The Writers Block

Ep28: Randy the Rumbler

August 21, 2020 Season 3 Episode 28
The Writers Block
Ep28: Randy the Rumbler
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In tonight's episode, we discuss new publications, including the recently released "Koala Celebrates Songkran" childrens book by Shaun and a short story acceptance for an upcoming Breaking Rules Publishing anthology. Clarence and Shaun discuss ISBN codes with KDP self-publishing as well as their different perspectives and anxieties about signing stories away.

At 17:33, the first fully improvised TWB sports story begins in a time when boxing legend Randy the Rumbler discovers he may be owned by the mob. 

Shaun's book, "Koala Celebrates Songkran" can be purchased in paperback or through Kindle @

Clarence's recent publication in Inked In Gray's "First Stain" anthology can be found @

Shaun's "Hall of Justice" can be read in Breaking Rules Publishing's "1st Degree" anthology @

And of course you can find TWB and all other 8Sparks Media related content on our website @

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