Privacy Please

Ep. 26 - Regine Bonneau - CEO, Founder, and Third Party Cyber Risk Consultant

July 15, 2020 Cameron Ivey Season 2 Episode 26
Privacy Please
Ep. 26 - Regine Bonneau - CEO, Founder, and Third Party Cyber Risk Consultant
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This week's episode of Privacy Please we welcome on the very funny and hardworking CEO, founder and mother, Regine Bonneau. We learn about her story, what privacy means to her company, growth plans, struggles, words of wisdom on being a woman in tech, and why giving up coffee is easier than a mystery item. Thank you for coming on the show Regine, this was a very fun episode and should give you some laughs but also hope, and inspiration around tech, Cyber risk, and all things privacy. 


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Cameron Ivey: All right ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to privacy, please. I am your host Cameron IV and with me as always is gave gums and today we have a very special guest. As always, her name is Regina bonneau

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Cameron Ivey: She is going to introduce herself with that big smile and just tell us a little bit about who you are, where you came from and how you got to being the founder of the company that you are

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Regine Bonneau: Awesome, thank you guys for having me. I really appreciate it. Well, again, my name is Eugene, but know originally I was born in Haiti and actually we came here and when I was 10

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Regine Bonneau: That's my adventure here. I don't know much about Haiti, except for some beautiful place. I've been there twice, and the first couple years but you know we have a rich history. Right. So with that, that brings a lot of

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Regine Bonneau: You know, a formal background upbringing. So sometime I said bass. Okay. That's what a tenacity and all the joy comes from. But grew up in New York and eventually made it to Florida, because the colon I are best friends.

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Regine Bonneau: From there, that's you know that's high end up here, really, we don't wallow in history and started dabbling in technology. When I was 12 I was in school.

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Regine Bonneau: There was a class for programming and of course that was an elective so I took it because it look fun to me. So I'm dating myself back to floppy disk and the Green Turtle

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Regine Bonneau: And you know, I enjoyed. I enjoyed that very well. And the next year I got into robotics and from then on.

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Regine Bonneau: You know, a lot of students took that class because the teacher, the teacher was so cool. It was a Mr. Robinson is like, you know, the motorcycle with the long hair and

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Regine Bonneau: Food, send me like, oh, I want to be in that class, but that's a cool teacher but it came with works. So that gave me an opportunity to join as well so fun day. And that's

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Regine Bonneau: You know, that's my journey guy into robotics and the following year. And then once that ended. I had my opportunity at home so

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Cameron Ivey: Awesome. Apparently so.

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Regine Bonneau: Then that's my journey getting into the technology space some, you know,

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Regine Bonneau: ventured into, you know, security engineering is a part of my background and and security was a curiosity, right, and became part of it.

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Regine Bonneau: Chosen was back into $2,000 out. That's what we're fighting. But then, you know, governance risk compliance for me was to have these two come together and

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Regine Bonneau: Why are we, combating so much, right. So how do we bridge that gap in between and got into it and I'm here today. So I'm starting the company was really based on

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Regine Bonneau: You know, what can we do different. What is the, what are some of the issues that we can. I can see from my experience and what is actually happening within the industry itself where we can make a change, right, and cyber, cyber risk management is where I found that.

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Regine Bonneau: You know we we say we do it, but do we actually do it, or is done on the silo perspective and not taking into consideration the whole organization as a whole and from then on.

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Regine Bonneau: You know opportunities, my great ideas. You know, I was, I had great ideas. So I took it. I took a chance on myself. That's what I said. Right. I gave myself the opportunity and

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Regine Bonneau: That's why I'm here today, a funny story. I said, I have two first names right it's lewd raising if you come unglued is the government and be seen as more you know me so

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Regine Bonneau: I told her, like, Well, I got one morning and lewd interviewed receiving everything got the job.

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Regine Bonneau: Today, so we're here today.

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Regine Bonneau: And quite feel, you know, innovation is key within a company and organization. And when you have bright minds that are able to you know that hone their skills and that's what they want to do and provide that platform is key.

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Regine Bonneau: And at the time, you know. Now, a lot of company sees that, right, because we're building a culture around the company a lot of new millennial the color some hybrid myself. So, you know,

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Regine Bonneau: How do we do that. But in the beginning, you know, for me, was to build that platform as well to give opportunities to others. And, you know, being a minority in the industry helps a lot as well so

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Regine Bonneau: How can we do that and innovate internally while helping externally as well and providing a platform. So that's my journey for so far. It's still going on and it's making it fun.

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Cameron Ivey: Yeah, I mean, I'm sure you've seen a lot of changes over the years and you started this what back it's RB advisory correct. Yes, yes.

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Cameron Ivey: That is

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Cameron Ivey: 2015 2016 officially YEAH, THAT'S AWESOME HOW, HOW ARE YOU GUYS DOING. HOW ARE THINGS coming along. Are you growing

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Regine Bonneau: We're growing as

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Regine Bonneau: We're going from last year to this year I was actually looking at my wow you know you start some things your baby. So I'm OCD. If anyone, doesn't tell you that

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Regine Bonneau: We're relinquishing you know some of the things in activities. It takes a lot right

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Regine Bonneau: So what in order to to grow. And also, you know, as I mentioned that platform needs to sustain itself and provide those opportunities, you know, we're starting that growth path before covered 19. It's a lot a lot of things to happen. Still going with the with the initiative and the strategy.

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Regine Bonneau: Minor setbacks. Right. But however we continue on and you know things are picking back up so

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Cameron Ivey: It's the only way we get better. And when you have to go through bumps. Everything was always smooth it wouldn't be i don't think life would be as it is fun. I think in challenging for sure.

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Regine Bonneau: This move for me is like nothing wrong.

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Cameron Ivey: So obviously this is privacy, please. And we love talking about data privacy when when you hear the term data privacy. What does that mean to you and your organization.

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Regine Bonneau: You know, as I was going through some stuff. And I said that you guys actually had the perfect definition, they're going to hear me repeated. But what a look twist. Right.

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Regine Bonneau: Okay. Oh, and that's what it means to us as well internally and providing that service and making and building that culture within the organization that we serve as well.

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Regine Bonneau: So I said that you know this is continuously discovering class data classification is key. If you don't know how can you really know what you're protecting

00:06:47.250 --> 00:06:53.130
Regine Bonneau: And sometimes you have to be consumed reclassifying it as well, right, because it changes form its usage.

00:06:53.460 --> 00:07:03.240
Regine Bonneau: Understanding it and how important is to your company and putting the lesser controls around it. And, you know, so you can manage that data flow and at the, you know,

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Regine Bonneau: Throughout all this is protecting it depends on how where it is right, as well as during transit and, you know, while you're using while we use it. So we treat it.

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Regine Bonneau: You know, as we treat all data as sensitive data because at some point, you don't know who's going to use it. And what's the full to users for it.

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Regine Bonneau: At the end, and make sure that that's protected so we do it correctly the first time because men trusted with that and that's that's key and the industry we end. It's all about trust factor. So how best can we

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Regine Bonneau: exemplify that by doing it ourselves. And then, you know, talking through it. It actually comes out and people didn't follow through.

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Gabe Gumbs: Through machine. Yeah, thanks. Thanks for coming on the show. First of all,

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Gabe Gumbs: Thanks to have you.

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Gabe Gumbs: As you and your team out in the field. What, what do you see in terms of trends in in the in the problem space.

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Regine Bonneau: With data when you're looking at that it particularly is is it's all over the place. You know, we talked about that. It's everyone is using it.

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Regine Bonneau: There's no real control or management around data as as much as you know so yeah we control we manage it. But, you know, so where's that information. Oh, I don't know, then you have like access like five or 10 people have access to it.

00:08:26.880 --> 00:08:45.240
Regine Bonneau: And you know some things we've seen is that, you know, we'll have people who don't even need access to the data has access to the data. So what does that come. What does that say, you know, it's not the company. But when you sit back and think the

00:08:46.710 --> 00:08:55.470
Regine Bonneau: The issues that can arise with that right depend on how I feel. Today or tomorrow as an employee or vendor or any any source that has direct

00:08:55.860 --> 00:09:01.080
Regine Bonneau: Access to it and you don't, if you're not controlling that how do you know someone else doesn't

00:09:01.470 --> 00:09:08.130
Regine Bonneau: Cannot you know get that access and we see that a lot. You know, people just cruising around and have access to things they don't need and

00:09:08.610 --> 00:09:14.010
Regine Bonneau: The best thing a hacker would love or anyone else would love is, you know, targeting the person that

00:09:14.520 --> 00:09:26.040
Regine Bonneau: Can give me the information I need freely. So a lot of those trends, you know, understanding what it truly is. And, you know, because you have to put, you know, it needs to be tangible right

00:09:26.610 --> 00:09:33.600
Regine Bonneau: We talked about this all the time. And for some people it doesn't seem like it's tangible just like security. It's not something you see

00:09:33.960 --> 00:09:40.530
Regine Bonneau: You see the hardware you see they understand that. But when you start about talking about what's inside the hardware. I don't see it. Can you

00:09:41.130 --> 00:09:51.450
Regine Bonneau: And you visualize it for me. So I love augmented reality. So that's what's going to put all that into space for us later on when we can walk through the data and see what's happening.

00:09:52.020 --> 00:09:57.360
Regine Bonneau: But, you know, those are those are trend that we've seen and and looking to

00:09:58.800 --> 00:10:00.390
Regine Bonneau: Put some type of structure around

00:10:02.280 --> 00:10:03.420
Gabe Gumbs: Interesting, interesting.

00:10:05.100 --> 00:10:07.830
Cameron Ivey: So let's give. Did you have some sorry

00:10:08.160 --> 00:10:08.970
Gabe Gumbs: No, no, go for it.

00:10:10.020 --> 00:10:10.350
Cameron Ivey: Okay.

00:10:11.790 --> 00:10:19.080
Cameron Ivey: Let's talk about risk a little bit. So how, how would you say one would quantify cyber security risk and privacy risks.

00:10:20.010 --> 00:10:30.510
Regine Bonneau: So, um, you know, I sat down and really put that in place. So, you know, cyber security risk is for companies really what's the risk of loss.

00:10:31.410 --> 00:10:35.370
Regine Bonneau: To the company and its impact to the business right so it's, you know,

00:10:35.880 --> 00:10:49.710
Regine Bonneau: When you're looking at how the downtime that you have, how do I get back in and continuing to work in order to all of that is conversation around the business. And that's what we always say it's not an IT issue. It's a business issue.

00:10:49.740 --> 00:10:58.050
Regine Bonneau: It seems to be a tendency, but we need we when we put that picture together. That's where, that's who we need to show to write the business.

00:10:58.830 --> 00:11:10.350
Regine Bonneau: And, and, you know, and doing that, as you know, how does any answer them directly impact that slow and it's, you know, assessing all all the business elements.

00:11:10.950 --> 00:11:24.630
Regine Bonneau: Including you know we call insider threat. A friend of mine called the human factor element, you know, and your vendors and you know anyone that's in your infrastructure that's what you're doing. So with privacy where they stand without

00:11:25.650 --> 00:11:30.720
Regine Bonneau: Is it five as he can. Can I stand without cybersecurity you're looking into

00:11:31.500 --> 00:11:37.140
Regine Bonneau: You know, the confidence. Yeah, the information that we don't see that you know you're collecting but you don't know where it is. Right.

00:11:37.410 --> 00:11:46.920
Regine Bonneau: And, you know, how do you assess that we spoke about controls our existing controls that you have or may not have, how do you actually

00:11:47.820 --> 00:11:56.100
Regine Bonneau: Comply with regulatory requirements and sometimes it's non regulatory because it is a duty to yourself as a company because you know the value of it.

00:11:56.430 --> 00:12:02.460
Regine Bonneau: And putting some value to it. Right. And if there's no value and you don't see the value of someone else does, then

00:12:02.910 --> 00:12:09.030
Regine Bonneau: That's where you know a lot of you know the miscommunication discrepancies are found. So, you know, with that.

00:12:09.630 --> 00:12:27.180
Regine Bonneau: You know, when we look at an over the scope of it all is where I see you know what the cyber security risk is and privacy and now they come to combining together because you need security in order to protect the privacy of the of the information that you've been entrusted to

00:12:28.590 --> 00:12:30.450
Regine Bonneau: What you've been you collect

00:12:33.570 --> 00:12:48.660
Cameron Ivey: It's good point. Um, so can we talk a little bit about, you know, being a founder of a company in security. What have been your most challenging moments and how of how have you kind of

00:12:50.490 --> 00:12:55.350
Cameron Ivey: kept going. I guess what, what have you run into that has been a challenge for you as

00:12:57.060 --> 00:12:57.930
Regine Bonneau: A lot of coffee.

00:13:01.200 --> 00:13:02.580
Cameron Ivey: Coffee in there. It's okay.

00:13:05.220 --> 00:13:05.700
Regine Bonneau: You know,

00:13:08.970 --> 00:13:20.310
Regine Bonneau: I'm going to go back a little bit and you know growing up and choosing this field, which actually chose me because that's a skill set that

00:13:20.400 --> 00:13:35.220
Regine Bonneau: Was interesting i i have an understanding that I later on in life is when I understood the journey that I've been going to be, you know, you find that the only girl woman girl at the time, women in the class. You're the only one that looks like you

00:13:35.610 --> 00:13:57.840
Regine Bonneau: And certain atmosphere that UN and then now I call it unapologetic or density and audacious notice to the company right minded with some great ideas and great concept that you would think that's just logic, because I think in a logical manner I one plus one is two.

00:13:57.990 --> 00:13:58.350
Regine Bonneau: Well,

00:13:58.470 --> 00:14:10.710
Regine Bonneau: I'm going to get too much into it. So it's not really too, but that's another day for that. But when you look into that. You know, I've gone back and see and when things are going

00:14:11.730 --> 00:14:14.160
Regine Bonneau: No longer challenging times

00:14:14.670 --> 00:14:25.260
Regine Bonneau: I look back and reflect on where I've come from right and you know how it was prepared for it by not only my professors, you know, my family and others as well who

00:14:25.620 --> 00:14:35.190
Regine Bonneau: Continues mental to continue to push me forward so you know those brings you back, bring you back right to reality and stay focused and not only that you

00:14:35.640 --> 00:14:44.880
Regine Bonneau: For me, I always said it's not about me. So I remove myself from the equation, it's about those that are coming in behind me. And those are surrounding me

00:14:45.270 --> 00:14:54.990
Regine Bonneau: And and that helps a lot. Right, and seems like a lot of fluff. But that's what I that's what drives me in the morning, but a lot of it is, you know,

00:14:55.800 --> 00:15:07.590
Regine Bonneau: Find your intellect or your expertise is challenged at times. Right. And in how do you combat against that. How do you come back and

00:15:08.190 --> 00:15:20.640
Regine Bonneau: Present that you are who you say you are and then you can't. You have the capabilities. I usually stay quiet. I'll be the quiet one in the room until you know I'm introducing. They're like, Oh, so you're the one we needed to talk to

00:15:22.620 --> 00:15:25.470
Regine Bonneau: Maybe, but I like the conversation that was going around so

00:15:26.250 --> 00:15:30.420
Regine Bonneau: A lot of that you hear is still is still an issue and funding right

00:15:30.690 --> 00:15:37.350
Regine Bonneau: Yes, um, you know, resource and starting a company or a woman owned company could add all the

00:15:37.860 --> 00:15:55.710
Regine Bonneau: Minorities and all everything else, you know, falls under it and not to make light of it. It does weigh heavily against you know what you find what you go into and your, your goals, your dreams and your vision and now you have people now that that you have to encounter for

00:15:56.040 --> 00:15:56.490
Cameron Ivey: And then

00:15:56.700 --> 00:15:59.850
Regine Bonneau: Not only the people internally, you have external so fun that

00:16:00.720 --> 00:16:06.870
Regine Bonneau: You continue to go through challenges and, you know, again you with if you're looking at the workforce as well.

00:16:07.200 --> 00:16:21.270
Regine Bonneau: You know your that's another challenge that you have to go to building a culture, not only a culture of security, but a culture within the company to retain top talent or attract top talent. So, you know, there's a lot of, you know,

00:16:22.350 --> 00:16:23.370
Regine Bonneau: Challenges.

00:16:24.600 --> 00:16:39.900
Regine Bonneau: That you have to continuously pivot continuously talk to colleagues and see what else can you do and how can come together and promote or move forward. And what's more initiatives off for the best of the two, not just one.

00:16:40.470 --> 00:16:40.920

00:16:42.840 --> 00:16:43.260
Cameron Ivey: I love it.

00:16:44.760 --> 00:16:45.630
Cameron Ivey: It's all about it's

00:16:45.840 --> 00:16:47.430
Cameron Ivey: About yeah

00:16:47.670 --> 00:16:49.260
Cameron Ivey: Going through those trials and just

00:16:49.470 --> 00:16:54.060
Cameron Ivey: Yes, coming out of it just always staying positive. Yes, yes.

00:16:54.090 --> 00:16:54.690
Cameron Ivey: No matter what

00:16:55.200 --> 00:16:59.790
Regine Bonneau: No matter what I the first challenge I get is like you so happy.

00:17:02.880 --> 00:17:04.230
Regine Bonneau: I don't know. What do you think

00:17:05.970 --> 00:17:08.250
Cameron Ivey: Like someone assumes that there's something wrong with you because

00:17:10.440 --> 00:17:12.810
Regine Bonneau: You are. If you find the oh you should not be smiling.

00:17:13.830 --> 00:17:15.840
Regine Bonneau: By way of your

00:17:16.020 --> 00:17:20.250
Regine Bonneau: Why, what I am. I love what I do, so why should I not

00:17:20.370 --> 00:17:26.010
Regine Bonneau: You know, should exactly contentment and it changes the atmosphere in the room when you get into

00:17:26.190 --> 00:17:27.030
Cameron Ivey: You know, so

00:17:27.060 --> 00:17:41.820
Regine Bonneau: You know, when things are going, his dog you come in is just like a light. You still think what is wrong with you and then that's really like okay, fine. I said, well, this is how I am every day. And yes, the time where I'm serious. I'm serious, as well. But why not

00:17:42.510 --> 00:17:46.800
Cameron Ivey: on a good note. Right. Yeah. Well, I'd rather be around, happy people than

00:17:47.880 --> 00:17:50.220
Cameron Ivey: People that are too serious.

00:17:50.550 --> 00:17:53.460
Regine Bonneau: You know, have a hoodie and the hat all the time.

00:17:55.980 --> 00:17:58.980
Cameron Ivey: So, so let's switch gears a little bit to regulations.

00:18:00.750 --> 00:18:14.850
Cameron Ivey: CCP a privacy. Privacy shield act GDPR etc. Do you see the rest of the world, jumping on with their own state regulations around privacy in the future if you if you do see that. Why do you think that is

00:18:15.480 --> 00:18:21.180
Regine Bonneau: Well, you know, we here we've always said we're in a capitalist country right

00:18:21.540 --> 00:18:21.870
Cameron Ivey: Yeah.

00:18:22.050 --> 00:18:29.160
Regine Bonneau: You know money talks. Everything else walks right. However, what we thought to understand the freedom that we have

00:18:29.730 --> 00:18:37.470
Regine Bonneau: We've actually given that up as well when it came with privacy and your information and people didn't really understand what that meant here.

00:18:37.890 --> 00:18:53.970
Regine Bonneau: Until you know you eventually your soul. So come to where they can enter the fraud and flawed in a bank and for all of these things were a segment into what we're doing here today, right now, you see we are in. If I say something

00:18:55.080 --> 00:19:05.190
Regine Bonneau: Right now, I bet you I go on my Facebook page or anything else, or Google something's gonna pop up and oh did you forget this on your account.

00:19:06.330 --> 00:19:19.230
Regine Bonneau: If you have interest to you. So we didn't understand that. And that spin up from what marketing business driving that. Right. And the business they understand what they were driving, except I need customers. I need to retain customers I need that brand loyalty

00:19:19.650 --> 00:19:29.400
Regine Bonneau: And all of that camouflage into not today when we see how intertwined. We are. And then when we talk about data, how do we manage that data. Right. It's fun.

00:19:29.400 --> 00:19:30.690
Cameron Ivey: Because you have

00:19:30.750 --> 00:19:39.690
Regine Bonneau: Mining of it is, is a task itself so Europe duty. The GDPR right actually open up a lot of

00:19:40.980 --> 00:19:50.040
Regine Bonneau: A lot of people questions. Yes, physically us when we see that we're so come to a lot of those breaches, a lot of those identities and data tough.

00:19:50.520 --> 00:19:57.360
Regine Bonneau: And now you're is different, like I own me we're versus in other countries. I don't own me

00:19:57.900 --> 00:20:09.510
Regine Bonneau: And now. Oh, you have rights. I do have rights and those rights now being translated into what we see today we see California taking sued Massachusetts already had.

00:20:09.900 --> 00:20:21.150
Regine Bonneau: Their own set fires, even the GDPR became you know such a household name that we talked about every day and but this is setting the stage for a lot of other countries.

00:20:21.690 --> 00:20:31.500
Regine Bonneau: And that, to honor that themselves and we're, you know, we're seeing that within states now itself states are starting to the CCP a just like

00:20:32.340 --> 00:20:44.970
Regine Bonneau: That that first step, part of the first step, Washington Las Vegas. So you seen those things that really understand the makeup of the citizens one and what their business drivers.

00:20:45.390 --> 00:20:46.980
Regine Bonneau: Because I would say once the person is

00:20:46.980 --> 00:20:53.190
Regine Bonneau: Hurting people will listen. So you've seen all the country like Japan Thailand, Brazil, right.

00:20:54.570 --> 00:21:02.850
Regine Bonneau: You know, taking stance and doing that Australia. Australia always that, you know, coming out and in others, other countries are going to start

00:21:03.360 --> 00:21:16.350
Regine Bonneau: Follow suit and that is because we're trying to get a handle of that and really understand and we talked about cyber risk. Right. What is the cost. What's the real cost of that loss.

00:21:16.650 --> 00:21:17.760
Regine Bonneau: Not only to

00:21:18.060 --> 00:21:24.060
Regine Bonneau: You know, the business itself what the good of the whole way is starting to come into life as it shouldn't be.

00:21:24.540 --> 00:21:36.750
Regine Bonneau: And, you know, we're in the situation right now a coven 19 is not the, you know, it's not what determined that all this process, but now I really see that wow how interconnected. We are and

00:21:36.990 --> 00:21:38.130
Cameron Ivey: how technology can

00:21:38.340 --> 00:21:43.470
Regine Bonneau: Talk about it, how it's really moving forward. This is, this is it.

00:21:44.130 --> 00:21:45.210
Regine Bonneau: Yeah, and it's

00:21:45.390 --> 00:21:46.110
Cameron Ivey: It's everywhere.

00:21:46.260 --> 00:21:49.560
Regine Bonneau: It's everywhere. It's actually hone down. It's not that

00:21:49.860 --> 00:22:00.270
Regine Bonneau: It's transmitting there's no face to face conversation. You know that secret conversation. No one talks about it's somewhere you know it's it's slow

00:22:00.270 --> 00:22:13.110
Regine Bonneau: Certainly, and you know now how do we communicate and now how do we communicate effectively. So all of that. And this really opened up a lot of conversation but prior to that conversation started.

00:22:14.760 --> 00:22:19.740
Regine Bonneau: With that, and you see countries are doing it and I it's just going to stop continue on.

00:22:20.790 --> 00:22:35.880
Regine Bonneau: That flow because, you know, if not the country itself, the business that is generating from other countries when outsourcing takes place, they have to follow suit. Because now. Hey, this is my regulation, what are you doing to protect that if you want my business.

00:22:36.300 --> 00:22:39.150
Regine Bonneau: Right. Oh yes, a long way to say yes. Yeah.

00:22:41.550 --> 00:22:41.760
Regine Bonneau: Yeah.

00:22:41.790 --> 00:22:49.440
Cameron Ivey: Very true, but that's okay. So a couple more questions. Questions here for you there seriously least

00:22:51.000 --> 00:22:52.710
Cameron Ivey: Because we like that fun but

00:22:54.420 --> 00:22:55.890
Cameron Ivey: Let's talk about

00:22:57.450 --> 00:23:03.720
Cameron Ivey: We kind of talked about this offline, you know, being, being a woman in the industry of security risk.

00:23:04.770 --> 00:23:10.380
Cameron Ivey: And being a leader and being a founder of a company that you have

00:23:11.400 --> 00:23:22.770
Cameron Ivey: Do you have any advice for other women in your industry that are maybe thinking about getting into it, or even if you know they're later down the road. They still want to get into it.

00:23:23.820 --> 00:23:30.780
Cameron Ivey: Any advice for them or any any good stories that you can kind of tell us that that are uplifting.

00:23:31.890 --> 00:23:33.060
Regine Bonneau: Like I said, I'll be here all day.

00:23:34.770 --> 00:23:37.410
Regine Bonneau: I'll try to keep time, um, you know,

00:23:38.910 --> 00:23:44.670
Regine Bonneau: As I said, I've been fortunate enough. Right. And it's not everyone that has gone down that road.

00:23:45.360 --> 00:23:54.660
Regine Bonneau: To have had to have been in an industry not really understanding what's going on. But I was focused. This is what I love this. What I want to do.

00:23:54.930 --> 00:24:02.760
Regine Bonneau: And I showed my tenacity, you know in in others gravitate gravitated to that and push me forward and

00:24:03.420 --> 00:24:15.990
Regine Bonneau: A cool story. When I was in electrical engineering school ah you know everything well even going back to my early, you know, adopter of robotics my robot still works backward, even though I tell it to go forward.

00:24:16.710 --> 00:24:17.970
Regine Bonneau: At all, or we're good.

00:24:18.000 --> 00:24:31.140
Regine Bonneau: We're good. I'm teaching my son to do better. But you know when I went to when it really made a difference is when I went to school for Engineering Right, so I walked in there was three three women.

00:24:31.800 --> 00:24:43.050
Regine Bonneau: And I was one of them. Right. And then as you move as the semesters are moving forward. One is dropping off the other and I end up being the only one there.

00:24:43.440 --> 00:24:55.170
Regine Bonneau: So my professor used to have fun on leaving the door open and it baffles me and you were not back in a long time ago. It's like, Okay, what's the problem.

00:24:55.830 --> 00:25:05.370
Regine Bonneau: People will pass by and come back just to see, see if I was actually your girl right if I was a woman, and then we'll ask the question, I'm like, Well, I don't know. So

00:25:06.300 --> 00:25:14.010
Regine Bonneau: But you know that pushed me right, notice I don't mind them. And then, you know, being doing my own work.

00:25:14.700 --> 00:25:27.660
Regine Bonneau: He would push me to do it by myself. Like, why don't you. Yeah, you could do it by assessing but this three people here. So why can't someone joins a la la. You could do it yourself, you know, and I didn't understand, you know,

00:25:27.840 --> 00:25:41.520
Regine Bonneau: Yeah, whatever. And I still did wanting to do but he celebrated that and, you know, not knowing again what when I really decided to venture on my own and I say that to people when you within organization.

00:25:42.540 --> 00:25:49.740
Regine Bonneau: Everything is about organization things you experience. You don't win a race. You don't bring status, unless it's really directed at you and

00:25:50.280 --> 00:25:51.780
Cameron Ivey: Then it's explicit right

00:25:52.200 --> 00:26:01.290
Regine Bonneau: But when you come out and you're trying to you're looking, you know, like I said, I've read ideas, right. So, what you doing these things and

00:26:01.800 --> 00:26:18.930
Regine Bonneau: How do you do, how do you continue on and that took a toll. But I was fortunate enough to, you know, curiosity. Oh, is part of my part of me and I'll say, Yeah, I'll do it. And then figured out later. What am I doing, oh my goodness, what I, I don't know if you've heard of ice MCP

00:26:19.980 --> 00:26:35.940
Regine Bonneau: I don't. The see again met a friend or friend from high school joint guy until I see NCP but I ever I got through it through a mentor in Tampa. So I have a lot of miles on my car, right. I'm very dedicated to my, to my craft.

00:26:36.780 --> 00:26:42.780
Regine Bonneau: You know I'm always going. I was always going places. So what I see that is that I didn't stop.

00:26:43.290 --> 00:26:51.030
Regine Bonneau: I see enjoying where they were women were there were opportunities and, you know, find someone find mentors. Right.

00:26:51.570 --> 00:27:04.950
Regine Bonneau: That would actually that help and levy. That's how I joined. I see MCP and I like oh my goodness this is really a problem. You know what, now, is like how do you stop talking about the problem and start doing acting it out right

00:27:05.040 --> 00:27:08.220
Cameron Ivey: Making the making the changes 111 person at a

00:27:08.220 --> 00:27:23.430
Regine Bonneau: Time. And when you look my company. I like oh reverted the verse. So we've been laugh about it at times. Right. But we're walking the walk and in providing that you know making that statement that yes, we are out there doing it and

00:27:24.180 --> 00:27:36.660
Regine Bonneau: And don't lose hope right continue on and there's a lot of things going on. And this one more thing that you have to do as well as United arms away, but which you shouldn't be right.

00:27:37.170 --> 00:27:42.210
Regine Bonneau: Yeah, continue on and aligning yourself with people who sees the best for you.

00:27:42.690 --> 00:27:54.180
Regine Bonneau: And as I say that because I was always out there putting myself out there, presenting myself well and spoke. You know what I need to do people, you know, started sponsoring me

00:27:54.630 --> 00:28:02.340
Regine Bonneau: You know, my first talk a good friend. We still friends today. She was like, Oh, no. Don't talk to me. She's the expert, not me.

00:28:02.790 --> 00:28:05.160
Regine Bonneau: And she is an expert. You know, like

00:28:05.190 --> 00:28:16.860
Regine Bonneau: But I drove to Tampa to meet with my mentor at least 10 times and within two months. And once I was like three times in one week. And she was like, what is your problem.

00:28:17.940 --> 00:28:26.370
Regine Bonneau: I said what I just want to make sure I just wanna make sure it and say, well, you know, this thing that resonated we question ourselves too much.

00:28:26.640 --> 00:28:28.050
Cameron Ivey: You know, and

00:28:28.080 --> 00:28:35.940
Regine Bonneau: You know, it's over the spectrum. But, you know, since we're talking about warning on business and being a minority and women as a question ourselves.

00:28:36.210 --> 00:28:49.140
Regine Bonneau: Because like you know 90%, why do you worry about the 10% you know the know needs to be 100% but I should say, No, no, no. You don't need to know 100% of everything right.

00:28:49.290 --> 00:28:49.560
Cameron Ivey: Ready.

00:28:49.680 --> 00:29:04.860
Regine Bonneau: Know 90% find a person that knows 10% and now you guys come together and work and that way. Now you're not burden and driving yourself Donald whole that you'll never be able to dig yourself out of it. So why don't you say that

00:29:06.690 --> 00:29:10.230
Regine Bonneau: They said, well, I said, let's do a conference call, but you will meet in person.

00:29:10.680 --> 00:29:24.720
Regine Bonneau: I don't know why, but, you know, and I do a lot. I got all right I and I joke about that. I said, I have a mother till today she's still believe that should be a doctor, I told, I hope, Doctor. She said, That's not the same.

00:29:25.440 --> 00:29:26.490
Cameron Ivey: Is that, is that usually what

00:29:29.760 --> 00:29:30.000
Cameron Ivey: You

00:29:30.030 --> 00:29:30.630
Regine Bonneau: Expected

00:29:30.660 --> 00:29:32.790
Cameron Ivey: doctor, a lawyer, a doctor, lawyer, and

00:29:33.720 --> 00:29:43.020
Regine Bonneau: You don't want to be the lawyer, there's still a little you know side of all because a lot of other things are fine, but nothing else. Right. But, you know,

00:29:43.920 --> 00:30:04.410
Regine Bonneau: I stick to what I wanted to do and I found on those, you know, mentors and speak ask. Don't be afraid to ask. And I do a lot of talks and I committee because I want you know I want those kids and others, and women, young women to see that. Oh, I can do it too. I'm

00:30:04.860 --> 00:30:05.100
Cameron Ivey: Like

00:30:05.340 --> 00:30:07.170
Cameron Ivey: I look like her. I can do it too.

00:30:07.410 --> 00:30:09.060
Regine Bonneau: I look like I can do it too.

00:30:09.120 --> 00:30:16.080
Regine Bonneau: Absolutely. And, and I told him, I said, Well, at that time, I wasn't thinking that way because either I'm getting all A's or my mom.

00:30:17.160 --> 00:30:24.000
Regine Bonneau: I don't know. I'm gonna go get all A's. I'm not going to go with that little small women that I'm told them, but she's talking through me.

00:30:26.460 --> 00:30:32.460
Regine Bonneau: So those other things that fear is out the window. I soon as I get to class. But if we just in a different era.

00:30:32.760 --> 00:30:34.230
Regine Bonneau: Even within the time I grew up.

00:30:34.290 --> 00:30:44.460
Regine Bonneau: It was different to people are still going to that. What if I put myself in there. I speak I volunteer and in is because of that is, you know,

00:30:45.330 --> 00:30:52.860
Regine Bonneau: Just to show you that you can do it too. And you don't have. It's okay if you're the only one. The only person there. I've been through.

00:30:53.100 --> 00:31:04.050
Regine Bonneau: You know, I'm talking in a place and I and people don't recognize it is sending me to the other room. I'm like, No, no, I'm supposed to be here said no, you're not supposed to be here. I said, Okay, well this looks interesting. Can I get in

00:31:05.880 --> 00:31:15.030
Regine Bonneau: I get in. And when I get on stage and you should see their faces and I'm so sorry. Don't worry about it. As we got I achieved my goal.

00:31:15.480 --> 00:31:32.670
Regine Bonneau: I would like to keep my goal. Don't worry about as much. It's not in harm's way, but it's those things that, you know, find what you want. Stay focus right determine is just one other thing in life, you have to go through and it's easier said than done, but we all go to something

00:31:33.690 --> 00:31:47.280
Regine Bonneau: It's just that this is something you have to go through, but make sure that whatever you do, and when I'm on what you do. I believe in yourself is number one, because if you don't, it doesn't matter what I say to you today. It's not gonna make a difference.

00:31:47.340 --> 00:32:05.880
Regine Bonneau: Yep, and continue on right continue on and you don't have to be the people say got to be the smartest person in the room right so you don't have to be the loudest person in the room, always have something to say always come to someone else. Make sure what you want to say it resonates

00:32:06.780 --> 00:32:11.220
Cameron Ivey: And it makes it stopped people right it stops you to think and

00:32:11.610 --> 00:32:22.410
Regine Bonneau: Maybe one sentence three sentences you good and that way you know for you and it's not proving to anyone. Yeah, belong in this room know it's about you and what you have to do and

00:32:22.800 --> 00:32:32.550
Regine Bonneau: And continue on and it all. Those are the things that I show I'm here. I've done it. I've actually I have so many qualifications is not even funny.

00:32:33.420 --> 00:32:42.060
Regine Bonneau: Caribbean I speak four languages, English is not my first language I you know times my accent come out. If I'm excited too much, you know, you have

00:32:42.480 --> 00:32:43.230
Cameron Ivey: To though.

00:32:43.530 --> 00:32:53.610
Regine Bonneau: They have a lot. So do I need to. Can I sit here. Do I have the time to sit here in a little bubble or can I explode and create, you know,

00:32:53.640 --> 00:32:54.780
Cameron Ivey: Be created impact.

00:32:54.840 --> 00:32:56.910
Regine Bonneau: Except why I'm leaving. In fact,

00:32:57.690 --> 00:33:08.400
Regine Bonneau: In fact, and I carry that even to anything that we're doing, even with the company. It's about impact and leaving. I'm leaving you better off than I found you.

00:33:09.690 --> 00:33:09.900
Cameron Ivey: And

00:33:09.990 --> 00:33:14.070
Regine Bonneau: Those are things that you don't follow it takes you to where you

00:33:15.600 --> 00:33:19.230
Cameron Ivey: Yeah, and I love, I love going back to what you're talking about your

00:33:19.620 --> 00:33:21.360
Cameron Ivey: Did you say you do charities or

00:33:22.440 --> 00:33:33.120
Cameron Ivey: Do you do that for your company or personally because I think that is super, super powerful for younger, younger women and men, just in general to see

00:33:33.720 --> 00:33:44.430
Cameron Ivey: That leadership and positive energy that you bring office. I think it's powerful to have you in person does for them to see that, depending on where you go, because some kids.

00:33:45.570 --> 00:33:50.100
Cameron Ivey: They don't get to see that they don't learn that kind of stuff. So that's, that's amazing.

00:33:50.430 --> 00:33:58.500
Regine Bonneau: Yeah, I do it personally. It's a personal it's a personal journey for me, you know, yes they introduced me the company because it just

00:33:59.160 --> 00:34:07.710
Regine Bonneau: Do it as well. Because if I sit here and tell you what I've been through, and all that, then you see oh wow you know I was once in your shoes right

00:34:08.460 --> 00:34:14.130
Regine Bonneau: An immigrant so I understand what it means to be an immigrant and not being able to go to college because of

00:34:14.700 --> 00:34:26.520
Regine Bonneau: nine digit number. So there's a lot that we can see here to talk about what I always say the side to be the statistics. Right. We can't help it, you're born, your statistics before you were born. Your statistics. Right, so

00:34:27.570 --> 00:34:35.610
Regine Bonneau: Decide which side you want to be on. Do I want to be on the good side and impact the negative, right, or stay negative or stay in the middle and still

00:34:36.210 --> 00:34:46.710
Regine Bonneau: Struggling myself. So my thing, leaving out of high school and understanding what that meant is to be ought to be a positive side of statistics.

00:34:47.670 --> 00:34:57.660
Regine Bonneau: Of the statistic that as I leave and leave a legacy for my son or for my future children at that time. Now I have a son who is like my little cyber

00:34:57.780 --> 00:34:58.350
During the side

00:35:00.540 --> 00:35:06.420
Regine Bonneau: So, but, you know, showing him that and instilling those both parties and social

00:35:07.470 --> 00:35:13.380
Regine Bonneau: You know, social skills and confidence in him not to be arrogant. Don't be arrogant, you have to be humble.

00:35:13.860 --> 00:35:23.490
Regine Bonneau: If you're humble and still exude confidence and people gravitate to that and and those are the things that you know that takes me and I

00:35:24.150 --> 00:35:35.130
Regine Bonneau: Put ice also to others as well because it didn't have a day. The day is going to be the day you just decide how it ends. How begins in our hands. So, and I don't know.

00:35:35.970 --> 00:35:37.260
Cameron Ivey: Why is words of love it.

00:35:38.460 --> 00:35:41.520
Cameron Ivey: So one serious question before we go on to some some

00:35:42.840 --> 00:35:43.380
Regine Bonneau: Okay, go ahead.

00:35:43.500 --> 00:35:44.640
Cameron Ivey: Just, just a small one.

00:35:45.390 --> 00:35:51.180
Cameron Ivey: So what's the future look like for your company for 2020 and beyond. What would, what are you most excited about.

00:35:51.990 --> 00:36:00.180
Regine Bonneau: Um, you know, we're where we started the journey 2020 was supposedly the big vision idea. All right, I'm gonna

00:36:00.240 --> 00:36:01.920
Cameron Ivey: Take it over worst year ever

00:36:04.560 --> 00:36:05.130
Regine Bonneau: Look at it.

00:36:05.940 --> 00:36:06.720
Cameron Ivey: I mean, you know,

00:36:06.810 --> 00:36:08.250
Regine Bonneau: What you're right, you're right, because

00:36:09.600 --> 00:36:16.860
Regine Bonneau: It has to be less mites, you know, as you said, smiling nights I call it is fun. People like what's fun to you is not fun to

00:36:16.860 --> 00:36:21.540
Regine Bonneau: Meet with you. I said, hey, it's been a battle, what you're doing is fun.

00:36:22.830 --> 00:36:36.690
Regine Bonneau: But yeah, so it started with a bang and in and then we have this right so but however we were we continued on with some of the initiative and position ourselves to be, you know, the company right

00:36:36.750 --> 00:36:38.160
Cameron Ivey: Position of the company.

00:36:38.310 --> 00:36:47.730
Regine Bonneau: And continue that we here. We're not going. Are we here, providing services, you know, helping educating people because now people have the time to listen.

00:36:48.090 --> 00:37:02.640
Regine Bonneau: To educating and then now as we come out of it. Be part of those companies people number and in build up when they're all faster and. However, some of the initiatives that we started is actually picking up

00:37:02.850 --> 00:37:03.390
Regine Bonneau: Yeah.

00:37:03.480 --> 00:37:08.040
Regine Bonneau: You know, attending. And as I said, attending one one conference. And I was like,

00:37:09.270 --> 00:37:10.650
Regine Bonneau: Connect with these people.

00:37:10.710 --> 00:37:27.570
Regine Bonneau: And connecting and you know the book that says the one and you know you find the one right and how a couple of the ones, but that the one that I connected with out of seven people I I connect I send an email to one person answered back and now we're best friends.

00:37:28.650 --> 00:37:29.130
Cameron Ivey: Go.

00:37:29.220 --> 00:37:45.150
Regine Bonneau: So it's just those things. And so that is taking us and again what we bring to the table. Staying true to our craft and what we know. But we understand both sides of the spectrum, we're still planning to do 2020 with a bang. Right.

00:37:46.410 --> 00:37:49.380
Regine Bonneau: We've, we've added to we've added some

00:37:50.400 --> 00:38:03.690
Regine Bonneau: Some team members on there as well to help you know what we see. That's what we what we have coming down the pipeline and in you know 2021 we'll see where that takes us but

00:38:03.960 --> 00:38:14.970
Regine Bonneau: Yeah, I found that is those relationships. I've built been able to sit and actually built another you didn't have them, but now they have foundation is that

00:38:15.690 --> 00:38:16.140
Cameron Ivey: Oh, yeah.

00:38:16.410 --> 00:38:16.650

00:38:20.100 --> 00:38:31.890
Regine Bonneau: It is you see where you know collaboration that we speak on this true collaboration now and and you know what we need to do and we see great success we've been able to

00:38:33.600 --> 00:38:35.610
Regine Bonneau: Have the ears of great minds and great

00:38:35.610 --> 00:38:36.330

00:38:37.350 --> 00:38:50.070
Regine Bonneau: That started from a year ago, but now is coming to fruition. So, and you know that I see is going is going to be a very successful for us as we come out.

00:38:50.610 --> 00:38:59.940
Regine Bonneau: We've been fortunate enough to participate in a couple of things. And in partnering with with other companies that is is going to bring up, who's going to help

00:39:00.600 --> 00:39:13.920
Regine Bonneau: End the year properly can speak about all that. But the success in there and we want to continue that and capitalize on that and also you know 20, you know, how do we expand and now continue with that.

00:39:14.790 --> 00:39:20.220
Regine Bonneau: With the engagement that we said we wanted to do. And our mission is to provide that platform innovative.

00:39:20.580 --> 00:39:27.300
Regine Bonneau: while still protecting our client so success story is a success story.

00:39:29.970 --> 00:39:30.270
Cameron Ivey: No.

00:39:30.660 --> 00:39:33.270
Regine Bonneau: Do our client that you know wasn't ready

00:39:33.330 --> 00:39:42.720
Regine Bonneau: For this new transition and we we have started the conversation with however they decided to stay with their own company that they had and

00:39:43.200 --> 00:39:52.020
Regine Bonneau: Came back to us and you know the team. I always go to my team. What do you want to do you know if you don't want to do it. I'm not going to do it because I want to do it, you know.

00:39:52.710 --> 00:40:12.240
Regine Bonneau: So, but the one thing I said, doesn't matter house an engagement ended our job, or it's a real job or our mantra, right, if you want to call that is to serve, we here to serve. And as much as I always sound like people know why I'm doing this right.

00:40:14.220 --> 00:40:15.150
Regine Bonneau: It's all been

00:40:15.360 --> 00:40:22.710
Regine Bonneau: Serving and we talk about that. We're here to serve and and that's how we win. How are we different. So we went and

00:40:23.160 --> 00:40:28.290
Regine Bonneau: We we serve the we were there and they're like, I don't know why you doing this.

00:40:28.590 --> 00:40:36.840
Regine Bonneau: I don't understand. I said, Well, I don't understand. Let's make it work. Because right now, it's not about understand it's about being there and making it work. And now they're offline.

00:40:37.650 --> 00:40:51.390
Regine Bonneau: Now they've actually seen the light. I say, and and and they'll client and and now they become our sponsors, imagine that there were sponsored there became our sponsors and saying, oh, in time with me. We stood by them. Right.

00:40:51.420 --> 00:40:51.660
Cameron Ivey: Right.

00:40:51.930 --> 00:41:04.560
Regine Bonneau: We could have said, wow, I'm not talking to you. That's the one who doesn't help right doesn't help anyone. So that's success story. I have a couple more. We have time for that. So,

00:41:04.590 --> 00:41:06.630
Cameron Ivey: Yeah, we can do more episodes later.

00:41:07.470 --> 00:41:11.580
Cameron Ivey: Later, so let's well let's have some fun. Let's have a couple fun questions so

00:41:12.210 --> 00:41:14.850
Cameron Ivey: We'll kind of have some some quick answers here.

00:41:17.250 --> 00:41:20.010
Cameron Ivey: What is your guilty pleasure. Oh.

00:41:20.760 --> 00:41:21.120

00:41:22.470 --> 00:41:23.580
Cameron Ivey: Nobody really knows about.

00:41:26.130 --> 00:41:30.000
Regine Bonneau: I say monk, the number detective. So Mike is official

00:41:32.040 --> 00:41:34.920
Regine Bonneau: guilty pleasure, I would say ice cream.

00:41:35.610 --> 00:41:36.990
Cameron Ivey: Ice cream. Yeah, that's a good one.

00:41:37.230 --> 00:41:40.710
Regine Bonneau: False vida a binge watching

00:41:40.950 --> 00:41:42.600
Regine Bonneau: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

00:41:43.620 --> 00:41:47.070
Cameron Ivey: Okay, so it's something new. You don't really want people to know about what you're doing.

00:41:49.860 --> 00:41:51.600
Cameron Ivey: There you go. That's okay.

00:41:52.770 --> 00:41:56.250
Cameron Ivey: Which would be harder for you to give up coffee or alcohol.

00:41:58.980 --> 00:42:01.440
Regine Bonneau: How do I say this is still remain.

00:42:03.090 --> 00:42:04.590
Cameron Ivey: It's a hard one. It's tricky because you

00:42:05.310 --> 00:42:06.270
Cameron Ivey: Give up alcohol.

00:42:06.900 --> 00:42:10.050
Cameron Ivey: But at the same time caffeine. That was pretty hard. Yeah.

00:42:10.080 --> 00:42:21.240
Regine Bonneau: I don't, I love to sleep. So I do a note to stay awake. So I've been consuming coffee. The past couple days and the second, why can I sleep so I'll give up coffee.

00:42:23.850 --> 00:42:25.380
Cameron Ivey: Come back. No one's here to judge

00:42:26.310 --> 00:42:31.380
Cameron Ivey: Me during these times, I think you need that alcohol. Some when you locked up too much too long in the house.

00:42:32.940 --> 00:42:34.050
Regine Bonneau: On this side of town.

00:42:36.450 --> 00:42:39.060
Cameron Ivey: What was your favorite childhood toy.

00:42:43.350 --> 00:42:45.960
Regine Bonneau: Well believe it or not, I did have dolls.

00:42:48.180 --> 00:43:01.740
Regine Bonneau: And I don't know, like me, but I've always been, you know, doing surgery on them. So that's me. My parents understood that, oh my goodness they give me $1 one is missing or she has a different color I arms and legs are not matching. So,

00:43:03.840 --> 00:43:13.290
Regine Bonneau: Doing that I will say, oh, you know, those were fun times. Those were the most fun times I had with my dolls and I still collect

00:43:15.030 --> 00:43:16.560
Regine Bonneau: Stuff animals don't tell anyone.

00:43:17.460 --> 00:43:18.000
Regine Bonneau: I had to give

00:43:18.060 --> 00:43:19.350
Cameron Ivey: Any babies are

00:43:20.520 --> 00:43:22.320
Cameron Ivey: Beanie Babies those

00:43:22.560 --> 00:43:24.810
Cameron Ivey: Aren't you know the best case.

00:43:26.010 --> 00:43:26.280
A little

00:43:28.980 --> 00:43:33.840
Regine Bonneau: Room. So my friends are like, you do know that this is not right. So,

00:43:35.250 --> 00:43:36.360
Regine Bonneau: The collectibles.

00:43:36.600 --> 00:43:39.030
Cameron Ivey: Yeah, absolutely. That's what they were made for now.

00:43:39.060 --> 00:43:44.070
Regine Bonneau: I would say, you know, favorite toy fun toy could do whatever we want with

00:43:44.880 --> 00:43:53.760
Cameron Ivey: It's a good one. Old school brings me back brings it back to like the pagans era and Slammers you remember those. I don't know if you remember that one game.

00:43:56.850 --> 00:44:01.350
Cameron Ivey: It was here for a very short step if you didn't. If you don't know what those are. Maybe some, some people might put

00:44:02.880 --> 00:44:03.480
Cameron Ivey: came and went,

00:44:05.160 --> 00:44:10.470
Cameron Ivey: Last question, like this one, if you could be a superhero, who would it be and why

00:44:12.000 --> 00:44:15.750
Regine Bonneau: Well, not actually say that was my pillow.

00:44:16.470 --> 00:44:18.930
Gabe Gumbs: Oh, there you go.

00:44:19.860 --> 00:44:22.380
Cameron Ivey: Love it, love it. I'm a huge transformers fan.

00:44:22.500 --> 00:44:25.320
Regine Bonneau: Love it. I'm actually Optimus Prime. Don't tell anyone.

00:44:26.790 --> 00:44:28.650
Regine Bonneau: save the world. That's what I'm doing.

00:44:28.920 --> 00:44:30.120
Gabe Gumbs: We have to edit it.

00:44:30.990 --> 00:44:32.520
Regine Bonneau: There you go. So

00:44:32.550 --> 00:44:39.690
Regine Bonneau: My people got this for me. We actually one year. Not this year last year. This is what we sent for clients on

00:44:40.740 --> 00:44:41.610
Regine Bonneau: holiday cards.

00:44:41.970 --> 00:44:42.510
Cameron Ivey: That's awesome.

00:44:42.600 --> 00:44:55.770
Regine Bonneau: Optimus Prime. I've always been a transformers fan, even in Haiti. So when I came here. So I am the optimist fine to say, you know, so if they give me an opportunity. I will create my own

00:44:56.940 --> 00:44:57.510
Regine Bonneau: My own

00:44:57.540 --> 00:45:00.810
Regine Bonneau: You know robots and I can get into it. I will

00:45:01.020 --> 00:45:01.680
Cameron Ivey: True, because

00:45:02.790 --> 00:45:03.570
Regine Bonneau: The stocks.

00:45:04.200 --> 00:45:06.750
Cameron Ivey: It makes so much sense to because of the robot.

00:45:07.260 --> 00:45:09.390
Regine Bonneau: And everyone on my team has a

00:45:10.410 --> 00:45:11.820
Regine Bonneau: Autobots me right away.

00:45:13.560 --> 00:45:15.030
Cameron Ivey: That's super nerdy, and I love it.

00:45:16.080 --> 00:45:17.550
Cameron Ivey: We can we can end on that too.

00:45:20.370 --> 00:45:23.040
Cameron Ivey: Do you guys have anything to add before we wrap it up.

00:45:23.460 --> 00:45:33.090
Gabe Gumbs: I don't, I just want to thank you so very much for coming on the show. This was a I largely was flying the wall for what was a very entertaining and interesting conversation. So I appreciate it.

00:45:33.510 --> 00:45:40.290
Regine Bonneau: Thank you so much. I appreciate you know the opportunity as well. And it does show how small the world is

00:45:40.500 --> 00:45:47.730
Regine Bonneau: It is all together, watching you guys from the internet. And now, you know, and the room with you guys well

00:45:47.940 --> 00:45:48.900
Cameron Ivey: Now we got a new friend.

00:45:49.530 --> 00:45:50.670
Regine Bonneau: There you go. Yes.

00:45:51.960 --> 00:45:52.200
Cameron Ivey: So,

00:45:52.260 --> 00:46:03.720
Regine Bonneau: Much and, you know, inflammation is what I like about the concert is that it flows two different mediums, it will resonate with anyone that's at some given point. Yeah.

00:46:03.750 --> 00:46:14.400
Cameron Ivey: Exactly. That's what we want to do. So thank you so much for for bringing on your expertise and your thoughts and good luck for the this year and next year with with everything. Thank you so much.

00:46:14.520 --> 00:46:16.560
Regine Bonneau: Really appreciate it. Oh, yeah.