The Fifth Dimension

Mariah Heller - Freedom From Your Pain

July 22, 2021 Evan McDermod, Mariah Heller Season 1 Episode 148
The Fifth Dimension
Mariah Heller - Freedom From Your Pain
Show Notes

148 - Mariah Heller is a fitness industry executive, gym co-founder, author, speaker, and creator of Pain-Free Fitness. She founded the company after spending eight years in the fitness industry and realizing that there were no viable solutions for clients with chronic pain, or really any client who didn't "fit in" in the classic gym setting.

Mariah joins the podcast to discuss her journey managing the debilitating symptoms of an unknown illness (later diagnosed as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome), how to become anchored in your physical body and find a movement modality that works for you, along with what it truly means to be healthy.

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