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Can Companies Force Employees to Get Vaccinated? w/ Ivan D. Smith

July 29, 2021 The HR Gazette Season 1 Episode 320
HRchat Podcast
Can Companies Force Employees to Get Vaccinated? w/ Ivan D. Smith
Show Notes

In this HRchat, we consider the legal requirements and implications for returning to work in vaccinated countries. Listen as we consider if businesses can legally mandate Covid vaccinations and how unions could respond.
Seemingly successful COVID-19 vaccination programs in the US, Canada, Israel, the UEA, Hungary, the UK, and elsewhere means that the coronavirus pandemic is finally on the backfoot in many places. Businesses are starting to return to 'normal operations'. As business leaders struggle with the prospect of mandating that employees receive their COVID-19 vaccine as a contingency of their employment, however, many individuals are getting concerned – with some advocating for a mandate and some strongly against it. As a consequence, many unions and labor organizations are seeing an opportunity to take advantage.

"With vaccination efforts in full swing, mask mandates are subsequently easing up, and the outcry for personal protective equipment (PPE) and other health and safety measures has subsided" say's today's guest expert. "Vaccination requirements are the new battleground for unions and employers. Mandating the vaccine among employees is legal – yet complicated. It is still likely to be fought over in the courts .. with unions using every angle to gain a negotiating edge." 

Bill's guest this time is Ivan D. Smith, a business person and litigator. His practice focuses on labor and employment law, litigation and entertainment law.

Ivan has extensive experience in employment discrimination cases, mainly in class and multi-plaintiff cases of regional and national scope. He has handled numerous class action cases in matters of wage-hour compliance, disability, and web access, as well as cases concerning race, age, national origin, and gender discrimination.

Ivan also practices traditional labor law and represents clients across a variety of industries. He has experience in collective bargaining, contract and grievance arbitrations, litigation pertaining to unfair labor practices and matters before the National Labor Relations Board.

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