Future Distributed Podcast
Future of Consultancy with Hannah Vickers (ACE)
Future Distributed Podcast
Future of Consultancy with Hannah Vickers (ACE)
Nov 03, 2019 Season 1 Episode 3
Hannah Vickers (ACE)

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Welcome to The Future Distributed Podcast, the weekly show that brings you the latest and greatest in Built Environment Innovation from around the world.     

This week’s show comes from London. I sat down with Hannah Vickers, the CEO of the Association for Consultancy and Engineering and the woman behind many important industry transformation programmes within the UK. 

In this episode, we’ll be answering some big question like:  

  • Why is the current model of designing and constructing broken? 
  • What is Project 13 and what impact will it have on the UK Infrastructure delivery model? 
  • And what is the Future of Consultancy campaign and how will it impact the sector? 

The Future of Consultancy campaign was officially launched by the ACE in October 2019.
Hannah Vickers (LinkedIn)
Will Needham (LinkedIn)

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