#53: Medicine

June 04, 2020 hosted by Matt Goldberg and Deb VanSlet Season 3 Episode 53
#53: Medicine
Show Notes

Brief language advisory -- this week's story contains a couple of words that may not be appropriate for all audience. They're well-earned words, but still present.

This week's podcast features a story by Leigh Kinch-Pedrosa on the complexity of making medical decisions. The story was recorded November 2019 at the Phi Centre. The evening of storytelling was a collaboration with Broad Science, an initiative dedicated to making science inclusive, engaging, and intersectional, through podcasting. Learn more about them at

After the storytelling, Deb talks to Leigh about how she and her family are coping in Covid times.

Leigh Kinch-Pedrosa is the marketing and communications manager for the Rebus Foundation and the former general manger of Confabulation Montreal. As a story producer and storyteller, Leigh finds creative ways to mesh the worlds of food and restaurants with contemporary autobiographical storytelling. She is the creator of Food Core/Essence Culinaire and a story producer for SOUNDBITES, both Phi Centre productions.

*During the interview Leigh referenced a story about a Haitian asylum seeker working in a long term care facility who passed away from Covid. His name is Sony Innocent. This is the news story referenced.

Thanks to the Conseil des Arts de Montreal for their support of Confabulation.

Podcast production: Stephen Trepanier and Deb VanSlet 

Music credit: Can't Have You by Bent by Elephants from their album This is Water. You can find more of their music at