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Being Christian: Confirmation
February 25, 2018 Fr. Duane Wiggin-Nettles
In today’s reading, we hear God call Abram and Sarai and give them a new identity. He changes their name and establishes a relationship with them. God also seeks to establish a relationship and identity with us in baptism, as we learned last Sunday. So what is confirmation? Is it necessary if we are baptized? Why does a bishop confirm when a priest can administer most other sacraments? We continue our five-part sermon series on the sacraments and how this relates to being Christian, a follower of Christ. The sermon is based on Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16 and was preached by Fr. Duane Wiggin-Nettles at Church of the Annunciation, with a similar sermon preached at Mt. Olivet Episcopal Church.
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