Dwell #49: Your Voice Matters - Jamie Ivey
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Dwell Differently
Dwell #49: Your Voice Matters - Jamie Ivey
Sep 10, 2020 Episode 49
Jamie Ivey

You are the light of the world. A town on a hill cannot be hidden (Matt 5:14)

Your voice matters. Your light matters. Whether you're home with little kids, running a major corporation, or anywhere in between, you have exactly what you need to shine your light to those around you.  In our conversation with Jamie today, we put to rest the idea that hustle is what matters most, and we embrace the truth that God has given us each a specific calling and ability to use our light for Him.

More About Jamie:
Her latest book - You Be You
Podcasts she hosts - The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey & On The Other Side
Instagram - @jamieivey 

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