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1 electronic sound for 5 minutes
Episode 38: Deus Ex Machina, by Arvo Zylo
June 26, 2017 Arvo Zylo

Notes from Arvo: "Deus Ex Machina" was a fest in Chicago (not to be confused with the techno fest in Detroit) about autonomous art made by machines, "removing the ego from the artist". Many circuit benders were there, but there were also people who had created "automated artists", such as the person who configured remote control cars to drive around a canvas in cycles, while also administering different colors of paint, and so forth.

I had a version of the YAMAHA RM1x sequencer that had a chip which indeliberately allowed for continuously animated malfunctions/glitches. I am not a circuit bender. I just found different ways to make malfunctions from overloading the machine with info. I have a newer version (that Neil gracefully sold to me under equally gracious conditions) which does not allow for such gnarly expeditions, and the buttons to the older version with the crazy chip action all hardly work.

Failing at "removing" the ego from the deal, I had spent a lot of time on making malfunctions that continued to animate, but at the time, I was and still am very fond of repetition. Included here are three short segments of malfunctions that were set up to continue playing and changing at DEM3 (2006). The sequencer was set up for people to listen to with headphones. I have included here first, a very typical spatial pattern that would happen, that I would later craft into more compositional territory. After that, I have also included two repetitive malfunctions that did subtly change after time, which is harder to do, but for me, equally enjoyable. It all had to do with how much overdrive one could put it through, but not so much that the memory would be completely full. Tricky business.






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