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Episode 36 - Mental Health + The Conversations We Need to Have, Feat. Guest Host and Counselor Aundi Kolber
March 13, 2018 Kayla Craig, Lindsy Wallace, Shannon Evans
Professional counselor Aundi Kolber joins for an open and honest conversation about mental health, and the sometimes precarious relationship between mental health and the Christian community. Kayla Craig leads the conversation with co-hosts Shannon Evans and Lindsy Wallace. Aundi Kolber (@aundikolber) is a professional counselor in Colorado, who specializes in trauma, depression, and anxiety. Together we reflect on the impact that mental health challenges have on a person of faith and their loved ones, expose stigmas and cliches, and seek to identify where the Church is failing to support this need and how she could do better. In this episode, we: Share how mental health has affected our families; Break down the popular platitudes and “advice” often given to Christians with mental health struggles; Discuss the obstacles to getting help; Talk about how the Church can better support those affected by mental health disorders -- and what we can do as individuals; and Share the possible redemptive elements of having fragile mental health. Join us as we give a voice to the experience of those suffering the effects of mental health disorders and address how the Christian community can support them better. Recommended reading: “The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma” by Bessel van der Kolk
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