Nature Just Got Real!

The Mysterious Moon

June 27, 2022 K.B. Carr Season 3 Episode 3
Nature Just Got Real!
The Mysterious Moon
Show Notes

Hello Planeteers!

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Sunsational Summer Minicast series!
Captain Jack is hosting this episode and she is talking all things related to the Moon.

Did you know that wolves don't actually howl at the Moon?  Jack's got the facts, and being a dog, she would know, right?

She also teaches us an easy way to tell if the Moon is waxing or waning immediately. I loved this part!

As usual, there's a fun activity and worksheet PDF that goes with the episode and is free to download HERE.

If you want to watch the episode and see a talking dog, you can do that HERE.
If you want to read the Field Journal Blog, you can do that HERE.

If you want to take a deeper dive, there's a 10-page PDF episode Guide and a 14-page 3 Day Lesson Plan you can purchase either separately or bundle together to save. It's pretty inexpensive and gives you a lot more activities and information. You can check them out HERE.  It's a moon-gazin' good time!

Until next week, have a Luny, Moony adventure in YOUR neighborhood!






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