HRchat Podcast

Overcoming Business Barriers with Kim Tabac

January 23, 2023 The HR Gazette Season 1 Episode 531
HRchat Podcast
Overcoming Business Barriers with Kim Tabac
Show Notes

In this HRchat, we consider ways HR leaders can scale 'people-first' company culture when so many new barriers exist.  Listen too, as we discuss ways to support the mental wellbeing of employees through a potentially difficult 2023.

Our returning guest is Kim Tabac, Principal Consultant at Kim Tabac Human Resources, a company helping businesses big and small across North America to leverage their number one asset: their people.

Kim has 20+ years of experience designing and executing People & Culture strategies for leading organizations across various industries.

Questions For Kim Include:

  • Let's get this conversation rolling with a big question - how can HR pros help to scale a "people-first" company culture when new barriers exist  and priorities have changed again? 
  • Many companies will, actually, be looking to streamline processes and reduce headcounts in 2023. What are some ways this can be achieved without damage to the employer brand and engagement levels within a company?
  • Leveraging the international talent market to fill key roles is one way to keep people costs down. What are some of the benefits and complexities of building a global workforce? 
  • How has mental health in the workplace changed since the pandemic? How have the needs and expectations of employees changed since Covid?
  • How can employers prioritize and support employees' mental health in the post-pandemic world?
  • Is returning to the office the solution for improving employee mental health?
  • It seems that the younger generations are wanting to return to the office and the older cohorts prefer Hybrid. Is the debate really one of generational divisions? 
  • How important is it for junior/new employees to get in-person time with their team, coaches, and leaders? 

Listen to our previous conversation with Kim, all the way back in 2018, it's episode 64 and available on your favorite podcast platforms!

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