Training for the Olympics, Training for Life // Kelsie Holahan
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Training for the Olympics, Training for Life // Kelsie Holahan
Jan 19, 2023
Vera Schmitz & Kelsie Halahan

“God’s Word is this lamp, it’s a light. It makes a way in the darkness. It shows you the path where you should be going.” — Vera Schmitz

This month’s memory verse: “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” — Psalm 119:105

Today’s podcast: As we celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Dwell Differently, Vera Schmitz, co-founder of Dwell, talks with her good friend Kelsie Holahan about how Dwell came to be. Listen in as they share about their days of training together for the Olympic trials as pole vaulters, why Vera started writing Bible verses on her arm, and how the mental fortitude they developed in training has helped them replace lies with truth in their everyday lives.

Today's Dwell guest: Kelsie Holahan is a 2016 Rio Olympian, nurse, wife, mom, and good friend of Vera's. We're so glad to have her on the show today!

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