Career Couch with Dr. Carole & Friends

Season 4 Finale

May 09, 2022 Carole Isom-Barnes, PhD Season 4 Episode 59
Career Couch with Dr. Carole & Friends
Season 4 Finale
Show Notes

The Career Couch with Dr. Carole & Friends had a diverse and amazing  group of subject matters experts this season from various locations around the world.  The listeners were privileged to hear from many who were authors and  had completed a lot of research to support their discussion. The topics were rich and engaging. The listeners commented and sent feedback to me from every continent. 

I want thank my listeners for being interested and finding value in these topics and guests. I also want to thank my guests in season four: 

  • Mark Bobbitt and Chris Edmonds, consultants and co-authors of “Good Comes First: How Today’s Leaders Create an Uncompromising Company Culture that Doesn’t Suck”
  •  Dr. Barbara Dallay Pezee, international leadership coach and consultant
  • Jamie Flinchbaugh, advisor and author of "People Solve Problems: The Power of Every Person, Every Day, Every Problem"
  • Michael Timms, author of “How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability"
  • Steve White, president and special counsel to the CEO of Comcast and author of "Uncompromising" 
  • Michael Chang Wenderoth, executive coach and author of “Get promoted: What You are Really Missing at Work that’s Holding You Back” and, 
  • Sonya Barnes, brand expert of Sonya Barnes International

I appreciate each and everyone of you for your commitment to helping others reach their full potential. 

Thank you, 

Dr. Carole Isom-Barnes, podcast host and business consultant
Xperience Leadership, LLC