#38: Perspectives

October 24, 2019 Season 3 Episode 38
#38: Perspectives
#38: Perspectives
Oct 24, 2019 Season 3 Episode 38
Matt Goldberg and Deb VanSlet
We're back! A new season begins with two new stories!
Show Notes

Hey Confab fans!  We're back -- with a new season of stories, true as we can tell them.

 This week, we have stories from our new co-hosts: Confabulation founder, Matt Goldberg and Montreal producer, Deb VanSlet!  The stories explore the theme of Perspectives.

 Matt's story is from our October 2018 show, Awakenings;
 Deb's story is from January 2019, when our theme was Rites of Passage.
 Both shows were recorded at the Centaur Theatre, in Montreal, QC.

Thanks to the Conseil des Arts de Montreal for their support of Confabulation.

Music credit: Can't Have You by Bent by Elephants from their album This is Water. You can find more of their music at


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