#39: Rules and Identity

November 06, 2019 Confabulation Season 3 Episode 39
#39: Rules and Identity
Show Notes

Hey Confab fans!  

This week, we have stories from Confabulation regular Taylor Tower and first time storyteller, Christina Mignacca. Both stories explore the complex relationship between rules and identity.

Taylor's story is from our April 2019 show, Encore; recorded at the Mainline theatre, Montreal, QC.

Taylor Tower is a writer, radio producer, performer and teacher based in Montreal.

She grew up in Portland, Oregon and studied creative writing at Portland State University before moving to Montreal in 2006, where she co-produced and co-hosted Confabulation. She has performed in numerous storytelling events including Literary Death Match (Montreal), The Moth GrandSLAM (St. Paul), and The Moth MainStage (Denver). 

Her writing has been featured on CBC Radio One's WireTap with Jonathan Goldstein,, Maisonneuve magazine, and Public Radio Remix, among others.

Christina's story is from February 2019, First Comes Love; recorded at the Phi Centre, Montreal, QC.

Thanks to the Conseil des Arts de Montreal for their support of Confabulation.

Music credit: Can't Have You by Bent by Elephants from their album This is Water. You can find more of their music at

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