#43 - Shorts 2019

January 09, 2020 Confabulation
#43 - Shorts 2019
Show Notes

Happy New Year, everybody! This week on the show, we're presenting a selection of stories from Confabulation: The Shortest Story 9 -- recorded at Mainline Theatre in March 2019!

Featuring stories from:
Matt Goldberg
Claire Sherwood
Amy Blackmore
Joyce Peralta
Benny Augello
Tessa Brown
Devon Perlmutter
BA Markus
Emma Lanza
Christian Zaelzer
Francesca Esguerra
John Cotrocois

Thanks to the Conseil des Arts de Montreal for their support of Confabulation.

Music credit: Can't Have You by Bent by Elephants from their album This is Water. You can find more of their music at