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TTP #46 - It's Showtime, Synergy!
May 11, 2017 Patsy the Angry Nerd & Agent Nicole
This week the Throwdown Thursday Gang is joined by the totally awesome and truly truly truly outrageous Little Miss Pink Hair, Samantha Newark!!! Listen now as we discuss the how-to's of voice acting, dodging bullets, her new album "Hologram", and of course - Jem! Patsy embarrasses the hell out of Ashes, talks about his Saturday morning cartoon crushes, and Ashes tries not to fangirl vomit all over her cartoon idol. All of this plus Patsy's Science Fact, a new von Nitemare Vineyards recommendation, we check what's in Agent Nicole's Files, and we throwdown a brand-new girl power themed battle! Give it a listen and send some love♡♡♡
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