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Episode 32 - Ethical Fashion: Unscripted Conversations on Life & Faith
January 09, 2018 Kayla Craig, Lindsy Wallace, Shannon Evans
What is ethical fashion? Everything we wear comes at a cost - often at the expense of artisans abroad who are exploited for cheap labor. Guest co-host Lauren Pinkston of Wearthy joins us at the virtual table, providing first-hand insight and practical tips on how to make intentional, Kingdom-centered choices in the items we purchase. How do we stop sacrificing the dignity of people who made our clothes around the world in poor factory conditions and for poor pay? Lauren leads the way for co-hosts Lindsy Wallace and Kayla Craig to ask hard questions about the effect on human rights, and the environmental impact, that comes from items we wear. Keep listening, because there’s a Wearthy ethical shopping DISCOUNT CODE for Upside Down Podcast listeners! Episode Resources: Wearthy, Lauren's business that brings together different ethically-made clothes and accessories: True Cost Documentary Lauren recommends: Young Adult Book Lindsy discusses: Boys without Names by Kashmira Sheth Our website: Our listener group:
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