Podward State

S4E12 - Tom Verducci

March 28, 2021 Season 4 Episode 12
Podward State
S4E12 - Tom Verducci
Show Notes

On this episode of Podward State, hosts Samuel Brungo and Matthew Paolizzi are happy to be joined by all the whole podcast team to announce their new positions, starting with official third host, Grace Cunningham, as well as Will Pegler and Jordan Mansberger as associate producers. Also joining on this episode is Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, and MLB Network baseball commentator and Penn State Alum, Tom Verducci. 

Tom starts out the show talking about how he came to choose Penn State, citing a connection with legendary football coach Joe Paterno, as well as his love for journalism. This leads into his time at Penn State and getting jobs after he left Happy Valley. 

As well as being one of the voices of baseball, Verducci is also a Professional Baseball Hall Of Fame voter, which he gives us an inside look into what goes into that decision and some of the tricky decisions during the steroid era. 

Tom tells us one of his favorite stories being his spring training with the Toronto Blue Jays. He also recalls some of his favorite memories, favorite games, and favorite interactions. 

Finally, to wrap up the show, Verducci gives us some really great advice not only about the sports media industry, but for life in general.

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