#55: In the Wake

July 03, 2020 hosted by Matt Goldberg and Deb VanSlet Season 3 Episode 55
#55: In the Wake
Show Notes

In the wake of crisis, chaos and care, pandemic and protest: who are we ?
This week's podcast features Sara Meleika telling a story about one of the turning points in her life.
This story was recorded April 2019 at the Mainline Theatre in Montreal.

*Note: Sara mentions a Charlene Nelson at McGill University, her name is actually Charmaine Nelson.

Sara Meleika is an Egyptian improviser, storyteller, and high-school teacher. She produces and performs in Colour Outside the Lines – a show created out of a desire to see greater representation appear on Montreal’s improv stages. She is the (Anglophone) Inclusion Coordinator at Montreal Improv, co-produced Ladyfest Montreal 2017 & 2018, and co-artistic directed MPROV 2019. She has performed in MPROV, Montreal Sketchfest, Ladyfest Montreal, the Ottawa Improv Festival, Toronto’s Combustion Festival, the Big City Improv Festival and OFF-JFL/Zoofest.

Thanks to the Conseil des Arts de Montreal for their support of Confabulation.

Podcast production: Stephen Trepanier and Deb VanSlet

Music credit: Can't Have You by Bent by Elephants from their album This is Water. You can find more of their music at