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Psychological Safety in the Workplace with Dionn Schaffner, Aurea

May 19, 2022 The HR Gazette Season 1 Episode 437
HRchat Podcast
Psychological Safety in the Workplace with Dionn Schaffner, Aurea
Show Notes

DEI is front and center in the corporate world, and for good reason. Highly inclusive companies innovate faster, attract top talent, and, according to Forbes, are more likely to hit their financial targets by up to 120%. Unfortunately, however, too often we see diversity initiatives like hiring diverse applicants turn DEI into performative quotas. 

Today's guest says that, by combining remote work with new technologies, companies can turn the tides of their company’s DEI programs to focus more on building inclusive work environments to help all employees feel valued and safe. 

Bill Banham is joined by Dionn Schaffner, Chief Diversity Officer of enterprise software company Aurea. Listen as Dionn shares ways she is incorporating DEI into the tech Aurea and its clients use in order to make teams feel more included within their company’s virtual culture. Be it including pronoun distinction in their video conferencing tools or prioritizing accessibility design elements in virtual workplace environments, technology has the ability to foster inclusion and connection. 

Questions include: 

  • Why is psychological safety so important in work settings?
  • What are ways leaders can build psychological safety in their workplace?
  • Is it always the leadership's responsibility to set the tone for this? Are there things an average employee can do to help their peers feel psychologically safe?
  • In two mins or less, what results do we see when a workplace is psychologically safe? How does this fit into the broader DEI conversation?

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