be worth in 30 years,

spk_0:   31:43
right? And but that's if all things remain consistent

spk_1:   31:48
now they factor in a very bill. There's usually a fudge factor, and they'll tell you how much that is. They've you know, it's statistical likelihoods and things like that. Now I don't know what the current situation is doing to that. I

spk_0:   32:04
say that. That's Ah, less predictable. Variable.

spk_1:   32:06
Right now, we have a meeting coming up with one of those mix month, actually this month because this is May 1st. It's a minute this month, and I hope I have time to ask you about that. I don't know. Well, after waiting, So

spk_0:   32:18
I watched his is the 31st of April.

spk_1:   32:23
Will. My wife says it's her birthday, which means it's May 1st.

spk_0:   32:27
Okay, all right. Difference is I still wear an analog watch.

spk_1:   32:34
It's Ah, my I went in this morning that I've gotten into here lately. I've been getting up earlier than Tony and I go in and say, Hey, it's this time. Do you want to be up yet? And today she's like, I don't have to work today. You don't just know it. Did they take you off for your birthday? Yes. All right. Go back to sleep. Then I went and made breakfast for Carter and I. So, uh, which means large quantities of bacon were consumed. So any out for the second way? What we can do is weaken base off the current one. Okay, Um, what's going to go now. One thing that should not be hard to get in the second wave, but probably will be is gonna It's probably toilet paper. I don't know why people thought I know it was something based on some rumor that went around somewhere that somebody was buying it all up. So everybody, it just cascaded and people went out and went nuts.

spk_0:   33:35
I just like to say, in my normal purchasing patterns, I bought total paper in January. In the next couple of weeks, I might need to buy more.

spk_1:   33:44
We purchased toilet paper prior to all this. I don't know how prior, but prior to all that

spk_0:   33:52
ever remember the Sand Club trip

spk_1:   33:55
and we still have not went through what we bought. And it had to be January or February. Huh? Um, now, Tony did pick a pack up somewhere just because she's like, Well, it was back in stock. I decided to replace some that we used. Um, we still have the stuff we bought in January or February. Yeah, so there's that s so if you I noticed Ah, a lot of places air getting that back in stock. So it's probably time to go back to where we were in January. Alright. Ah, on that. And things

spk_0:   34:38
just remember, folks, keep your old paper shelf stable. Keep in the freezer.

spk_1:   34:43
Uh, paper towels were well stocked up on because I went out and pick some up and Tony went out the previous day and about the same amount, but I didn't know she did. Yeah, so we now are really stocked up. Um, one thing I'm looking for and I still don't see it back on the shelves is yeast, especially breadmaker east. Uh huh. I didn't realize that we're all those people making their own bread.

spk_0:   35:22
See, I say in this I've noticed a lot of people trying. You seem to be committing mawr to home cooking and on, you know, prepared in a side in the way I grew up. I love that as a concept, but I'm kind of curious on how many food poisoning instances have been making it through the hospitals across the country of people that have never cooked a meal from scratch.

spk_1:   35:47
OK with that. And you were talking about bread? No. Okay, Now,

spk_0:   35:51
people trying to make you know I'm I'm gonna cook from scratch. I want we're gonna We're gonna be self sufficient in this and just having such little concept of food preparation, you know, at the hygiene of food science. But behind it, I just want to know how many people have ended up, you know, in the emergency room with food poisoning or or going to see the doctor, uh, for food. Always. The doctor

spk_1:   36:17
would be harder to find out. But right now, according to a doctor who's deposition, I was part of yesterday. Okay? He said the one upside All this right now is the emergency rooms are dead. Yeah, there's Nobody wants to go to the emergency room. Right? So

spk_0:   36:37
which which I you know, I have to say, you know, if it's a full moon on a Saturday night and you've got nothing else to do I know I haven't done in a while, but it is entertaining to just grab a couple friends and go sit in the corner and emergency room waiting room and just see the results of hail. Watch this walking in.

spk_1:   36:57
I have not been to an emergency room since July 4th. That was the last time

spk_0:   37:02
when you try to blow your eyeball out of school.

spk_1:   37:04
Yeah. So, thankfully, I have not been back. Um, but yeah, so but there's that there's, of course, the corresponding flower. For a while there, the only flower I could find in town was the £25 bags that Sam's Club. And, uh, what I don't want to buy anyway. I'll see. I don't because I don't use it that much

spk_0:   37:26
weight. My household, we don't.

spk_1:   37:28
We, uh I personally aim so low carb that I don't do a lot of flour,

spk_0:   37:36
and I got a sister that likes to bake.

spk_1:   37:38
Um, I, uh I did make bread there for a while, is making it a lot for a while, because as soon as it come out, it would disappear. And then I found out a secret to making the bread last in my house is to put it in a big Ziploc bag, because apparently that makes you can't see it.

spk_0:   37:56
No, it just Well, if they can't smell it, then yeah. Yeah, that. Then you're gremlins can't come down from upstairs and

spk_1:   38:03
I made a loaf, put it in a ziplock bag, but on the shelf and ah, on the counter and Ah, about a week later, I looked at it and I was amazed because about a week later I looked and had not molded. And I hadn't used just the basic ingredients. Nothing. No preservatives, huh? Oh, still nobody's touched it. So I'm not gonna make more if nobody's eating this one. You know, I'm gonna just there. Yeah, in a couple days later. Ls she says why you made bread lately Because you haven't eaten what I made. Should we haven't made any. I said right there, Tony, since wise, you guys said there is a loaf in that bag right there. It's right by the breadbasket instead and all I'm more like what? We didn't know that was there. It wasn't under a towel. It wasn't behind a door. It was in a Ziploc bag on the counter. Nobody saw. So if you want to keep your bread longer, put it in a ziplock bag and leave it right out in the open.

spk_0:   39:12
Uh, for me, I got a beer bread recipe that I absolutely love. Super simple, super easy. And I have no idea how long it lasts. Um, you know, on the counter or anything, because, Well, I've never been able to experience any leftover seven.

spk_1:   39:32
I, uh, my next bread making experience will be here pretty quick because I'm going to work on making a loaf. Ah, using Ah, like I'm trying to keep it low carb, some working. I've gotten a couple, uh, recipes for bread using almond flour and psyllium husk. Oh, nice. Some making some of that, uh, because I just tryingto keep the blood sugar tea home. Keep all that going. Uh um, you try to I'm doing a, uh uh, three day run coming up here. Toe. Get me a Ah, man. DeLorean metal starting on the fourth Really out. So, uh, Frank Kevin got told me. Look at this medal, you could get us, so we got to do that.

spk_0:   40:22
So it's a three day run,

spk_1:   40:23
but you got to run eight miles in three days. You know somebody over each day?

spk_0:   40:26
08 miles over a three day period. Oh, yeah. Okay.

spk_1:   40:29
So why don't taken Nick with me, right? Talking last night.

spk_0:   40:33
But what do you think?

spk_1:   40:34
Oh, he loves it. We do this couple nights a week. He can't take Elvis because Elvis can't keep up

spk_0:   40:40
elders can't run his license three inches long.

spk_1:   40:43
Uh, yeah. We, uh,

spk_0:   40:45
under under £50 of skin

spk_1:   40:47
and those you aren't friends with me on Facebook. I I put it on there last night because I went and I ran. I did just over a mile with dealt with. Nick took him home, hooked up. Elvis went on a short little walk with Elvis and I I've got this Fitbit type thing on and by the color, I could tell that my heart rate ISS and I went to look at it and the Fitbit is gone out of the holder. It's no longer there. Okay, so I go home immediately, go back out and retrace all the way. Our ran with Nick all the way I walked with him was Well, I take it back about 80% of whatever in with Nick all the way. I walked with Elvis, Get back home, and I've got my phone out with a Bluetooth on trying to ping it right. Although I can't find the thing. So Tony goes well, let's go. I get home and it appears on my phone at home. So we go look and it's on my deck. I hadn't started my phone until I got out by the driveway, so I was already too far away. So it was all my I I did these almost the same thing twice. It was on my deck. So if you want to know how to increase your exercise routine, I'll be posting more tips on Facebook. Uh,

spk_0:   42:16
it involves a basset hound. And when to start paying your phone.

spk_1:   42:19
Yes, yes, but yeah. Oh, my gosh. It was Yeah. No, no. Nick loves we go out in the now. We finished up. We're about a block from home. He searched. Really Run it? Yeah. I mean, I'm like having to go whole, but focus. I'm not a runner, right? It's and I'm definitely not a sprinter anymore. Leo. What? He really wants to go home. And then we come around, come down to the corner, and I realized he's on anxious to go home. There's a cat, things, dogs trying to drag me after this

spk_0:   42:54
cat. So Hey, Dad, You wanted to run? Eric aided getting let's run.

spk_1:   43:01
He was in a hurry. So, uh, yeah, uh uh. It was a perfect night for it last night, too. so, uh, um, really ways. Ah, so there's that typing anything you've ran on out now, you probably won't be a head off right like that, but I'm trying to determine what's it gonna be next time? What's going to be the thing that freaks everybody out and they go for next time?

spk_0:   43:30
My money's on what they claim is a mutation of the cove in 19. No,

spk_1:   43:36
but what are they gonna run to the store to buy up? Because it made no sense to buy up all the toilet paper. No. So why what's gonna be that next item?

spk_0:   43:47
That the use of it, I hope not. Did not increase? No. So the I mean the purchase. May it may. It may have happened in a rush, but since the overall use hasn't happened, the as far as the laws of supply and demand go, it's gonna be a while for anybody need, you know, for a lot of people will buy it. I

spk_1:   44:06
hope there is. Because I really I really hope that the stores, when people bring back a cart full of toilet paper and say I want to return this, they say no. Yeah, you go home and enjoy.

spk_0:   44:19
From what I understand that that has become the policy amongst at least major retailers. That

spk_1:   44:29
should be, you know, in this case, stupid should hurt you.

spk_0:   44:32
Yeah. Yeah. So, uh, that 5000 rolls of toilet paper and 27 bottles of alcohol on and Yeah, that's, uh nope. Sorry. There's a

spk_1:   44:43
good one. Alcohol, alcohol, probably hydrant peroxide. Um, a lot of you out there listening. Probably already had stores of these, you know? But I find it you probably to replace anything you've used. Uh, well,

spk_0:   44:58
I have a teenage son that knows no fear. I go to peroxide quite often.

spk_1:   45:02
I have a teenage daughter who, uh, this uses everything. I don't know what she does with it, but she uses it all. Uh, I've got to keep from being that dad were blocking the bathroom, and the alcohol is sitting open. Uh, no, it'll evaporate. And so I didn't have to have a physics lesson with my daughter of why you dont leave these things open to the year.

spk_0:   45:25
So I'm not dead. So I'm also that husband.

spk_1:   45:30
I just get tired of it. Actually got all right. All right. Here we go again? Uh, well, especially hydrogen peroxide, because I had to really sit her down and explained to her about the you know, H 20 is now H 202 If you leave it open, you lose some of the Oh, and you just have a non sterile water. So let's not do that. Um, so yeah, it's It's so much. And, well, you don't have a teenage girl your house now. So, no, you're you don't have ah, quite the usage of toilet paper than than people with one arm or teenage girls. Have

spk_0:   46:16
I sort of thankful about that one? Yeah. Ah,

spk_1:   46:21
boy, that use a lot of it. Um, like that, uh, what else? Sold? Oh, ammo. M o. R. Being resupplied yet, Nam. Oh, I wanted academy today, and there was almost none left on

spk_0:   46:36
the last time I was in tractor supply. Didn't seem like they re supplied again.

spk_1:   46:41
Now, some of the smaller local stores are getting in shipments. They were actually going on Facebook. Oh, razor's edge and the firing. Uh,

spk_0:   46:53
Joplin center, Fire

spk_1:   46:54
center fire. Uh, they both would publish. We've got so much. 2 to 3 in. We got so many nine millimeter. We have somebody that's got somebody. That so? Um

spk_0:   47:05
no, The former nice for days And after, uh, rearranging my berm out there? Uh, yeah. My boys been begging me for some range time out there. Well, there's that I had to explain to him about the boating accident, and we can't go out.

spk_1:   47:20
You know, that has to hurt. That has to hurt. Um, so basically, like, said, that's the hard part right now is trying to think of what the masses are going to deem absolutely necessary if it's going to go the same route it did or are we going to bet on? You know, the Air Force released video of an alien

spk_0:   47:44
that was the Navy

spk_1:   47:46
baby. Um, you weigh the government released video, so it may be tinfoil. Yeah, well, that makes sense, though.

spk_0:   47:56
Well, I mean, you have to keep him from reading a brain weighs

spk_1:   47:59
Well, that's why I say I shouldn't say it makes sense, but it's predictable. So maybe if they've seen signs, if they've seen well or will that be water? Or if they've seen Starship Troopers, they may invest in bug spray, but not the

spk_0:   48:16
only expert or Mars attacks. They may invest in Tiny Tim album

spk_1:   48:23
soon. So you know, that's gonna be the hard part. That's gonna be the hard part of figuring out. And there's everybody online. Every every prepper group online is telling you exactly what you need or what they think you need.

spk_0:   48:37
You are the only one that knows what it is you need. And this this, you know, this free trial run off of communism has has helped, uh, you know, kind of clarify that for for some. Well, it

spk_1:   48:50
is. It's This is a great time to reevaluate. What did I have? What do I want to? I need to be better on, uh, as I discuss in the past myself. It was, um uh oh. Just knowing how to spend time at home without stuffing everything available into my face.

spk_0:   49:17
Right? That's the one thing I've learned is you know, you know, things. I've learned this. I own a business that is extremely vulnerable to social distancing protocols.

spk_1:   49:29
Yeah. Yeah, Which? You know, Um you know, do Teoh, you know, circumstances that we know this well, this whole Since 19. Since 2019 on just been a sequence of circumstances we didn't see coming

spk_0:   49:49
from 2019 to now. It's been the atomic wedgie from hell,

spk_1:   49:53
but, uh, you know, when we decided to go that route just over a year, you know, last February, Uh, this was never a consideration. No slow business was a consideration.

spk_0:   50:12
Slow business was a consideration, you know, um, large

spk_1:   50:17
amounts of business, their consideration. What we're going to do if we, you know, have people waiting in line,

spk_0:   50:21
right? Uh, ways to grow it, waste it waste. It was slower times ways to deal with. You know, any bad press, so to speak from, you know, any previous management techniques. And no, I was I we worked on, you know, a great many potential eventualities and this,

spk_1:   50:45
but never never forced closure for an extended period of time.

spk_0:   50:48
Yes. Never having to shut my doors because, uh, you know, state and local government says folks can't be bored in 60. I mean, less than six feet together, which, uh, takes a family entertainment center,

spk_1:   51:03
which, well, it's knees looking back on it now. I really wish we had I had the idea to do kind of a post apocalyptic theme to it. Uh, end, uh, invested in, Oh, the, uh what used to be able to get pretty cheaply and easily Those three m masks with the big filters on him. Oh, yeah, because then we could, you know, you go the city, you go to the city council ago. I'm Look, you're not gonna be getting better than yeah. Yeah, of course you can't find those now, uh, everybody's buying them up during my shop. Well, but not 35 of them are. They know the days of buying 35 of them cheaply are are for now. And by the way, if I have one more commercial, come on. My TV is in these changing times. Oh, my gosh. Or now that the world No, stop. Just stop it. You're reinforcement

spk_0:   52:06
radio. It was on the TV and Yeah, well, I think I still got a bunch of the old, uh, one of the M 55 canister filters for the old army gas banks. At the end, I think I got a, uh, It wasn't a prep. It was something somebody had had acquired. Didn't know what to do with them. So they gave it to me. I think I think I still got, like, a case of those still sealed up in my basement. I've

spk_1:   52:32
never used one of those, but don't you actually have to have some training on those? Just you don't do like the movie and just throw those on. They work.

spk_0:   52:40
Um, if you have a beard, you can't have a beard unless you slather that sucker full of gasoline to be able to get a good seal. And you've

spk_1:   52:50
got to get the good seal when you got to test the seal.

spk_0:   52:52
Yeah, actually, the instead of a particular mask. Honestly, the best thing would be a pre filtered positive pressure hood would be the best thing you could possibly have on that, but that takes an air tank. Doesn't. Uh, no. No. Uh, well, an air tank would definitely be nice, but it limits your your mobility on that. But as long as we were able to get ah, you know, uh, starting off with liken in 95 type, particularly filtration. And then, you know, it has a sanitation sanitation stage, usually through Ah, um uh, t ionics or UV filter. And then, you know that just gets blown up.

spk_1:   53:40
Doesn't blower the order with a filtration system. Right. Are you okay? All right, um,

spk_0:   53:46
so in a bag over your head,

spk_1:   53:51
but back to the what? You could go out and get though I was just, you know, you are going to be the best laid out for this. And I have had some people contact me with some different ideas, uh, of what they need, and I help him out on a per person basis. Like I had somebody get hold of me about a solar back up the other day that they wanted to run a, uh, uh, deep freeze off of. And I had to tell him I'm sorry, but that's no no good fit.

spk_0:   54:21
Not not in off the ship. Not nothing off the shelf system now.

spk_1:   54:25
Um, not for the money they want for an off the shelf sister. No. I mean, this one was $1000. It was only a 60 volt. Our battery, which is just a standard car battery. Empire 60. Know this Ah, 60 amp hour set 150 fold our right. Uh, so, you know, that's just, you know, that's just basically a car battery Yeah, and ah, not even a deep cycle one at that. So, um and the problem is, he's wonder in a deep freeze, which is 500. What? Deep freeze. Convert that over to the amps. Figure out this part time you're still talking about What if it really runs? Ah, 1/4 of the time or 1/3 of the time overnight. You're still doing nothing that appalling day except replacing the charge you used overnight?

spk_0:   55:16
Yes. And And if we have had an overcast days where you know, spring has a tendency to throw those at us Ah, yeah, you're on thin ice.

spk_1:   55:28
And so, Ah, you know, if you are were about, I predict One thing we've seen through this, though, is we haven't had a utility issue, at least not around here. Not not really witnessed. When the lights are still working, water still flowing, toilets are still flush in unless you have a personal issue. I didn't see a house on the way here today. They were digging up the front yard. It looks like they're probably replacing that from the line from the meter to the house. But that's not a utility overall, General unrelated at your home. Your home thing? Uh, so there's that. Ah, I would say, if you're really concerned with the second wave, your best choices or to find out, What did I use the first time? What could I have used the first time and start looking for those about July in the wool?

spk_0:   56:22
Right? Do it during the low wall, more people are buying beer and ice and put and floaties. Well,

spk_1:   56:29
right now, a lot of this stuff still isn't on the shelf. I worked were getting toilet paper back, but things in the alcohol lately and this is just around here. I can't speak for everywhere right around here. Alcohol Still hard to find

spk_0:   56:42
isopropyl. It's still pretty rare.

spk_1:   56:43
Uh, you know, uh, hydrogen peroxide is not exactly what it used to be. Uh, least the Walmarts. I've been to, um, that type of thing, wait for those to get restock,

spk_0:   56:57
and you are correct about the east. I have not seen squad for East

spk_1:   57:02
Yeast is used is right next to him's teeth. Right now. I'm so so, uh, especially breadmaker years.

spk_0:   57:10
Yes. So, uh, Google yourself a, um, and almost friendship bread. Uh, red starter recipe.

spk_1:   57:18
Well, I have a ton of yeast. Thankfully, I've stocked up on that in the past. It was a prep of mine, and thankfully, of about half of it was quick. Quick, least yes. So that I've been able to use in the breadmaker uh, it normal yeast would I could get a rise out of the normal yeast, but the quick east works better. Breadmaker.

spk_0:   57:43
Well, you can always just set it aside to bloom and then just added in with the volume of your liquids.

spk_1:   57:53
So you can, uh now, that is when I was a friend of mine, he says I could never get mine. Toe activate right heels. I never get the right activation. Aces? What do you doing differently? United on ice. I I did it on total What I did, I did, because I ran out of counter space and it worked. Amazing. And I had used the oven. I had the Evan off for a while, but it ran out of counter space. So I took the bull with the east and tucked it in the oven for about five minutes just to be out of the way, so that would Bloom. Yeah, and it was warmer in there. It was all that and it took off, right? Offended. So that's what I do now is like, I kicked the oven on to about 100 and 50 degrees and then kick it off, And then I put it in there, and it just takes

spk_0:   58:45
off growing up with, uh, using wood stove in the house. Uh, you know, we always just kept a bread starter in a crock behind the stove. And so my family named it Herman. I actually think that that was like a traditional name for this type of bread starter.

spk_1:   59:04
We had ah, starter a friendship bread starter for years. Mom would make it now and then. And then she'd take some and give it somebody. And probably two years. It was a kind of a fad that went through our or area, right? You know, uh, remember that, You know, having that out

spk_0:   59:22
reason. It's called Friendship Red Starter. Is it? It? It multiplies. And where you're like, I could make bread every day and still not use all this starter. So I'm gonna put some of the pint jar and handed somebody else. That's kind

spk_1:   59:36
of what happened going around and around and around. Um, so take this time to prepare for that. Take this time to go out there and replenish that stuff. Um, you know, hopefully the second wave doesn't happen. I've been reading up on the Spanish flu. There was a second wave of Spanish flu. I think that's what they're basing. A lot of this on in the second wave hurt more people in the first wave in that situation. Now, it's a very interesting thing to read up on if you have time, because especially if you get online, you start reading the history. You see the different approaches. ST. Louis had a lock down approach Philadelphia through a parade for veterans. All right. One town had a lot more issues than the other. So uh uh, that was interesting. That was Ah, but you know, there's I think what it is is there's a There's a As in most things I find in life, there's a middle. Uh, there's a middle there. There's a way to not kill businesses. There's a way to do all that, but yet not turn into New York,

spk_0:   1:0:49
right? So I don't say that the general social distancing guidelines, you know, the the still trying to figure out exactly how irreparable the damage has been on that, um, you that notwithstanding, I can say otherwise. Social distancing has not been an issue for me.

spk_1:   1:1:10
Once again, not a doctor. I am not a doctor in any way shape, form. This is just my looking at this, looking at the different data that I've seen come in the primary attribute seems to be density, right? And I would reason. I say that is not only comparing New York to Joplin because there's really no comparison there. That's that's totally different. But New York to L. A. Okay, you look at the number of people that live in L. A. And you include all the towns around L. A that are basically one huge metropolis es people like, Well, this l A. Having better luck because of all this. Well, there's a difference between L. A and New York in New York. You're expected because of the price of owning a car

spk_0:   1:2:13
for to use public transit,

spk_1:   1:2:14
public transit, you're goingto do a lot more walking you're going to do. It's a lot more confined and your spend a lot more time elbow to elbow with people you've never taking the time to say hello to your right. And as I said before we started, you're you've got you Look at one subway car in New York at rush hour and the number of people that are in there and these air disgusting areas when there's not a pandemic going on, least the ones I've been

spk_0:   1:2:48
I can Yes, I can. I'm backing on this when I have been there. Done that? Uh

spk_1:   1:2:53
uh. You compare that to L. A. Where everyone still is pretty much expected to have their own transportation.

spk_0:   1:3:03
Everyone. Pretty much. There is a lot less for public transportation in l. A. But people do have Tennessee spend more time outdoors.

spk_1:   1:3:14
More outside, more other. Now you you bring that on two. When did New York get hit? What got hit in February and March? Compare how many people are outdoors in New York in February March to compare to the number of people there outdoors in L. A. During February and March. Big difference. Huge difference. You're talking. Spread out l A lot of people not is dense, though, right? you're just I mean, even if you got a lot of people, you got people spending time in their own vehicles or outside compared to cabs, buses so always and then getting to places, you know, Uh l A you know, especially I'm timing along the tech side, very spread out into industrial areas that are separated out with big parking lots between them. Things like that. You're not talking multiple companies in high rise buildings with recycling, the air recycling, sitting in in in crowded, Uh uh, elevators. And that's another thing is just the way New Yorkers do things differently. Uh,

spk_0:   1:4:30
the l l e ery you don't utilise us. Ah, a lot of buildings to close for the ground. Do do maybe an earthquake prone area. And they have the benefit geographically of, uh, Mork contiguous landmass were able to build on, unlike the state of New York.

spk_1:   1:4:47
Well, you win when Hollywood started its we have Hollywood in in California for a couple of reasons. First of all, sunny. A lot good weather for natural lighting in films. A lot of outdoor. You could you could do an outdoor set and use it, and it was cheap to film Western that is cheap to film. It was cheap to have get land at that time. Not now, not now. At that time, they could buy up large to a large pieces of land. Relatively cheap. Comparatively. You weren't going to find that in places like l, like New York, Chicago. A place like that. So it was every I think this is all helping that area. And it goes for my argument that especially for those of us who live in a place like like Joplin or can you pick whatever tell you want in Oklahoma, Montana, Ohio. Anything else? You just don't have that on me. Here in Joplin, we talk about this. Poor went on. I have seen people. Elevator will fit eight. You got four people on there. It's not uncommon for that fifth person to go all wait. Whereas in the bigger cities, you know, it's a common joke in the movies. They'll pack those things full, you know, And we don't do that here. I don't I don't like my level. Yeah, and most of us do in the Midwest. We, uh we like, you know. Ah, I think I mentioned last week about the joke. That about the Minnesotans when they heard that six feet apart was recommended. They said, Well, that's awful close.

spk_0:   1:6:28
Yeah, I I'm not comfortable having a conversation with somebody. Unless we could both reach your arms out our fingertips not touch

spk_1:   1:6:36
so well known that we're that way right here in the studio.

spk_0:   1:6:39
Yeah. I mean, this is our bubbles,

spk_1:   1:6:42
so I think it's a large

spk_0:   1:6:45
way even like each other. For the most part, I

spk_1:   1:6:47
think that, you know, that's the rial clincher. I mean, where did it start in? If we're the big hotbed? China was a town of 16 million. It's not a town, OK? City, metropolis, a megalopolis. Personal. Hell, yeah. 16 million. So whether it started naturally or was released or whatever else that was the perfect environment for takeoff quickly. Oh, yeah. So, uh, I do find it interesting that it never I'd never hear numbers from Shanghai. Bangkok, You these and

spk_0:   1:7:26
you don't hear anything at a at a Hong Kong since, you know, they were trying trying toe right for, you know, individual liberties and then owns that global virus comes out of china. So today that's a different ever since I would

spk_1:   1:7:38
be really point blank. I had I could not Before this happened, I could not have found Wuhan on a map without help. Right? And just this is alerted me to how many huge cities China has.

spk_0:   1:7:53
Uh, so they got a lot of land mass

spk_1:   1:7:57
so that you know, when you're talking about that many cities with that kind of density, I have wondered why we're hearing more course. We can't even find out whether or not the Kim Jong Eun is alive.

spk_0:   1:8:08
Its state controlled media

spk_1:   1:8:11
once again that we can't even find out whether or not the head guy in north care North Korea's live.

spk_0:   1:8:16
Hey, we mentioned his name and they want to stop YouTube for that. So should we just call in the Korean vegetable?

spk_1:   1:8:24
Oh, well, I I don't I It's like I really don't care. I guess I do care. But it's more of a It's like a movie I haven't seen. I just want to know what the Indians just hurry up in. Let NATO Is he up? Is he down? Is he sideways? What is he?

spk_0:   1:8:39
Well, it's I got to say just because I'm naturally, a little suspicious. I smell a coup over there.

spk_1:   1:8:48
Well, I like how the first thing that came out, they said, well, he had to have a heart procedure done. And the guy who did it had shaky hands. I love it that I just love That was that was that That's how they turned it. It wasn't that he was inadequate. It wasn't the using. His hands were shaking, his

spk_0:   1:9:06
hands were shaking. Well, you know, for the guy that you know publicly assassinates his own uncle in the middle of an airport with a couple of young female hired assassins. Um, my hand to be a little shaky to on little you know what, what if I screw this up? But, you know, I wouldn't put it past him where, you know, if Kim Jong un himself was was a little incoherent at this point in time and they said, OK, now the a number one surgeon that we had slated for, this isn't able to make it. So we're going to get this guy that has just recently been diagnosed with palsy.

spk_1:   1:9:41
I know I if they I think if you were a heart surgeon, they came to you over there and said, We need you to work on him. You'd be all of a sudden. You saying No, I I'm podiatrist. Yes. Yes. I'll take care of his toes touching feet. So, uh, who knows, But well, I know today was full of a lot of what ifs and maybes and things like that, but honestly, that's the best we can do. Anybody out there, Tony, they have the absolute answers. They're making it up.

spk_0:   1:10:10
If they have the absolute answers, they're gonna be suicide soon. If they actually, if they actually have the answers, then yeah,

spk_1:   1:10:17
we have suggestions and thoughts and opinions on it, but no shortage of opinions, No absolute answers. And we appreciate your tuning in to listen to him. I'm gonna stay tuned and even those the podcast, you download it. You don't touch a tuner at all.

spk_0:   1:10:29
Hey, I still roll down the windows in my truck, so thank you for tuning in.

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In the meantime, everything for us Jeff Green to gas dot com or jesse j dash dot com has always find us

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