The Fifth Dimension

The Troubling Roots of Public Education

September 14, 2021 Evan McDermod Season 1 Episode 158
The Fifth Dimension
The Troubling Roots of Public Education
Show Notes

158 - I often hear the question, "how do we take back our schools?" In all honesty, we can't. Why? Because they were never our's to begin with.

Similar to modern medicine, The Rockefeller Foundation created modern education and is still the leading influence when it comes to the policies of our nation's public schools. They provide the funding. Therefore, they have the final say. 

We need to build new schools, one's that are completely separate from the racket that is our public education system.

The time to create the change is now.

Rockefeller Foundation: Guide for Reopening Schools

[Update: upon further research, I am finding conflicting information on whether or not Frederick T. Gates is Bill Gates's grandfather. Even if he is not so, the main points still stand. As always, continue to do your own research.]

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