The Fifth Dimension

The Great Awakening

July 19, 2021 Evan McDermod Season 1 Episode 147
The Fifth Dimension
The Great Awakening
Show Notes

147 - The further we drift into the mindset of collectivism, the closer we come to the complete desecration of individual divine expression.

From the start, we have been conditioned to accept the societal notion that our divine expression has no worth. We censor ourselves into living a cookie-cutter existence. We don’t speak our truth. We don’t pursue our dreams. We never even look at the possibilities that may exist outside of our societal framework.

As I have come fully into a mode of pursuing self-actualization, I have come toe to toe with the resistance built by systems designed to keep you confined within the matrix trap. The only solution is total decentralization and detachment from our systems of dependency.

"The Great Awakening.
Enter the shadows on the wall.
Masses entrenched in chaos
as old systems begin to fall."

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