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42.3: Deconstructing "Carry On" - From Dean's Funeral to the Bridge Reunion

April 04, 2021 The Fangirl Business Season 1 Episode 42
The Fangirl Business: A Supernatural Podcast
42.3: Deconstructing "Carry On" - From Dean's Funeral to the Bridge Reunion
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*CONTENT WARNING: This episode discusses and analyzes "Carry On," starting at Dean's funeral and ending at the bridge reunion. We are including chapter markers in this episode so that you can skip moments that may be too difficult. There are no audio clips in this episode, as we feel that they could be triggering. Please take care of yourselves, friends.*

In this episode, Chrisha and Catherine begin their discussion with Dean's funeral, and proceed through to the brothers' reunion at the bridge.  Along the way, they discuss everything from the way Sam's life montage invokes S14's "Nightmare Logic" to Dean drinking El Sol beer in heaven as they continue to investigate the many allusions to something being "wrong" with the events of the finale. Their conclusion? Given all that they have uncovered, canon for them ends in E19.

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intro and disclaimer
Dean's funeral
Sam's mental health, Eileen, and found family erasure
divergence from the season's themes
Sam, pizza, dogs, and "Dark Side of the Moon"
the Austin phone call
Sam's journey towards love, leadership, and witchiness cut short
Chuck's unjust framework
the dropped thread of The Empty
that file on Dean's desk
Sam's departure from the bunker
the telescope and alternate universes
Chuck's lack of understanding of relationships and community
Dean's arrival in heaven
Dean, Bobby, and heaven's jail
the El Sol beer
Bobby's exposition and John's presence in heaven
the weight of what Dean "deserves"
"Cas helped" and Dean's silence
paradise on earth?
"he'll be along"
the emptiness of the driving sequence
Sam's life montage
Sam's house and "Nightmare Logic"
the "family photo" from "Lebanon"
Sam's family
family legacy, alcoholism, and isolation
Dean Jr's anti-possession tattoo and its implications
Sam's death scene and Dean Jr's stoicism
the bridge reunion scene
the surface narrative vs the visual and musical cues
the exit montage from "Inherit the Earth"
the intermission curtain from "Fan Fiction" and an end to canon
final thoughts