HRchat Podcast

Managing the Ethics of AI

December 03, 2023 The HR Gazette Season 1 Episode 655
HRchat Podcast
Managing the Ethics of AI
Show Notes

In this episode of the AI series, Pauline James and David Creelman delve into the intersection of artificial intelligence, HR practices, ethics, and law.

The extended edition offers up three expert guests - Frank Rudzicz, Kate Bischoff, and Jesslyn Dymond - to discuss the ethical considerations, legal risks, and potential benefits associated with the integration of AI at work.

We explore the potential of generative AI and the legal issues it might introduce for HR. Plus we share valuable advice for HR leaders on navigating the short-term challenges and opportunities posed by advancing AI technologies.

Tune in and discover:

  • How should leaders navigate the ethical landscape as AI becomes more commonplace in organizations? 
  • To what extent does employee privacy come into play when tracking keystrokes? 
  • Can AI be a tool for fostering ethical, objective decision-making?
  • What are the new recruiting challenges caused by AI? 
  • How can HR diligently embed AI into their operations while managing associated risks?

About Our Guests

Frank Rudzicz is an Associate Professor at Dalhousie University, co-founder of WinterLight Labs Inc., founding faculty member at the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, status professor at the University of Toronto, and CIFAR Chair in Artificial Intelligence. 

Kate Bischoff is the founder of k8bisch LLC (formerly tHRive Law & Consulting). She's a renowned expert in employment law and HR and has a background that includes roles at the consulate general in Jerusalem and the US Embassy in Lusaka, Zambia.

Jesslyn Dymond is the Director of Data Ethics at TELUS leading the approach to responsible data-driven innovation, drawing on a background of privacy and information management expertise. 

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