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Ep. 189 - AAR on Functional Medicine and The City

September 08, 2021 Episode 189
All Around Growth
Ep. 189 - AAR on Functional Medicine and The City
Show Notes

In this late release of the show, Rob provides an After Action Review (AAR) on his experience with the Functional Medicine Department at the Cleveland Clinic and his experience in the city after leaving the campus of the Cleveland Clinic. 

Functional Medicine Notes from meeting with Dr. Michael Siciliano:

Emphasis on the ties between gut health and neurological wellness.  

Gut Health "3 R's"

  • Remove (bad bacteria, etc)
  • Repair
  • Replace (with good bacteria, etc)

Comprehensive exam including review of all notes previously submitted in the LivingMatrix system - and you can learn more about all leading up to this exam in the previous episode here:

Most of the dialogue was about my diet, my previous supplement regime, stool tests to further examine gastrointestinal health, and tests including, but not limited to:

  • CK levels
  • ICE / IGGG Food Reactions
  • Mold
  • Omega Fatty Acid levels
  • Iodine levels
  • Adrenal stress profile
  • Male hormone panel
  • Adrenal Salivary Index

Regarding diet, I will be engaging in a grain-free elimination diet.  You can learn more about the elimination diet here.  Below is a link to material further discussed with the nutritionist:

The Institute for Functional Medicine’s Elimination Diet Comprehensive Guide and Food Plan

The above link will provide you with a free download of The Institute for Functional Medicine's Elimination Diet Comprehensive Guide - but to make it easy for you, I've linked to it here:

 He also recommended that I begin a supplementary protocol once all lab work and testing has been completed.  I will try to follow up with the specific supplements I will be taking in a future episode. 

He wanted to see me in 8 weeks...but he's booked into December, and I'm on a waiting list to see him earlier - and was advised that as soon as an opening occurs to jump on it *immediately* as open spots in the Functional Medicine department are filled quickly.

After that, I went to the lab to have the most comprehensive panel of lab work ever done.  There were thirty-three (33) vials of blood taken to be analyzed both in house and off site.

Following the lab work, I met with Kevin Heine, who will be serving as my health coach.  We will be discussing immediate next steps and putting together an action plan after the information gathering phase.  He focused discussion on what he calls the 4 Pillars of Health:

Four Pillars of Health:

  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Sleep
  • Stress

The two primary areas of focus in Functional medicine are Nutrition and Stress.

Luckily the health coaching is part and parcel of working with the Functional Medicine Department - and there is no additional billing required (as I'll likely be paying a significant portion of this out of pocket, as insurance doesn't cover much of Functional Medicine).

Before leaving, I ended up meeting with Katherine Straub, who will be my nutritionist.  We spent a considerable amount of time discussing Functional Nutrition, which I will detail out in a future episode for lack of room to write...

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