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The Mark Howard Broadcast is a God Driven, God Centered, God Inspired Talk Show. Featuring, God the Father, God the Son and God the Father!

Recent Episodes

WOW! Electrifying and Inspiring Broadcast with Bro.Tony Myers and his guest Chuck Barchuk! Real! Straight from the Heart of GOD!!April 14, 2021 Episode artwork PROFOUND TEACHING! Brother Tony Myers, teaches on why are so many Christians leaving the Faith for Atheism!April 09, 2021 Episode artwork Brother Tony Myers and his Pastor Bill Chapman April 07, 2021 Episode artwork Exclusive! Tony Myers TEACHES At The Cross On Good Friday.April 02, 2021 Episode artwork Tony Myers BIG Announcement with Amber Renee Camp, Author and Producer. March 31, 2021 Episode artwork Destroying the Religious Myth of Generational Curses! March 26, 2021 Episode artwork THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!!!March 24, 2021 Episode artwork Court's Of Heaven Theology- Destroyed! Destroyed! Destroyed! With Tony Myers.March 19, 2021 Episode artwork Down to earth from heaven with Tony Myers and guest Eric Partanen!March 17, 2021 Episode artwork The Teachings Of Brother Tony Myers!March 12, 2021 Episode artwork Mark Howard Broadcast with Tony Myers and Steven Woodward. SIMPLY REFRESHING, Unadulterated, word of GOD! March 10, 2021 Episode artwork MOVING MOUNTAINS!!!March 07, 2021 Episode artwork Extraordinary Guest with Tony Myers, Lori J.!March 03, 2021 Episode artwork Extraordinary! 12 Year old Bella Lynch with Tony Myers. Much wisdom and encouragement from a Spirit filled 12 year old Bella Lynch. February 17, 2021 Episode artwork WOW! A TRUE BLESSING WITH TONY MYERS AND MICHELE SNYDER. A RARE MOMENT OF KNOWLEDGE, ENCOURAGEMENT and BLESSING!!February 10, 2021 Episode artwork Tony Myers and Lesley CardwellFebruary 03, 2021 Episode artwork Are We In The End Times? What Are The End Times? With Tony Myers. A Refreshing Revelation! Must LISTEN!January 27, 2021 Episode artwork Mark Howard Broadcast Featuring Tony MyersJanuary 20, 2021 Episode artwork New Year Teachings, Guidance, Wisdom, and Hope. YOU WILL BE BLESSED!!!January 13, 2021 Episode artwork New Year New Beginnings New Life With Tony MyersJanuary 06, 2021 Episode artwork A Christmas SpecialDecember 24, 2020 Episode artwork A Nation In The BalanceDecember 17, 2020 Episode artwork Tony Myers with Michelle Snyder December 08, 2020 Episode artwork EXCLUSIVE!! Tony Myers On HEALINGDecember 02, 2020 Episode artwork America at the Crossroads Part 2 November 25, 2020 Episode artwork