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HFA Young Adult Podcast Series
HFA Young Adult Podcast: Weight Training
October 26, 2016 Hemophilia Federation of America

Interested in broadening your workouts to include weight training? Tune in to the first of the Young Adult Podcast Series to learn more about the benefits of hitting the weight room from Michael Zolotnitsky, Doctor of Physical Therapy. At age thirteen, after being prone to many joint bleeds, Michael made a conscious lifestyle change to exercise every day by doing a variety of physical activities including weight lifting. Because of this, he has not had a severe joint bleed in a decade. Over the past several years Michael has guided and inspired others to get in shape, sharing his wealth of knowledge through both his personal and professional experiences. On this podcast, you’ll learn tips on how to build a weight training routine, proper nutrition for muscle building, and specific guidance for training if you have a bleeding disorder. Listen now to find out Michael’s many tips on weight training! HFA’s Young Adult Wellness Podcasts are delivered via HFA’s Blood Brotherhood and Blood Sisterhood programming. HFA would like to thank Shire, Genentech, and Accredo for their support of HFA’s Blood Brotherhood Program and CSL Behring, Aptevo Therapeutics, and Accredo for their support of HFA’s Blood Sisterhood Program.

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