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Episode 17 - We Can't Do It All (And We Don't Have to!): Unscripted Conversations on Life & Faith
March 29, 2017 Kayla Craig, Lindsy Wallace, Kristi James, Lori Harris, Shannon Evans
Doing it all is a myth: And we're here to bust it! Often times, we feel the burden to accomplish everything and spin all the plates. In this special episode (which was recorded LIVE and IN PERSON!) we discuss why we don't have to do it all and how grace covers us. We talk about what we've each given up in our own lives, and how listeners can find freedom from the busy, too. There's lots of laughter + deep truths in this episode: Take a listen and let us know what you think! Kayla Craig hosts with Lindsy Wallace, Kristi James, and Shannon Evans.
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