Privacy Please

Ep. 27 - Sergeant First Class, Brittany Conley

July 22, 2020 Season 1 Episode 27
Privacy Please
Ep. 27 - Sergeant First Class, Brittany Conley
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On a brand new episode of Privacy Please we had the privilege of speaking with Sergeant First Class (SFC) Brittany Conley. Brittany currently serves as the Senior Recruiter, Team Lead for the South Carolina National Guard - recently graduated from Purdue University Global.
 I reached out to Brittany after her post on LinkedIn went viral with over 241,000+ reactions and over 12,000+ comments. She was kind enough to respond and accept my invitation to come on the show and share her experience.
 We talk about Brittany's story, where she came from, beating the odds, how quickly she came into privacy concerns after her LinkedIn post, dealing with PII as a recruiter in the military, why Pogs are making a comeback and find out if Cats have any regrets. Please join us on this very unique and encouraging episode.
  Click the link below to see the actual post/story from Brittany:

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00:00:03.720 --> 00:00:13.920
Cameron Ivey: All right ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to privacy, please. I am your host Cameron IV and with me as always is Gabe gums, we have a very special guest on with us right now.

00:00:14.549 --> 00:00:21.780
Cameron Ivey: Her name is Brittany and she is going to introduce herself. I actually came across Brittany on LinkedIn. She had a trending post

00:00:22.140 --> 00:00:36.960
Cameron Ivey: That really sparked my interest because we're in a very dark places a world right now and it's really nice to see a dark story turn into a very bright story. So, Brittany, thank you so much for coming on. It was really great to meet you.

00:00:37.800 --> 00:00:40.440
Brittany Conley: Thanks I appreciate being here and

00:00:40.710 --> 00:00:43.980
Brittany Conley: We'll talk about whatever you would like me to talk about. So

00:00:44.370 --> 00:00:47.880
Cameron Ivey: Absolutely. If you can just kind of open things up for the listeners.

00:00:49.110 --> 00:00:54.720
Cameron Ivey: Who you are, where you came from. I mean, if you just want to spill your story here. Let's hear it.

00:00:55.770 --> 00:00:56.970
Brittany Conley: Okay, well I'm

00:00:58.080 --> 00:01:08.070
Brittany Conley: I guess in the professional terms. I'm Sergeant First Class for any Connolly. I'm with the South Carolina Army National Guard as a senior recruiter and upstate South Carolina.

00:01:08.700 --> 00:01:20.910
Brittany Conley: I have been a part of the National Guard going on 13 years this August and before I was a recruiter, I spent about eight years as a broadcast specialist basically

00:01:21.300 --> 00:01:29.340
Brittany Conley: I was a news media journalist for the military and was able to tell the story of whatever organization has without the time

00:01:29.820 --> 00:01:41.100
Brittany Conley: I originally enlisted in the organ Army National Guard in 2007 so I've been around. I know I'm here in South Carolina. This is actually the fourth state that I've worked with

00:01:41.550 --> 00:01:49.020
Brittany Conley: And I've been with Oregon, Washington state and South Dakota and Afghanistan. So I've been a little bit all over the place experience.

00:01:49.110 --> 00:02:01.020
Brittany Conley: Different cultures and I've been able to bring back to my soldiers in my community with my experience in that aspect. But as you guys have seen my

00:02:01.470 --> 00:02:17.310
Brittany Conley: LinkedIn posts that went viral it I'm you know that's the military is great and all, that's part of my story. But that's not like my beginnings, right. So, um, you know, my initial posts and things like my third post ever looking thing.

00:02:17.730 --> 00:02:19.140
Cameron Ivey: You know, it's not gonna look easy.

00:02:19.380 --> 00:02:24.990
Brittany Conley: Right. Is every once in a while, you just like look at LinkedIn and just kind of see what's going on. Maybe we'll get jobs.

00:02:24.990 --> 00:02:32.370
Brittany Conley: Available and I recently graduated from Purdue global university with my bachelor's degree in communications.

00:02:32.760 --> 00:02:45.540
Brittany Conley: And I was just super grateful because it's been a long path to get my degree, you know, I'm a mom of two kids and I have a full time job and I've been all over the place. So there's no, like a straight line path and getting a degree.

00:02:45.990 --> 00:02:46.440
Cameron Ivey: And

00:02:46.770 --> 00:02:54.810
Brittany Conley: You know the initial part of being able to get it was the education benefits from being a part of the National Guard. So you know I made a post

00:02:55.140 --> 00:03:03.660
Brittany Conley: I graduated and so grateful because if you look at the beginning of my life. It could have totally just, you know, been up in flames.

00:03:04.320 --> 00:03:22.590
Brittany Conley: Right then somewhere completely different. Had I not joined the National Guard. So I just, you know, have this super, you know, grateful day and was like, I'll make a post about it, and here I am a week and a half later with nine and a half million views and more messages is than I can count.

00:03:22.620 --> 00:03:24.360
Brittany Conley: Or keep up with the comments so

00:03:24.690 --> 00:03:30.390
Brittany Conley: It's just been kind of a whirlwind of a week. But you know, I mean, I guess that's social media or yeah

00:03:30.960 --> 00:03:31.530
Brittany Conley: And here I am.

00:03:33.330 --> 00:03:34.200
Cameron Ivey: super exciting.

00:03:34.230 --> 00:03:38.370
Cameron Ivey: I mean, it's got to be just surreal to to experience that.

00:03:38.610 --> 00:03:40.740
Cameron Ivey: How's your family doing right now with it all.

00:03:42.540 --> 00:03:44.100
Brittany Conley: I guess fine. I mean,

00:03:45.180 --> 00:03:46.170
Brittany Conley: I mean, I guess.

00:03:46.620 --> 00:03:58.860
Brittany Conley: I did have some apprehensions at first, just due to the fact that you get so many views and messages and I was really concerned about my own privacy.

00:03:59.220 --> 00:03:59.490
Cameron Ivey: Right.

00:03:59.580 --> 00:04:13.740
Brittany Conley: I don't want Pete, especially Facebook Facebook's a lot more common of being able to link who your family is and how to contact them, even with it's super locked down and, you know, even though I didn't have the

00:04:15.450 --> 00:04:28.020
Brittany Conley: I guess the perfect family picture that most people want to think of, you know, America being you know suburbia and all that stuff, smiling, happy family, you know, posting something like that. That's a little bit vulnerable.

00:04:28.260 --> 00:04:28.680
Cameron Ivey: I was

00:04:28.860 --> 00:04:42.210
Brittany Conley: Really worried that people would contact my dad. First of all, and me. My Father, right now, aren't really on, we're not on speaking terms because of his mental health and steps and it just better that we're

00:04:42.810 --> 00:04:46.320
Brittany Conley: Kind of separate in mass so super worried as I don't want to, but yeah.

00:04:46.530 --> 00:04:56.340
Brittany Conley: I can start asking him weird questions and stuff because you know he wants his own privacy as well. And so I actually deactivated my Facebook and Instagram for about a week.

00:04:57.180 --> 00:05:07.530
Brittany Conley: And I went on to one of my soldiers Facebook just to like see what would pop up on the search bar but put my name in it said Brittany Conley South Carolina and Brittany calm the National Guard was I got friends.

00:05:07.950 --> 00:05:08.430
Cameron Ivey: Oh yeah, we're

00:05:08.490 --> 00:05:16.290
Brittany Conley: Definitely trying to find me. And so I just wanted to be able to kind of make that centralized on LinkedIn, if people really did.

00:05:16.680 --> 00:05:27.690
Brittany Conley: Want to contact me for any reason. So that was like I was super worried about that at first, and all I did call my step mom I call her. My mom now.

00:05:28.320 --> 00:05:36.030
Brittany Conley: And just to kind of let her know like, hey, just so you know, I don't think anybody can contact you because your last name has changed because she got remarried and stuff.

00:05:36.330 --> 00:05:39.870
Brittany Conley: But just let you know this is out there and she told me she was proud of me.

00:05:40.260 --> 00:05:54.210
Brittany Conley: I, you know, just like, hey, that that's your story to tell. Like, you definitely are in a great place from when you were before. So I know that she was fine with it. And then my birth, mom, she passed away two years ago from breast cancer. So on the roadmap.

00:05:55.260 --> 00:05:55.680
Brittany Conley: Yeah.

00:05:55.920 --> 00:06:08.850
Brittany Conley: You know with that that part of my story. So yeah, it was, they're fine. My husband's fine with it. He listened to the first podcast interview did that definitely Dolan, a lot of the history with my dad so

00:06:09.540 --> 00:06:11.730
Brittany Conley: Yeah, it's been good. I mean, it's been

00:06:12.870 --> 00:06:20.460
Brittany Conley: very centralized on LinkedIn. So I'm glad that then they're not anywhere else. So far so

00:06:20.760 --> 00:06:21.360
Cameron Ivey: Hopefully, um,

00:06:23.370 --> 00:06:23.760
Cameron Ivey: What

00:06:23.820 --> 00:06:25.800
Cameron Ivey: What kind of intrigued you to

00:06:26.430 --> 00:06:31.830
Cameron Ivey: Write the post. I mean, obviously it's celebrate Tori to you, graduating, but

00:06:32.010 --> 00:06:33.030
Cameron Ivey: There had to be something deeper

00:06:33.030 --> 00:06:34.830
Cameron Ivey: There were you trying to

00:06:35.940 --> 00:06:38.880
Cameron Ivey: Try to, you know, reach out to others that were maybe in a

00:06:39.210 --> 00:06:40.380
Cameron Ivey: Similar path or

00:06:40.620 --> 00:06:45.780
Cameron Ivey: That were struggling, maybe you'd want to inspire to kind of show. Hey, look, I did this in

00:06:46.020 --> 00:06:55.770
Brittany Conley: In some aspects but I'm a recruiter for the National Guard. I got my degree because I'm in the National Guard. So it really wanted to kind of highlight that.

00:06:56.100 --> 00:07:02.310
Brittany Conley: There are other options for people out there who are seeking to improve themselves either be their education.

00:07:02.610 --> 00:07:13.590
Brittany Conley: Or trying to have that stable organization and stuff that can help you in those avenues to kind of like develop yourself as a person. So that was kind of my main reason was, hey,

00:07:13.890 --> 00:07:20.160
Brittany Conley: It's my recruiter. I'm a recruiter only Damn, I'm going to put this on there because that's how that's my story.

00:07:20.610 --> 00:07:33.000
Brittany Conley: I just didn't realize that it was going to blow up because I mean I guess everybody loves to come up and story. You know, it's a good feeling type of thing. But I guess I just didn't realize it would go far. And maybe the people that I was connected with

00:07:34.230 --> 00:07:42.660
Brittany Conley: You never know who is going to look up the National Guard or look up for military service. My name pops up for Greenville County and South Carolina.

00:07:42.900 --> 00:07:53.220
Brittany Conley: And they might be able to see that. And when a contact me asking more questions. So it was more of a, I guess, a branding thing than anything to me when I initially posted, but then

00:07:53.910 --> 00:07:59.190
Brittany Conley: When people started obviously commenting on it and it went viral and kind of made me realize that

00:07:59.730 --> 00:08:07.350
Brittany Conley: There are a lot of people that probably were in my situation, you know, kind of those parallel timelines or parallel story.

00:08:07.830 --> 00:08:23.640
Brittany Conley: That could utilize that or who may be in a position or life that they could kind of see, oh, it works for this person. So obviously it's definitely developed in something else. Since I my original reasoning for posting it and yeah

00:08:25.230 --> 00:08:33.990
G3: I did this, what I what I appreciate about your story, obviously, is, is the the human aspect of the story. And one of the reasons why we wanted to have you on the show.

00:08:34.650 --> 00:08:45.480
G3: It's a, you know, entitled privacy, please. There's a lot of folks in our profession, that is to say, and then the security, privacy profession they post a lot more on LinkedIn, then maybe folks like yourself.

00:08:45.930 --> 00:08:57.720
G3: And they don't usually get this level of attention. And there are a lot of unintended consequences with with any but sometimes seems to be benign activity relatively benign anyway. And so

00:08:58.260 --> 00:09:11.040
G3: From someone who has now experienced it firsthand from a privacy perspective, what have you may be done differently or how do you think about your online presence differently now than you did before that posts.

00:09:11.790 --> 00:09:13.740
Brittany Conley: So I am

00:09:15.690 --> 00:09:27.390
Brittany Conley: I have a hobby and it's bodybuilding and I was an online coach and I've trained people to do bodybuilding shows and just personal training and general transformation.

00:09:27.900 --> 00:09:39.630
Brittany Conley: You know body transformation and I have an Instagram and it has about 15,000 followers on it and I caught it for several years. And when this post blew up.

00:09:40.350 --> 00:09:48.090
Brittany Conley: Even though there are people in the military, let's say you had a Miss America was won by someone who's an army reservist

00:09:48.540 --> 00:09:55.920
Brittany Conley: And you've had, there's a company commander who's been on like a bodybuilding magazine and stuff. But for me, as a recruiter and kind of being

00:09:56.520 --> 00:10:01.380
Brittany Conley: I am like the face of the National Guard because of my visibility in the community as a recruiter

00:10:01.710 --> 00:10:13.980
Brittany Conley: I was really concerned about the perception of having a fitness Instagram that does show some of my body, right, because that's kind of the selling point is, hey. Same thing with my post on

00:10:14.250 --> 00:10:25.980
Brittany Conley: LinkedIn, if I can do it, you can do it too and I you know immediately deactivated my Instagram because I didn't want people to be detracted from what my story was on LinkedIn.

00:10:26.250 --> 00:10:36.300
Brittany Conley: Versus what I do as a hobby for bodybuilding because sometimes those don't align our fitness in the military. They do align right you have to be in physical shape to be able to do the job.

00:10:36.630 --> 00:10:44.160
Brittany Conley: But I don't want people think, well, her story isn't as important as getting her education because she does a, b, and c in this Avenue.

00:10:44.490 --> 00:10:50.700
Brittany Conley: So it definitely made me think, in the time and as last week and a half, about how people would perceive me

00:10:51.000 --> 00:11:06.840
Brittany Conley: And me being a professional as a recruiter in the military versus a professional in the fitness world because sometimes they don't always align and I didn't want anybody to, you know, really get detracted from the message that I was trying to send on the LinkedIn post

00:11:07.020 --> 00:11:07.740
Brittany Conley: So yeah, I mean,

00:11:08.190 --> 00:11:11.760
Brittany Conley: It definitely makes me efforts at how to have a lot of

00:11:12.150 --> 00:11:20.820
Brittany Conley: soul searching, I guess you know me, like, do we really want to keep my Instagram. Should I just delete it, instead of just deactivating it. Is this something that I really want to do in the future.

00:11:21.120 --> 00:11:30.570
Brittany Conley: And actually in the reactivating or recently and just kind of telling people on there. Hey, I've been gone for a week. This is the reason why should post at the LinkedIn post

00:11:31.020 --> 00:11:35.820
Brittany Conley: And then just getting some of my followers to message me in, you know,

00:11:36.450 --> 00:11:51.690
Brittany Conley: Kind of motivating and giving the positive reinforcement that I can do both was really helpful. But at same time, I still have those concerns because I don't know what my future holds, as a professional in the military world.

00:11:52.080 --> 00:11:56.520
Brittany Conley: As a active BB reservists I'm active duty from the National Guard and

00:11:57.030 --> 00:12:04.710
Brittany Conley: I could resigned from my position anytime to pursue civilian sector job if I wanted. I'm not locked into being AGR

00:12:04.950 --> 00:12:16.350
Brittany Conley: Because I'm a GR I'm locked in to the National Guard and my contract. So let's say that tomorrow. I got a position in another company. And I'm like, Hey, I'm going to go ahead and put my resignation in as AGR

00:12:16.770 --> 00:12:22.980
Brittany Conley: My contract the guard was still be another three years as a reservist and instead of active duty. So that's my thing is like

00:12:23.340 --> 00:12:36.480
Brittany Conley: Do I want to keep my fitness thing. If I want to open up the opportunity for being with other organizations who may not feel the same way about someone having a fitness profile that's military does because the military is pretty

00:12:36.990 --> 00:12:44.340
Brittany Conley: Pro like they're okay with it. It's fine. It doesn't detract. It's not like I'm trying to like having only fans or something crazy like that. Right, so

00:12:48.270 --> 00:12:55.020
Brittany Conley: He's not I'm doing things in a way that still works for the military, but is it going to work for another professional organization.

00:12:55.560 --> 00:13:06.270
Brittany Conley: Is it going to work for an agency that is still a federal agency that maybe works with the national security. Are they going to be okay with it. If I'm no longer working. I'm not in uniform right

00:13:06.540 --> 00:13:13.320
Brittany Conley: I can be in a business suit but not necessarily requirement for me to be physically fit for my job. So I've had a lot of

00:13:14.250 --> 00:13:22.110
Brittany Conley: I'm just trying to figure out what would be the best and I bet a lot of people feel the same way if they have hobbies that may not align with their current organization.

00:13:22.380 --> 00:13:31.920
Brittany Conley: And how do you want to. How do you want to be perceived. What is your online persona supposed to be. So it's been a lot of like trying to think about how I want. I want to be seen that way, but

00:13:32.400 --> 00:13:45.540
Brittany Conley: bodybuilding has been a part of my life for eight years. You can search my name on Google and my competition photos show up pretty commonly shows you all that you know competitions. I've won and my pictures and everything. So I mean, can I really

00:13:46.230 --> 00:13:55.200
Brittany Conley: Get away from that now. Can I delete it and not people see it or a base not see the personal photos right of transformation photos that I have on my Instagram.

00:13:55.470 --> 00:13:58.200
Brittany Conley: Is it more professional to have a bodybuilding image like

00:14:00.060 --> 00:14:00.360
Brittany Conley: Right.

00:14:00.720 --> 00:14:04.020
G3: And I think what I hear you. If I had to boil it all down, it's

00:14:04.650 --> 00:14:13.380
G3: We're not one dimensional human beings and privacy isn't one dimensional and not not respect either and an understanding how the worlds can collide even inadvertently

00:14:13.800 --> 00:14:22.620
G3: Is something that as professionals, we should always be thinking about, to some degree, it's not a large degree, I can respect that quite a bit. I have a

00:14:23.130 --> 00:14:31.890
G3: Tiny bit of an online persona myself, if you would. And I do keep it curated just to the professional aspects of my life but I happen to not be a big fan of

00:14:32.760 --> 00:14:41.430
G3: Social media in the first place. So that's that that's more of a personal preference might my first interactions when when things like Facebook came around was to look at it and go,

00:14:41.700 --> 00:14:49.230
G3: But why would you want to do that. I don't, I don't understand. I don't, I don't want anyone to know what I'm doing all the time like really like seems bad

00:14:49.680 --> 00:14:53.310
G3: Yeah, all these years later and people like maybe it's not that great. So

00:14:53.820 --> 00:15:00.030
G3: Um, but it's interesting to hear that, that you may even be considering changing some of those behaviors, but at least being more conscious of

00:15:00.390 --> 00:15:10.920
G3: How that's reflected to others and you know you mentioned being a mom and so forth. And these are things that we always wrestle with teaching kids. It's how to safely use those those

00:15:11.670 --> 00:15:18.150
G3: Those platforms, while preserving their own privacy. So that's that that's a great takeaway from from that ass.

00:15:19.200 --> 00:15:24.150
Cameron Ivey: Yeah. So let's switch things to National Guard military data privacy.

00:15:25.320 --> 00:15:27.390
Cameron Ivey: When I don't know if this is something that

00:15:28.500 --> 00:15:31.650
Cameron Ivey: You know, you think about or that you guys think about in your organization, but

00:15:33.210 --> 00:15:38.760
Cameron Ivey: When you hear the term data privacy. What does it come to mind for you personally and for the National Guard.

00:15:40.500 --> 00:15:47.580
Brittany Conley: I have two different perspectives on it from two different career paths that I've been on

00:15:47.880 --> 00:15:56.790
Brittany Conley: Okay, now as a recruiter I deal with people's information all the time, not only their medical history and their medical documents if that's something that I need.

00:15:57.090 --> 00:16:03.390
Brittany Conley: But their social security number and their birth certificates and all that. And I have to safeguard that as a person in like a file.

00:16:03.720 --> 00:16:14.640
Brittany Conley: Or on my computer and all that information on the journalist side of it. It came the difference between a nipper a separate computer what information are you sending

00:16:14.940 --> 00:16:29.670
Brittany Conley: On you know online digitally to people based off what the mission is. And as a army journalist and Public Affairs Specialist. It's a lot of stuff is need to know. So you may be in a

00:16:30.660 --> 00:16:38.070
Brittany Conley: A operating center and they're telling you about the mission going on so that you can understand what your

00:16:38.490 --> 00:16:48.840
Brittany Conley: What story that you're going to talk about who you need to talk to. But it comes to the point to is that I might get information about a mission like

00:16:49.560 --> 00:16:55.050
Brittany Conley: Personnel like how many you're going to be there who's going to be there when we're landing when we're going to be on the helicopter and all that stuff.

00:16:55.530 --> 00:17:10.230
Brittany Conley: The military really relies on individual people themselves to protect that information because it becomes a liability for the organization. If that information is shared. So sometimes, that stuff is even even shared over

00:17:11.160 --> 00:17:19.320
Brittany Conley: You know, a computer and that type of data. If you're really making sure that people that you're talking to have the correct security clearance

00:17:19.710 --> 00:17:28.230
Brittany Conley: Get to get that information and then you have to ensure that person understands that if they talk to anybody else. They need to that. It's a need to know basis.

00:17:28.440 --> 00:17:35.520
Brittany Conley: So I kind of have like two different views of it, of how you share information, depending on if it's classified or not classified

00:17:35.790 --> 00:17:48.210
Brittany Conley: Versus people's personal information when I'm trying to enlist people into the military and that information is required because we make copies of birth certificates and Social Security cards because it has to be uploaded in the system.

00:17:48.420 --> 00:17:54.810
Brittany Conley: As like this, you know, main computer system that we have called I perms that saves all that so we can get to it anytime

00:17:55.170 --> 00:17:59.910
Brittany Conley: But like you're making copies of things in your office, you gotta get shredder and then you have to make sure that you have

00:18:00.270 --> 00:18:05.850
Brittany Conley: A secure tunnel when encryption and emails and all that stuff. So it's important to protect

00:18:06.240 --> 00:18:14.340
Brittany Conley: people's privacy and their data because the worst thing that could happen to someone you know break into my storefront you go through files that weren't shredded

00:18:14.670 --> 00:18:22.050
Brittany Conley: Of these copy documents, right, because then you get identity theft issues or even I don't know someone leaving their

00:18:22.620 --> 00:18:28.170
Brittany Conley: tablet computer in their car or carpets broken into. And if you're able to get onto that computer. You could have

00:18:28.650 --> 00:18:45.450
Brittany Conley: You know, at least 100 applicants information on that computer so it becomes an issue with that to you got to make sure that the recruiter, all the way from the lowest level all the way up to state understands what's at stake when you're dealing with people's information.

00:18:48.090 --> 00:18:52.500
Cameron Ivey: Yeah, that's it's super interesting because, you know, you think about the military, it's very

00:18:54.930 --> 00:18:59.130
Cameron Ivey: I would imagine very overprotected and information is very, very

00:19:00.270 --> 00:19:10.110
Cameron Ivey: Private. So you're saying that most of the time critical missions and stuff like that. That's all through voice usually probably in person if they can write

00:19:10.590 --> 00:19:15.540
Cameron Ivey: Some kind of technology or documents or anything. They try to keep it pretty

00:19:16.590 --> 00:19:17.640
Cameron Ivey: Non electronic

00:19:19.350 --> 00:19:19.830
Cameron Ivey: Smart

00:19:19.950 --> 00:19:34.500
Brittany Conley: And yeah, I mean, it's like if let's say for right control duty, right, you're telling your soldiers. Hey, you need to report this time, but they're not telling them where they're going over that text messages that phone call.

00:19:34.860 --> 00:19:38.490
Brittany Conley: There to saying, hey, you need to get the arm right this time for right dude. That's it. That's all we know.

00:19:39.390 --> 00:19:46.530
Brittany Conley: So many times as a journalist when you're talking about missions and going to certain locations and transportation

00:19:47.010 --> 00:19:53.430
Brittany Conley: I would learn a lot of information, but I could go to a private any unit and maybe like, oh, I know I'm just do what I'm told.

00:19:54.090 --> 00:20:06.210
Brittany Conley: We have no idea what's going on because it's a need to know basis and especially when dealing, especially on deployments and you're doing mission sets. You don't need everyone doesn't need to know what's going on until you're already there.

00:20:06.600 --> 00:20:18.720
Brittany Conley: And then you can get forgive that briefing about what's about to happen because just even in Afghanistan or Iraq or Kuwait, you have access to the Internet and everybody has access to the social media.

00:20:19.050 --> 00:20:23.850
Brittany Conley: The worst thing a soldier could do is give them a quick one on mission be back in three days, right.

00:20:24.060 --> 00:20:31.620
Brittany Conley: When you have all these you know enemy combatants in the area who are trying to find out truth movement so that they can plant IE DS right or

00:20:31.890 --> 00:20:44.100
Brittany Conley: Get you know any personnel in a certain area to try to like shoot out a helicopter flying by, and all that stuff. So you don't need. They don't need that information. And that's also why they black out entire basis.

00:20:44.520 --> 00:20:49.830
Brittany Conley: When someone dies because you don't want that information to get on the internet because it's happened before.

00:20:50.130 --> 00:20:56.790
Brittany Conley: For someone's family to find out, or just be stressed out because like, Oh, someone passed away, but they're not telling us

00:20:57.000 --> 00:21:08.970
Brittany Conley: And they're trying to contact all this command overseas to figure out who it is, instead of kind of going through the process to be able to, you know, identify who the service member is and being able to let their family now so you really have to like

00:21:10.050 --> 00:21:20.970
Brittany Conley: You know, restrict information to the lowest level, just to protect people's the information and the mission, it really becomes a security thing. And even with, you know,

00:21:21.510 --> 00:21:30.780
Brittany Conley: People other national guard states going to a different location for right duty. We don't need to be spreading that information because it puts their lives at risk.

00:21:31.230 --> 00:21:40.980
Brittany Conley: And as well, you know, just that movement and happens here in the States as well. We got to make sure that our, our soldiers are safe and our service members are safe when they're completing missions.

00:21:42.450 --> 00:21:42.840
Cameron Ivey: It's great.

00:21:44.130 --> 00:21:44.550
Cameron Ivey: So,

00:21:45.840 --> 00:21:46.770
I'm curious.

00:21:48.210 --> 00:21:52.140
Cameron Ivey: What do you think, what are the best resources that have helped you along the way.

00:21:53.160 --> 00:21:54.810
Cameron Ivey: To get where you are now I know

00:21:57.300 --> 00:22:00.450
Cameron Ivey: How important than the National Guard is to

00:22:01.650 --> 00:22:10.290
Cameron Ivey: What, what are the best resources that have helped you. That kind of might be influential to two others that are going down the same path or might have the same thought

00:22:13.440 --> 00:22:16.380
Brittany Conley: Obviously, I mean, the first thing if anybody's got

00:22:17.370 --> 00:22:26.340
Brittany Conley: interest in joining a military service. Thankfully here in 2020 we have the internet and literally everything can be fact checked with the information

00:22:26.640 --> 00:22:33.690
Brittany Conley: About what's available to them, but I think the biggest thing for me especially when I initially

00:22:34.290 --> 00:22:44.880
Brittany Conley: Enlisted or was thinking about enlisting into the military was just talking to somebody who's already. And because those are the first people that are going to give you

00:22:45.510 --> 00:22:53.070
Brittany Conley: The information the resources that you need in that organization is going to be a recruiter or your friend who's referring you to a recruiter

00:22:53.340 --> 00:23:00.330
Brittany Conley: Because they're going to be able to have that first hand knowledge and know all the benefits that are going to be available to a new soldier.

00:23:00.900 --> 00:23:11.640
Brittany Conley: In the National Guard and yeah I mean, when I first enlisted I didn't, I didn't know what the National Guard was and I think I grew up in Oregon organs not super military friendly.

00:23:12.090 --> 00:23:23.130
Brittany Conley: Especially during that time. We just went into Iraq and like 2003 we kind of been not dancing for a while. I remember as a freshman in 2003 I

00:23:23.670 --> 00:23:34.080
Brittany Conley: Marched with my entire school to the city hall to protest the Iraq War my geography teacher her son was killed in action when the first wave. So

00:23:34.410 --> 00:23:38.100
Brittany Conley: We did it in support for her so obviously like that was kind of like a community thing was

00:23:38.160 --> 00:23:47.640
Brittany Conley: Yeah and that type of stuff. So I didn't have the knowledge or the information about military services to join. When I was in high school.

00:23:48.090 --> 00:24:02.130
Brittany Conley: Now it's a lot more common to have recruiters in the school and classes, not only like teaching about the National Guard is but a lot of times we'll go in and just do like financial classes or hey, this is what how much colleges. Do you have a plan.

00:24:02.460 --> 00:24:03.930
Brittany Conley: And kind of getting that first

00:24:03.930 --> 00:24:08.730
Brittany Conley: Exposure is a lot more common now than it was when I first enlisted

00:24:09.030 --> 00:24:19.020
Brittany Conley: Yeah, and so I mean there's just within the National Guard. There's just a lot of safety nets for soldiers in case you know, life happens

00:24:19.440 --> 00:24:24.960
Brittany Conley: You know, it just does sometimes you could lose your job or I don't know your landlord wants to

00:24:25.500 --> 00:24:30.660
Brittany Conley: You know, sell their house or wants to move back into their own house. And then you having a hard time

00:24:30.930 --> 00:24:39.810
Brittany Conley: You know, maybe you weren't planning for it. Right. You didn't have a deposit for a new place you can get emergency funds from the organization to help you with that.

00:24:40.470 --> 00:24:47.790
Brittany Conley: You know, there's a lot of things out there. The organization organization does to ensure their soldiers are taken care of, because

00:24:48.690 --> 00:24:56.850
Brittany Conley: Even though you only drill one weekend a month. Right. You still have to show up and if your soldiers are not being fed and don't have somewhere to live and they don't have a job.

00:24:57.240 --> 00:25:03.210
Brittany Conley: Then they're not going to be a whole lot worse. The organization because they're going to be worried about other stuff and trying to make sure that their lives.

00:25:03.660 --> 00:25:20.460
Brittany Conley: Are an order. So we have all of these things within the National Guard to make sure that soldiers had those basic needs to, you know, to get through, you know, their life. And so, I mean it's, there's just so many different programs. I don't think I could list them all off.

00:25:21.510 --> 00:25:22.740
Cameron Ivey: No, no, no worries.

00:25:22.830 --> 00:25:23.130
Brittany Conley: Yeah.

00:25:23.160 --> 00:25:28.680
Cameron Ivey: That was great. Um, so I have a question. I don't know. You can answer it or not. But what do you think

00:25:29.790 --> 00:25:36.240
Cameron Ivey: Like the number one common myths about your profession or field that you can debunk

00:25:37.890 --> 00:25:38.670
Brittany Conley: That we

00:25:39.900 --> 00:25:43.080
Brittany Conley: That every soldier kills people. It's probably the biggest one.

00:25:43.410 --> 00:25:52.380
Brittany Conley: You go like, I don't know how many times I've had a high score and doesn't matter of those Oregon or Washington stairs. Out Carolina. They will ask me as a

00:25:53.700 --> 00:26:02.910
Brittany Conley: Recruiter or a female soldier in a non combat job. Have I killed people, or have I did, I shoot anybody on deployment on the thing is is that

00:26:03.780 --> 00:26:13.530
Brittany Conley: As a soldier as an Army soldier. We all train to shoot guns. Right. That's like a basic qualification that you need to have because you never know.

00:26:14.190 --> 00:26:22.050
Brittany Conley: Here in the states or overseas. If you know basically shits gonna hit the fan, you need to be. Right, right. So we're all trained on that basic thing.

00:26:22.590 --> 00:26:38.820
Brittany Conley: But we all list for a very specific job so you know that's one thing that like, hey, if you enlist as a cook, and you go overseas, you're probably not going to leave the base to go do any infantry stuff because that's not your job, your job is to me.

00:26:38.940 --> 00:26:40.320
Cameron Ivey: And the chow hall. Right.

00:26:40.530 --> 00:26:51.330
Brittany Conley: And make sure the soldiers in your unit or as a journalist. Sure. I think I had, I had two weapons. I had a pistol and a a assault rifle, but I also had my camera right and

00:26:52.050 --> 00:27:00.750
Brittany Conley: So I was out with the infantry and the cap scouts and the field artillery guys out on missions, what we call outside the wire.

00:27:01.110 --> 00:27:06.900
Brittany Conley: But my job was to document and get stories and interviews and sound bites and create a B roll package.

00:27:07.530 --> 00:27:16.050
Brittany Conley: To be able to submit to news agencies and stuff. So my job wasn't to chip people if they shot at me. I had all the infantry guys around me.

00:27:16.560 --> 00:27:30.180
Brittany Conley: That's what their job was the thing is is that common arms is a very, very, very small portion of the military and the majority of the jobs are support roles you got admin and supply all the logistics and you have it.

00:27:30.720 --> 00:27:45.240
Brittany Conley: People, you know, protecting information, making sure that anything that we do is in support of our contingency missions. So you have to have all those rules to have the army to operate because you don't just you can't send

00:27:45.750 --> 00:27:57.210
Brittany Conley: I don't know platoon of entry guys somewhere and that's it that's done, like, well, they also need water and food and, you know, sanitary stuff like showers and maybe some at least a shovel to dig a

00:27:57.210 --> 00:27:59.280
Brittany Conley: Hole, we can use the restroom, you know,

00:27:59.820 --> 00:28:01.710
Brittany Conley: They have all these things and they can't

00:28:01.770 --> 00:28:11.130
Brittany Conley: Get them without other people in the organization to do it. So that's like it obviously kind of rubs me the wrong way because he happens more often than not.

00:28:11.520 --> 00:28:18.930
Brittany Conley: And you get people who are interested in joining and the here Army soldier and that's their first thing to think about, and

00:28:19.260 --> 00:28:28.230
Brittany Conley: I have to talk to parents about it too much. No, no, no. All right, your size trying to enjoy as a cyber security specialist. He's about to go to school for a year.

00:28:28.500 --> 00:28:34.200
Brittany Conley: To do cyber security and then he's going to be someone with air conditioning with a bunch of computers and never leave, I promise. You're

00:28:35.130 --> 00:28:36.150
Brittany Conley: Going anywhere.

00:28:36.690 --> 00:28:45.510
Brittany Conley: To hurt anybody. Right. So, and that's like the majority of the army or any military service. They just that's not the intent. Right.

00:28:47.640 --> 00:28:48.660
Brittany Conley: Here in the National Guard.

00:28:49.680 --> 00:28:52.440
G3: Air conditioning. I didn't get that and fight my first year of cyber security.

00:28:54.000 --> 00:29:01.920
G3: Basement know we see you said something in the last in the last response to that I found interesting though which is

00:29:02.340 --> 00:29:10.170
G3: You know, everyone in this in the service is responsible for security and privacy to suddenly be whether it is protecting troop movements, etc.

00:29:10.530 --> 00:29:18.270
G3: AND YOU HAVE IT staff specifically for that one of the things that comes up quite often in our civilian life is articulated and explaining

00:29:18.660 --> 00:29:27.690
G3: To everyone inside of the business that privacy and security is everyone's job, not just the guy in the room with the computers in the NBA seat.

00:29:28.140 --> 00:29:33.600
G3: So do you think that is anything near that translates particularly well from the activities that that

00:29:33.930 --> 00:29:45.720
G3: You are trained on and specifically do to ensure that you're always top of mind in terms of yes we have to protect things versus what you know civilians kind of take those things rabbit someone else's job.

00:29:47.070 --> 00:29:59.370
Brittany Conley: Well as a recruiter, and my computer, I get alerts. Every day I get a lovely thing or time I turn on that says, hey, is one is your computer healthy. Have you done your updates on it. And then if you

00:30:00.030 --> 00:30:11.340
Brittany Conley: Don't encrypted email you get like 10 naughty emails back about how you didn't do the right thing because there may be some PII on it. And so you constantly have to think about

00:30:12.030 --> 00:30:23.640
Brittany Conley: That especially with the information you're getting in person, but it's definitely like especially with operation, what's called offset in the military with operational security information.

00:30:24.210 --> 00:30:30.240
Brittany Conley: It is ground into you every single day like hey don't post this on Facebook.

00:30:31.080 --> 00:30:38.670
Brittany Conley: Got it. Hey, don't text this about this. And so it's making sure everybody always understand all the time. It's not like a passive thing.

00:30:38.970 --> 00:30:49.890
Brittany Conley: Because it's a it really truly is a security issue with truth movement, but when it comes to the data, all of our computer systems, you will alert you

00:30:50.190 --> 00:30:58.650
Brittany Conley: And then you have different computer systems for different information the nipper in the zipper as well. So if you're in that type of position have to know

00:30:59.130 --> 00:31:09.840
Brittany Conley: Which computer to use and then know that you're not supposed to take the separate computer home and put it on your own personal network that type of stuff. You get what we call a UPS right so you have to

00:31:10.560 --> 00:31:14.790
Brittany Conley: Read all the information that you're agreeing to about how to utilize that type of

00:31:15.480 --> 00:31:22.410
Brittany Conley: Computer system and what you're allowed to do like the do's and don'ts of it and you have to agree to that information and every

00:31:22.950 --> 00:31:28.680
Brittany Conley: At 25 Bravo IT specialist is going to be hounding you about it and then shoot

00:31:29.040 --> 00:31:34.260
Brittany Conley: There's a bunch of means out there and jokes, but every year we have to take a cyber awareness challenge.

00:31:34.560 --> 00:31:40.110
Brittany Conley: And for a good 10 years was the same one. So you're just sitting there for an hour clicking through it, you're like, Oh my gosh, you guys see this

00:31:40.740 --> 00:31:44.340
Brittany Conley: Guy again but they recently redid it to make it more

00:31:45.090 --> 00:31:48.750
Brittany Conley: Because, you know, things have changed a lot in the world of the inter webs.

00:31:49.050 --> 00:31:56.370
Brittany Conley: And how we utilize certain social media platforms. And so they've changed ever. We have to do a certificate every single year. The entire force.

00:31:56.610 --> 00:32:03.780
Brittany Conley: Is not just people who use the computers. It's literally everybody from the private all the way up to the sergeant major and officers and everything.

00:32:04.200 --> 00:32:16.080
Brittany Conley: You can't use the computer systems without a current certificate and AP site. So it's, you know, they really ensure that people are aware, because of the information that we have to protect

00:32:16.500 --> 00:32:22.110
Brittany Conley: As an organization and just all the information and it's one of the things I always joke.

00:32:22.950 --> 00:32:28.620
Brittany Conley: With my applicants and recruits hey remember your security number, because everyone's going to ask you in the organization.

00:32:29.070 --> 00:32:36.270
Brittany Conley: Literally like anywhere you go. Hey, what's your last 4K what you asked for. And so you have to know this information, because that's how they look you up.

00:32:37.020 --> 00:32:48.780
Brittany Conley: Good thing happened about eight years ago they finally took our social security numbers offer ID cards like we used to have that on there. So eventually, they have cut down on par about, you know,

00:32:49.110 --> 00:32:53.940
Brittany Conley: We got to protect the information for the whole force, no matter what and changing even as simple

00:32:54.510 --> 00:33:01.020
Brittany Conley: What would have been because our souls carry number is our ID number, but now we have a deal D ID number. They can look up so

00:33:01.500 --> 00:33:17.520
Brittany Conley: Um, yeah, it's just something that is always, you have to be on topic, it's, it's something you spend a whole drill weekend doing it every year to make sure that you're aware of the data privacy that we have as an organization and protecting your own information as well.

00:33:19.980 --> 00:33:20.310
G3: Awesome.

00:33:20.730 --> 00:33:21.120

00:33:22.980 --> 00:33:29.220
Cameron Ivey: Huh. So one less serious question for you. And we'll dive into our last segment where we can have a little more fun.

00:33:30.510 --> 00:33:37.500
Cameron Ivey: If you were in my shoes are shoes gave anime, what would you have asked yourself that we didn't

00:33:41.400 --> 00:33:42.240
Brittany Conley: Can reward that

00:33:44.100 --> 00:33:49.800
Cameron Ivey: Well, basically, is there anything that you want to talk about that. We didn't ask you about or bring up

00:33:51.120 --> 00:33:57.570
Cameron Ivey: Anything that you want to come across this thought leadership or help to those that are maybe in your shoes or

00:33:58.860 --> 00:34:04.620
Cameron Ivey: Any advice for someone getting that want to go into the National Guard or into the military. That is a woman.

00:34:05.850 --> 00:34:10.050
Cameron Ivey: Or man doesn't matter. But any advice that you want to give them that.

00:34:12.150 --> 00:34:12.570
Brittany Conley: And

00:34:13.980 --> 00:34:25.650
Brittany Conley: Yes. So, and I will just kind of retract this back to my LinkedIn posts and things that I always have I'm as you guys have probably realized I'm very

00:34:26.130 --> 00:34:43.320
Brittany Conley: Open and pretty brutally honest about a lot of things. And I feel that if we as a community were open to communicating with each other about the hardships that we're going through it would help.

00:34:44.760 --> 00:34:53.850
Brittany Conley: It would help people along that path I you know I if I hadn't been open about what I was going through as a young adult

00:34:54.390 --> 00:35:03.030
Brittany Conley: Before I even joined the military, I may not have had the friend that I had that helped me, you know, get into the National Guard and help me seek that out.

00:35:03.750 --> 00:35:13.560
Brittany Conley: The biggest thing for me was I was unable to go to college because I couldn't afford it and I wasn't able to get financial aid and joining the National Guard.

00:35:13.980 --> 00:35:20.940
Brittany Conley: really allowed me to have an education benefits. So I can make that choice to get an education and

00:35:21.780 --> 00:35:34.920
Brittany Conley: Then just like the first thing is that you really just, it's not. There's nothing wrong with telling your story and if people are going to judge you negatively because of how you grew up and stuff, then I mean why are you even talking to them in the first place.

00:35:36.540 --> 00:35:37.620
Brittany Conley: Right, because I feel like

00:35:38.970 --> 00:35:41.700
Brittany Conley: I'll kind of, how do I explain it. So,

00:35:41.730 --> 00:35:43.500
Cameron Ivey: What do we see we don't see that when we're younger, though.

00:35:43.740 --> 00:35:44.730
Brittany Conley: We don't, we don't

00:35:44.760 --> 00:35:46.200
Cameron Ivey: Actually want to look up to them.

00:35:46.380 --> 00:35:56.520
Brittany Conley: Right. Right. And I mean I think everybody has gone through really significant issues in their life. I mean, it's just, just like the LinkedIn post or

00:35:56.850 --> 00:36:00.840
Brittany Conley: Your profile picture. You don't look at someone's picture, I think, oh yeah, they had a hard life.

00:36:01.140 --> 00:36:08.310
Brittany Conley: Like, oh, it's a really professional picture I'm all about this stuff is amazing. I'm going to meet you know they're not being like, Oh, well, this is what I did to get to where I'm at.

00:36:09.000 --> 00:36:23.010
Brittany Conley: And I think everybody has a story and everybody should be more open to talking about their story because maybe their story will light that fire or help them get connected with the right people to assist them and you know

00:36:23.820 --> 00:36:34.920
Brittany Conley: Constantly hiding behind what could be perceived as a really negative path. I don't think your past truly defines you as a person, because we can all develop and change.

00:36:35.250 --> 00:36:50.910
Brittany Conley: For the better of our community. And if we don't tell those stories. How do we really improve as people in a community and country if we're not talking about the things that we went through to get to where we're at today.

00:36:51.870 --> 00:36:55.410
Cameron Ivey: Yeah, I mean it's who we are, it's, I mean, any kind of failure.

00:36:57.120 --> 00:37:02.100
Cameron Ivey: That you go through if you don't learn how to grow from it and you're just going to keep digging deeper

00:37:02.670 --> 00:37:05.190
Cameron Ivey: Right. And you don't really realize that until you're a little older, but

00:37:05.760 --> 00:37:07.620
Cameron Ivey: Some people catch on quicker than others, but

00:37:07.890 --> 00:37:17.640
Cameron Ivey: If you grow from your mistakes. That's how you get better. That's how you get to where you are. It's that professional picture instead of one where you're in high school, playing beer pong or something that you shouldn't have.

00:37:17.940 --> 00:37:18.210
Brittany Conley: Put up

00:37:20.520 --> 00:37:21.810
G3: A school your palm.

00:37:22.410 --> 00:37:25.920
Cameron Ivey: Hey, that's when it was fun right when you're when it's illegal.

00:37:28.560 --> 00:37:31.380
Brittany Conley: I was talking to one of my recruiters.

00:37:31.470 --> 00:37:42.420
Brittany Conley: And just recently about everything that's been going on the last few weeks to try to get his perspective on things and I noticed I wasn't any political and this is not political by any means.

00:37:42.780 --> 00:37:49.500
Brittany Conley: But something that I kind of want to touch on is that I grew up in Oregon and Oregon is very primarily white

00:37:49.890 --> 00:37:50.910
Brittany Conley: I didn't have

00:37:50.940 --> 00:37:59.820
Brittany Conley: Any buddy in my school. I think I had like maybe two or three kids in my high school that were African American and being from Oregon.

00:38:00.840 --> 00:38:05.580
Brittany Conley: Because of the community. I don't know if this is just out of ignorance. A lot of people

00:38:06.120 --> 00:38:17.370
Brittany Conley: Are raised to be scared of black men, and then I came into the military and very, very diverse organization and also that's going to change based off the interactions.

00:38:17.700 --> 00:38:27.630
Brittany Conley: And I really want to his perception perspective as a black man about everything that's going on, just so that I could understand why people may feel a certain way.

00:38:28.290 --> 00:38:40.050
Brittany Conley: And he just says that, you know, we, if we don't talk about things, as a community, nothing's going to ever change because nobody really truly understands the other person's perspective.

00:38:40.680 --> 00:38:49.860
Brittany Conley: And when I first came to South Carolina. He had asked me if I carry mean that's pretty common thing in the military. If you're a military person, lot of people have their concealed.

00:38:50.430 --> 00:38:59.130
Brittany Conley: And I just never did. I never felt the need to my husband does, but I never personally felt the need to. And he looked at me. He's like, I feel like I need to help time

00:38:59.520 --> 00:39:09.840
Brittany Conley: Because of his background he come from as a black man. And at first I didn't really understand that and it kind of made me realize that sometimes how we're raised from either the lack thereof.

00:39:10.230 --> 00:39:20.220
Brittany Conley: Or the ignorance is that we typically have these biases about certain people or certain things. But that's because we don't talk about it. We don't

00:39:20.490 --> 00:39:27.150
Brittany Conley: We don't sit down to truly understand another person's perspective. And I feel like that if we sat down more

00:39:27.570 --> 00:39:32.820
Brittany Conley: As a community in a country to do that. It'd be a lot easier talk about these things.

00:39:33.120 --> 00:39:43.380
Brittany Conley: Because me 32 it sucks too immature to be scared of black people like I had no idea why I felt that way or who taught that to me, but I did.

00:39:43.680 --> 00:39:54.330
Brittany Conley: But I didn't wasn't able to develop as a person, until I joined the military and was in an organization that was ice to as diverse like now I'm like, I wonder why I have no idea why I felt that way. So,

00:39:54.960 --> 00:40:04.470
Brittany Conley: I think it's really important that we need to talk about our stories and where we come from and that way we could help each other because we can't help each other. If we don't know what's going on.

00:40:05.880 --> 00:40:11.280
G3: You, you couldn't be more right we have to get a bit more comfortable being uncomfortable very

00:40:11.610 --> 00:40:17.040
G3: Well, being uncomfortable. Thank you very much for sharing your story. I appreciate it very much.

00:40:17.370 --> 00:40:20.040
Cameron Ivey: Yeah, thank you so much. That was really, really good.

00:40:21.240 --> 00:40:30.600
Cameron Ivey: So let's have a little couple fun questions. So I'm going to throw this out here. I think I already know your answer because you kind of touched on a little bit and I'm glad. But bodybuilding or CrossFit.

00:40:34.050 --> 00:40:39.780
Brittany Conley: bodybuilding because the cross that co the t shirt. Now, I think I want to align myself in

00:40:40.170 --> 00:40:41.250
G3: Heaven. You see, right.

00:40:41.250 --> 00:40:41.820

00:40:44.610 --> 00:40:45.390
Cameron Ivey: He's always been

00:40:46.530 --> 00:40:46.950
Cameron Ivey: Yeah.

00:40:48.660 --> 00:40:51.930
Brittany Conley: It just now it's like why don't know everywhere and

00:40:54.090 --> 00:40:56.760
G3: Full disclosure, I am is a certified personal trainer.

00:40:57.150 --> 00:41:11.070
Cameron Ivey: I am yeah so I'm totally on the. I love the bodybuilding side, but I love, I love just like anything else. I love kind of mixing in different things. I'm not just one within the fitness world. I love to kind of mix and match because it's

00:41:11.070 --> 00:41:12.750
G3: About the love of beer pong. Yes.

00:41:14.610 --> 00:41:31.260
Cameron Ivey: Yep, that's that could hate if it's a keg, you can turn it into a workout anyways so fun questions. I'm sorry, I have this written down or typed out. I mean what let's let's go about this, what's your, what's your

00:41:33.180 --> 00:41:34.350
Cameron Ivey: What's your biggest pet peeve.

00:41:40.800 --> 00:41:41.280
Hard one

00:41:45.510 --> 00:41:50.280
Brittany Conley: I'm one of those people who like cannot stand mouth noises

00:41:52.080 --> 00:41:52.860
Cameron Ivey: Okay, okay.

00:41:52.920 --> 00:41:53.820
G3: Yeah yeah yeah

00:41:54.030 --> 00:42:00.840
Brittany Conley: I have to literally like remove myself from the table in so people who choose their mouth open.

00:42:01.230 --> 00:42:14.310
Brittany Conley: Like really probably the biggest advocates already hate mouth noises. But you could be sitting next to me to me with your mouth closed. And I'm still dislike sitting there twitching. A little bit, yeah. Yeah, the open mouth like full on conversation talking to you too, and things

00:42:15.720 --> 00:42:17.760
G3: Those why we can't have nice things.

00:42:19.320 --> 00:42:19.920
About this

00:42:22.230 --> 00:42:28.920
Cameron Ivey: That's a good one. Um, if you could time travel, where would you go and what what time would you go to

00:42:29.970 --> 00:42:38.490
Brittany Conley: Oh, that's really hard because I think of it as this perspective of my gender and I feel like anytime. But now with suck. That's

00:42:40.260 --> 00:42:41.220
Brittany Conley: Me if I like

00:42:41.370 --> 00:42:41.640
Are you

00:42:42.660 --> 00:42:43.650
Brittany Conley: Yeah, I'm just like,

00:42:44.580 --> 00:42:47.790
Brittany Conley: Anytime. And now, like, really, if I wanted to have like

00:42:48.510 --> 00:42:53.760
Brittany Conley: A good life or perspective of what's going on. But I'm like really kind of

00:42:55.230 --> 00:43:04.560
Brittany Conley: If I were to pick up like a fiction book, I would probably be reading something that's like in the early 1800s, maybe even like Victorian times and stuff because I find that

00:43:04.920 --> 00:43:17.040
Brittany Conley: Really fascinating on like the nonfiction sides are really like people's brains and how they think that life would be like in those scenarios. So I think I would kind of want to not dive into time but look through a window.

00:43:20.550 --> 00:43:23.670
Cameron Ivey: Um, do you think cats have any regrets.

00:43:24.390 --> 00:43:25.200
Brittany Conley: Half. Oh, no.

00:43:27.540 --> 00:43:28.500
Brittany Conley: I mean like I have

00:43:28.980 --> 00:43:36.840
Brittany Conley: So either obsessed with cats but cat, I will get on a dresser. And like look you in the eye and knock something off the

00:43:37.440 --> 00:43:46.320
Cameron Ivey: Regret agreed they the only thing that they may be Maigret is coming over closer to someone that doesn't like cats.

00:43:46.440 --> 00:43:48.300
G3: No, no, they don't.

00:43:48.930 --> 00:43:49.980
Cameron Ivey: Are you a cafe cave

00:43:50.460 --> 00:43:51.450
G3: I actually am I'm

00:43:51.720 --> 00:44:03.960
G3: Okay, I've had more than my fair share. Coming up on the closest I don't have any of the moment. But yeah, if you ever get a chance. It's not a plug not affiliated we should check out how to tell if the cat is plotting to kill you. By the oatmeal.

00:44:04.230 --> 00:44:05.280
G3: It's a fabulous calm.

00:44:05.790 --> 00:44:09.360
G3: And the answer to the question is yes your cat is plotting to kill you.

00:44:10.620 --> 00:44:11.220
G3: Yes.

00:44:11.430 --> 00:44:12.240
Cameron Ivey: I'll have to check it out.

00:44:12.510 --> 00:44:17.250
Cameron Ivey: Yeah. Um, alright, Brittany, what is your favorite

00:44:18.270 --> 00:44:21.450
Cameron Ivey: toy from your childhood that you can remember

00:44:22.920 --> 00:44:23.790
Brittany Conley: Parks.

00:44:24.270 --> 00:44:25.320
Cameron Ivey: Parks. Yes.

00:44:26.370 --> 00:44:30.120
Cameron Ivey: I knew it, I mentioned that on my last podcast, because it was one that I used.

00:44:31.350 --> 00:44:33.540
Cameron Ivey: Thank you. And they came and went very, very quickly.

00:44:33.630 --> 00:44:36.360
Brittany Conley: Yeah, talking about the hogs go

00:44:37.020 --> 00:44:42.300
Cameron Ivey: It's funny because we're actually the same age so that that makes perfect sense. I don't know if gave ever remember those but

00:44:42.360 --> 00:44:43.890
G3: I do remember the maximum that not

00:44:44.490 --> 00:44:44.820

00:44:46.050 --> 00:44:50.070
G3: The person with the box, you have the same place that that fidgets go there.

00:44:50.310 --> 00:44:51.720
G3: They're in the same warehouse.

00:44:52.950 --> 00:44:55.920
G3: Come back somewhere you're gonna make a comeback. Don't make it back.

00:44:56.970 --> 00:44:57.930
Cameron Ivey: Guarantee that

00:44:59.580 --> 00:45:08.550
Cameron Ivey: Our last one, I think this is this kind of would fit well with you, Brittany, if, if you could pick any kind of superhero to be, who would it be and why

00:45:09.240 --> 00:45:10.200

00:45:12.630 --> 00:45:14.040
Brittany Conley: It could be anything. It doesn't have a mark.

00:45:17.640 --> 00:45:18.300
Brittany Conley: I mean,

00:45:20.880 --> 00:45:34.680
Brittany Conley: I was stay. I don't know. That one's hard. I mean, like, I think my first inclination to see be say Wonder Woman But I'm always been partial to Batman because Batman doesn't actually have any power. Except being rich and being able to afford super things but like I think

00:45:34.890 --> 00:45:36.690
Brittany Conley: Intelligence aspect of it.

00:45:36.930 --> 00:45:39.780
Brittany Conley: Is definitely something that I've about

00:45:40.110 --> 00:45:48.090
Brittany Conley: You know, I'd be holding the benching part of it, but um I think just being a woman obviously Wonder Woman Like you know go female power and

00:45:49.680 --> 00:45:59.550
Cameron Ivey: That's good. Yeah, Batman's probably one of my favorites, just because he's like a normal human, but he's also super smart. Yes, he's pretty awesome looking. Let's be honest.

00:46:00.360 --> 00:46:05.010
Brittany Conley: Exact. Have you noticed when he's in his costume like that actors, they can't move their heads.

00:46:05.190 --> 00:46:05.970
Cameron Ivey: Their neck. Yeah.

00:46:06.990 --> 00:46:11.730
Cameron Ivey: Well, I think they they made adjustments to Christian Bale's I'm pretty sure

00:46:11.790 --> 00:46:13.200
Brittany Conley: I think they get kind of turn and you

00:46:13.200 --> 00:46:14.490
Cameron Ivey: Define the suit. Yeah.

00:46:14.700 --> 00:46:16.080
Cameron Ivey: Maybe the other ones. They were like,

00:46:16.920 --> 00:46:17.430
Cameron Ivey: What did you do

00:46:21.180 --> 00:46:28.770
Cameron Ivey: Well, awesome, just want to say thank you so much for coming on and telling your story and and just talking with us privacy guys and

00:46:29.730 --> 00:46:44.250
Cameron Ivey: Just think it's great to have someone like you on and I really wish you the best of luck in your career and maybe you'll come on again one day. You never know. And, is there anywhere that anyone can follow you, that you want them to follow you on LinkedIn, stuff like that.

00:46:44.550 --> 00:46:54.810
Brittany Conley: I mean, LinkedIn, sure. I mean, if people care about fitness. They can look me up on Instagram. It's coach underscore Conley so about that obviously is talked about

00:46:55.380 --> 00:47:06.930
G3: One fact there's actually a significant number of both bodybuilders dead lifters and martial artists in this info sec world so so unless folks may just take you up on that. There's, there's a hell my shameless.

00:47:07.500 --> 00:47:08.190
Cameron Ivey: We're out there.

00:47:08.400 --> 00:47:10.920
Brittany Conley: Yeah, but I'll let them. I let them come find you.

00:47:12.000 --> 00:47:16.440
G3: Help the number of them, including a decent number of women at Info Sec. That also deadlift. So

00:47:16.830 --> 00:47:20.580
G3: Yeah, you might just find new hitting you up. Awesome.

00:47:21.120 --> 00:47:22.080
Cameron Ivey: Thanks so much, Brittany,

00:47:23.430 --> 00:47:24.420
G3: coming on. Thanks a lot.

00:47:24.480 --> 00:47:25.350
G3: You save ticket now.

00:47:25.620 --> 00:47:25.890