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Episode 22 - Social Media in an Upside Down World
June 13, 2017 Kayla Craig, Lindsy Wallace, Kristi James, Lori Harris, Shannon Evans
Most of us have a love/hate relationship to social media. We recorded this episode live at our Upside Down Podcast retreat, and in this conversational episode hosted by Kristi James with co-hosts Lindsy Wallace, Shannon Evans, and Kayla Craig, we discuss how we try to navigate the tricky Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter waters. We unpack that whole "behind-the-scenes vs. highlight reel" thing, discuss using social media as a numbing tool, dive into our desire for affirmation (or even, to be "right"), and share how we've navigated justice or political issues on Facebook, too. It's a light episode with what we hope is an undercurrent of thoughtfulness -- and we want to hear what you think, too!
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