Dwell #100: Why It Matters - Vera & Natalie
Dwell Differently
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Dwell Differently
Dwell #100: Why It Matters - Vera & Natalie
Sep 06, 2021 Episode 100
Natalie Abbott & Vera Schmitz

It's a new month.  Are you ready to dive into Deuteronomy 11:18a with us!? Let's get God's words into our hearts and minds.

Here's what we're talking about today!
-Why scripture memorization is important
-How the words we've memorized come back to us and impact our lives
-Some of the surprises we've encountered along the way as Dwell has grown
-The verses that Vera & Natalie find themselves coming back to over and over again
-Our goal for Dwell members to memorize 1 million verses! Check out our verse counter (scroll almost to the bottom of the page to see it!)

F i x // t h e s e // w o r d s
o f // m i n e // i n // y o u r
h e a r t s // a n d // m i n d s

D e u t e r o n o m y // 11 : 18a

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