Podward State

S4E13 - CEO of the Worlds Largest Alumni Association, Paul J. Clifford

April 05, 2021 Season 4 Episode 13
Podward State
S4E13 - CEO of the Worlds Largest Alumni Association, Paul J. Clifford
Show Notes

On this episode of Podward State, hosts Matthew Paolizzi, Samuel Brungo, and Grace Cunningham are joined by associate producer Jordan Mansberger and special guest, CEO of the Penn State Alumni Association, Paul J Clifford.

Paul starts off the episode by telling his story of how he went from a bachelors in history to becoming an "alumni advancement guru" and how that led him to his current position as the CEO of the largest Alumni Association in the world.

After being at a number of different universities throughout his career, Clifford reflects on some of the best moments and takeaways from those experiences. He also pinpoints some of the differences that sets Penn State apart from the rest of the pack.

Growing up in a Penn State family, Paul reflects on some of his favorite memories this school has brought to him throughout his life and in the 6 years he has been here.

The Alumni Association is more than just graduates, so Clifford gives us some insight into what the Alumni Association entails and what it offers to its members.

Finally, Paul gives some advice to both graduating seniors and undergrads, as well as some information on how to get involved in the Alumni Association. 

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