Do You Believe You Have To Earn God's Love? // Vera & Natalie
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Do You Believe You Have To Earn God's Love? // Vera & Natalie
Feb 15, 2023
Natalie Abbott & Vera Schmitz

“Sometimes I think we think this promise is something that we earn, or that we get when we're good enough, or when we’re doing all the right things. But the beauty of this promise is the context of the promise: when we fail, when we are faithless, God is still faithful. God still loves us. He draws us with unfailing kindness—the kind of kindness that doesn’t fail. That’s who our God is.” — Natalie Abbott

This month’s memory verse: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” — Jeremiah 31:3b

Today’s podcast: We’re so glad you’re joining Natalie Abbott and Vera Schmitz, sisters and co-founders of Dwell Differently, as they talk about Jeremiah 31:3b today. Listen in to hear their ideal podcast walk out song, what happens when we look to people for the love that only God can give, and the truly good news about how God’s love is different—and far better—than the love we experience anywhere else. What would your life look like today if you really believed that God’s love is everlasting and his kindness is unfailing? God loves you even in the midst of your mess, and we pray that your understanding of his love for you would grow as we memorize the Bible together!

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