Wake Up Our Faith
Your Future is Only as Good as Your Listening Skills
Your Future is Only as Good as Your Listening Skills 59:41 Jesus - Not the Great "I Can" 1:00:47 Together We Are Fearless 56:18 Being "Fearless" isn't about Courage - it's about Conviction! 59:35 The Future is Good - What it Means to Truly Live 58:13 Which Do You Prefer - A Practical God, or a Good One? 1:00:33 Does it Honor God to Lower Your Expectations of Him? 58:56 Your Wealth IS Your Faith 59:35 God is a Brilliant Strategist | Becoming a Fool for God - Part 2 1:00:12 There Are Two Kinds of Fools: Which One Are You? 59:56 We are Peacemakers not Relief Seekers 59:03 The Posture of Faith | The Importance of Vision Part 2 58:26 Dream Big. Start Small. Repeat Daily | The Importance of Vision for the Believer 59:35 Jesus Had Faith (Not a Magic Wand) 1:00:18 Has Your Faith Become a Luxury? 57:48 It Only Takes a Flicker of Light to Overcome a Canyon of Darkness 1:00:07 How to Navigate Difficult Relationships 59:44 How to Make a Good Decision. Every Time. 58:21 Faith That Costs You Nothing is Worth Nothing 57:45 How to Become Like Jesus 59:36 What You Fear is What You Worship 1:00:32 Effortless Faith 57:51 Keep it Simple 59:32 "Better to Give" isn't a Suggestion, it's a Road Map 57:18 Will Your Life's Story be Written in Disappearing Ink? 1:00:35