Fathom: getting below the surface of the UK fishing industry.
Revisiting Medicals
Revisiting Medicals 21:01 Exploring co-management in the U.S. 28:20 Health & safety in 2023: Getting ahead of compliance 34:54 Spatial Squeeze 41:47 All about that bass: Shaping the future of bass management 21:55 All about that bass 42:36 Setting the scene for UK fisheries management 28:33 From I-VMS rollout to funding opportunities: Updates from the MMO 31:55 Fisheries Industry Science Partnership: How will fishermen benefit? 27:51 Recycling fishing gear: Odyssey Innovation 23:30 Recycling fishing gear: Fishy Filaments 21:58 Flash Ep: MCA vessel inspections 17:28 Flash Ep: Funding the ambitions of the next generation 20:45 Flash Ep: The Female Fisherman 11:09 A serious letter 34:51 Get to grips with funding and financial services 29:18 Backing British Fish 35:44 Fathom: Season 2 teaser 7:14 Fathom 31: Brexit deal: Voices from the quayside 30:47 Fathom 30: The UK Fisheries Act 29:43 Fathom 29: Preparing for the 1st January with the MMO 32:41 Fathom 28: Financial resilience in fishing communities 28:00 Episode 27: Future of Our Inshore Fisheries: One Year On 27:20 Fathom 26: A reality check for the months ahead 32:57 Episode 25: Preparing for Change: The Small Fishing Vessel Safety Code 43:30